Thursday, September 7, 2017


Propane tanks go to your nearest landfill - last I heard - $3.00 fee.

There are many drop off locations for household batteries, including Encore on Sawmill Road in Oliver.

I have coerced many friends over the years to help me do the transfer station clean-up - not just around the bins, but a fair radius around. I'd love to see someone else take this on.


kyle fossett said...

If you've got an old expired empty tank it means you probably need a new valid full tank. Go do the tank exchange at Canadian Tire in Oliver. I've traded in 3 expired tanks there for new ones for the exchange fee of roughly $25.00 each. I got new tanks, my old tanks were dealt with appropriately, everyone happy.

Marie said...

We have questioned a few people dumping all of their junk not just garbage
into our bins. It appears that they have been from Camp Mckinney area.

eye on the mountain said...

People from the general area can use the transfer station, but it seems that those who are not from Baldy tend to dump with the anything goes attitude, rather than respect the guidelines for what goes in and what doesn't. Last summer A fellow who lives quite close to Rock Creek was hauling truck loads to the transfer station. His loads included items that belong at a designated depot.