Thursday, April 13, 2017

Snow Caution

I had a small slide in my yard this morning. There is a large pile of snow where my roof sheds - it developed a fracture line, and a layer slid down and filled my walkway and the space between the truck and the bank.

A couple of feet in the last 10 days or so, mild temperatures - be aware.

It is no secret that I don't appreciate the influx of sleds in the spring. They found somewhere else to stage from December 1st to April 2nd. We are all fed up shovelling, and the volume of snow has the village roads a little narrower. We don't need the general public parking and staging on the strata roads.

Will the tape and signs still be up after the weekend?
The Davison walkway is several feet off the ground - no where else to put the snow.

"We give up! Guess there is no worry about the snowpack after this week. Look out below if it warms up quickly!"
So much for camping - my gear is in the container - it has been shovelled down to the door several times. Snow is up to the roof next door.

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