Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Forest Fuel Reduction Grant and Tour - repost from August 23, 2017

The grant money does have an expiry date, but there is time to get the work done this year. Approvals to be obtained from various parties including the Strata. This is not on Strata property, but vital for our fire proctection.

A Firesmart grant has also been obtained for the village - will post more details when I have them.

I had a walk through the bush this afternoon with Tanya Lawes (Forester) and Doug MacLeod of Lawes Forest Management. They are here this week, and happy to talk to any interested parties.

The fuel reduction plan is not a scar on the landscape, but rather a reduction of fuels so that any fire activity near the ski area could be held to a Rank 3 fire. The proposed area incorporates the existing ski run that goes down the back of the village. From that run and approaching the creek, trees would be thinned, and ground and ladder fuels removed. This corridor would also allow better penetration of retardant dropped from the air, and could be a pathway for laying hose line.

At this stage, the study involves assessing fuels, soil types, terrain, and flagging. The written proposal will include recommendations on what is done, and how it should be done.

I am one of the locals who took an S100 course several years ago. Doug has extensive experience with Wildfire, and it was interesting to discuss the terrain, and  fire fighting strategies for the area.

There have been some administrative hurdles since the grant was first approved, but hopefully things will move forward now.

Doug and Tanya in front of remnants of the large trees that stood here before the last fire - almost 90 years ago.

Fuel density - Doug has his hand on a tree that would be left.

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