Thursday, November 30, 2017

March 6, 2015

This sunrise was taken by Will from the cat. I didn't get back in time to talk to the guys tonight, but I know they were track packing today. I assume things were OK - all three cats are parked outside the shop tonight. 😉

New Sign

On the Cover.........

Hmm - that jacket looks like the one that was seen doing a "terrain check" yesterday.

Read the article

Weather Widget

I have put a different accuweather widget up on the sidebar. Temp still tends to be a few degrees warmer than actual, but the radar is interesting. Just click on the image to access more info.

Dec.28, 2012

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

On the way to town today........

March 2013


This photo by Wes B. ,(Hi Wes), shows some of the telecommunications installations at the top of the mountain. For the most part they work well with the icing on them - occasionally, one of the providers will send someone up for servicing or clearing the snow/ice.

This is the "sheltered" entrance to the China Creek Internet building when I went up with Matt in April 2011. It's a vital link for us and communities east of here - a few years ago - backcountry people vandalized the building - trying to get warm?

(no Matt, this is not a hint - things are working fine)

8:40 Webcam

8:40 webcam

Pass Pick-up in Osoyoos at Unity

Thursday November 30, 10:00 - 4:00 at Unity

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Accuweather Radar for 8:35 tonight

Thanks for the link Guru - our kind of radar!

Baldy Bus

Not this one, but there will be a bus this winter - info coming soon on the new website.

Guessing 1976

First Chair Festival

Blog at

A newsletter should be in your inbox, and Andy has written a blog post on their new website.

Andy's new blog post.

The new website is rolling out in phases. Lots of work goes into creating something like that - I like it. I was able to contribute some photos and historical information, and will continue to supply images.

New Website

Mother Nature Calls the Shots

Part of the Apex website still says opening December 2nd, but they have updated that their opening has been pushed back to December 9th. They also just launched a new website.

We are fortunate to have a higher base elevation, and Mother Nature gave us lots of snow before the short warm spell. It is snowing now.

The warm followed by a freeze is usually considered a good thing, providing a better base for the ski area. Avalanche Canada however is concerned that the back country now has a frozen layer that could be problematic as the season progresses.

If you are a backcountry enthusiast - check out the course offered at Baldy December 28-29. Info from .

Post on Avalanche Course

Monday, November 27, 2017

Drive Thru The Firehall for Breakfast -Dec.2nd

T-bar Tony 2011

Heard from Tony yesterday - busy lining up gear for the family - and - bonus - they are coming for more than just a few days. Looking forward to the Australian invasion!

March 2011

Backside - Heli-Tour March 2010

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Josh Shulman photo - December 2012

BMR Website

The new BMR website is live. I have updated the link on this page, and the link is updated on their Facebook page. It has a new web address....  . At the moment, is not forwarding to the new site.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017


One of those days when it would be great taking horizon photos from the top of the Eagle.
We did lose some depth in the base with the warm spell, but we still have pretty good coverage, and now have a firmer base to build on. Ullr, you can start delivering again anytime.

Picked up my pass............

I picked up my season pass today, from Nixon and Colin. Colin worked in the lodge last winter, but today was my first time meeting him - nice guy. Check the listings on the side bar for season pass pick-up locations and times.

Hmmm.........should have asked his last name - I've met him before, when he was just a little guy,

Coming from the coast for the weekend?

Check  . Sounds like they are still clearing debris from Highway 1 between Chilliwack and Hope. Possible single lane alternating traffic later today. Traffic likely heavy on the alternate route.

When you arrive - be cautious - it is slippery under this fresh coating of snow.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Apex Ski Shop - Est. 1962

When I was a kid, there were two family owned ski shops in Penticton - Menzies, and the Apex Shop. Al and Millie Menzies and Bob and Margaret Van Os served the ski families well. Shopping for ski clothing was easy - Millie and Marg both had an eye for just the right ski outfit for their customers.

Menzies closed decades ago, but the Apex Ski Shop is now operated by the next generation. Jeff Van Os tuned my skis for me today. Good visit and catch up today with Jeff and Charlotte.

Happy Thanksgiving

To our American friends and Baldy family - south of the border, and at the top of the village.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Two mudslides sever Hwy 1 - BC News

Two mudslides sever Hwy 1 - BC News: It's slow going for travellers driving between British Columbia's Interior and Lower Mainland after a mudslide closed Highway 1 through the eastern Fraser Valley.

