Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wildfire Updates

From CBC and BC Wildfire

  • BC Wildfire urging all to put together an emergency kit and make an evacuation plan.
  • Cache Creek residents will start a coordinated return home this afternoon after 11 days of evacuation
  • Australian team arriving tomorrow are not front line fighters, they are specialists. They are coming from a jurisdiction where their wildfire management is very similar to that of  BC, and basically they can step into management jobs here without a lot of retraining. There is a long standing relationship between BC and this group, and resources have been exchanged several times in previous years.
  • Canadian Armed Forces are replacing RCMP at road blocks to free up more RCMP to patrol and deal with the ongoing problems with looting in evacuated areas.
  • Biggest factor in fire danger - the weather.
Disturbing factor in danger - people.

  • fires deliberately set
  • people still tossing cigarette butts and lighting campfires
  • off road enthusiasts ignoring trail and back country closures
  • Story on CBC yesterday - Tim Hortons in Williams Lake is open to serve RCMP and firemen - staffed by owner and family, with a little help from their law enforcement customers

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