Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kaleden Wildfire

Fire started at 3:45pm this afternoon - lots of Baldy Family in Kaleden - following the news updates.
Reporting one home gone and people evacuating. Tankers, choppers and ground crews on scene.


More images - fire is south of most of the Baldy Family homes.

Thanks Bill K for this image taken from Eastside Road looking at the Kaleden fire - there are definitely Baldy Family members in the smoke, and perhaps at least one already evacuated.
Limited info from BC Wildfire - they are acting as "support" - fire is in Kaleden Fire Dept. jurisdiction.

9:43pm update - Thanks Sage - smoke has died down a bit - sounds like homes from Lakehill Road south have been evacuated - including "Uncle Bill" and Laurie.

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