Thursday, June 1, 2017

Facts - Opinion - Challenges

  • Last winter, there were springs coming to the surface on the mountain. It took a long time for them to eventually stay covered even with the nightly efforts of the groomers. One of those springs I have only seen a couple of times in more than 40 years.
  • The ground had a fairly high moisture content when it turned cold and started snowing.
  • The snowpack went well above normal in April with more than 3 ft of new snow
  • Not unprecedented, but one of those years when the snow melt has been delayed.
  • The cool wet spring and continuing moisture has the ground saturated.
"Snowy" promoted a summer construction plan that was rather ambitious , and likely more than can be accomplished in the short building season. There are many hurdles to overcome before construction can begin, and it will be some time before the ground is dry enough to dig.

Time will tell what is achievable for this year - the original promo was not realistic in my opinion.

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