Thursday, April 13, 2017

Baldy's First Powder Maker

Canada West Ski Areas Association Annual Conference and Maintenance Seminar is coming up. If it were closer to home, I would go this year - to see the retired management team.  Jimmie and Andy Spencer will be guests at this year's conference.

The last time I went was for the retirement party for Jimmie after 32 years service to the organization and the industry.

Baldy General Managers at Jimmie's Retirement Party

Ski resorts compete for skier visits, but through the CWSAA, they network, and share for the common good of the industry.

Some of the benefits to Baldy during my time included:
  • the CEO making a phone call on Borderline Ski Club's behalf on opening day when the paper work was held up on our insurance
  • The Trade Show door prize I won that Intermountain Signs converted to enough decals to make all the new signs we needed for the T- bars.
  • our first powder maker - donated to the club - we paid for shipping. Expanded metal rollers and the bearings were made of wood!

My first trip to CWSAA was 1990, when I went as Ski School Director for the Canadian Professional Ski Schools meetings. When I registered, I was told that Baldy was the only one of the 155 member ski areas who had not sent their management team that year.

To my readers who will be attending the conference - please give my best regards to Jimmie and Andy. Russell or Tim? :)

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