Several vehicles were caught in mudslides between Chilliwack and Hope last night - CBC reporting one in hospital, with all people recovered safely.

The photo tells the story, the temperature is dropping..........

The wind is picking up, the temperature is dropping, and snow is in the forecast for later today.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Note to self.................

Temperature forecast to start dropping tomorrow morning, then several days of a snow pattern. I haven't forgotten December 2015 - I'll have Icers on my boots as my driveway starts to ice up!

Load Test - sorry Swan

It's Lumpy's turn for a load test this year - that's when humans are replaced by garbage cans full of water, simulating a fully loaded lift for a number of tests.

They were just setting up when I left for town, and I told Swan that I would stop by later and take a photo to show how hard Swan is working.

The visibility was so bad when I got back, that I couldn't see the bottom of Sugarlump, and wasn't going to walk through the mush to go see.

Pineapple Express

The pineapple express arrived during the night. My roof started to unload at 2:30 am. This morning, the 5cms of new from yesterday has sunk to 3cms. There is no precip happening at 8:15 am, but the trees shed most of their load during the night and are dripping.

It is plus 2C at the moment - and we likely have about 24 hours more of this before the temperature goes back down.

This weather event doesn't concern me at all. Mother Nature is just helping out the ski area in settling the snow for a better base. Lots of fresh stuff in the forecast for later in the week. 🍍

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

March 2012 - Backcountry

Contrary to the words on this video, the slide was later determined to have been triggered by a sled. I would not have ventured up in a sled where these people did - there was potential for another slide.
Luckily, no one was caught in the slide.

If you like the back country, check out the Avalanche course through the Baldy Alpine Club in December.

Brace for a hard winter - Canada News

The weather guessers seem to be in agreement - a snowy winter!

Brace for a hard winter - Canada News: One of Canada’s high-profile weather forecasters is warning Canadians across the country to brace for a whole lot of snow this winter.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Snowshoe

Thanks for the pics Marian.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Global Sunday Morning

Thanks Global BC for showing two of Sherry's photos this morning - including the one that will be on our season passes.

Warren Miller - November 24th

Ella is at University now, so I no longer have the early notice of the Warren Miller Film in Penticton. Check it out: 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Season Pass Pick-up

Mountain dwellers - stop by the office this coming week - November 20-24 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Beat the rush and pick up your pass. Other pick-up dates and locations on the side bar.

Grey Cup Bus

It will cost you more to drive your car up here than to catch the Grey Cup Bus. The website is currently showing "sold out" for bar only tickets, and availability for bus/bar tickets. Book now - should be a good Baldy party - some may even watch the game! 😊

You can drop by the office on the 26th between 2:00pm and 6:00pm to get your season pass.

Winter residents coming home...........

The first of the "Baldy Snowbirds" have been back on the mountain for awhile.

Mike on the other hand is still golfing down south, and checking the blog several times a day. Hi Mike!

"Red Dog" and family are moving up today. We'll have our "Weather Guru" on site, and I look forward to photos and updates as they break trail with their snowshoes.

Baldy's Best Dancer? Here in less than three weeks.

Thredbo and Baldy - See you soon, Roger, Lisa and Tony

We're looking forward to the return of Roger and Lisa, and T-bar Tony and family. Roger and Lisa were managing a lodge at Thredbo during their winter, and Tony was patrolling. Thanks to Graeme for forwarding the bird photos - they don't have Whiskey Jacks at Thredbo, but they do have these birds hanging around.

I lifted this Thredbo Patrol photo from Facebook some time ago - didn't save the story. Tony is second from the right.

Friday Morning

Front door.

Back door.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

January 2008

Global BC

Did you catch a glimpse of Andy on the news tonight? Just a clip, on a story about the cost of skiing at Whistler, and a reference to much more affordable at Baldy

Strata Special General Meeting

So, December 9th - get on the first chairs, as Strata members will need to time out briefly for a special general meeting at the Honky Tonk at 11:00am. If you are not already on the e-mail list for strata info, contact Hometime - you will get meeting notices etc faster

Your presence or proxy is required to deal with a matter relating to our insurance.

Baldy Racers 2009

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


The Grey Cup party is booking up quickly - if you want to go, sign up ASAP.

Andy's Latest Blog Post

I'm looking forward to the launch of the new website - it should be more user friendly.

Osoyoos Times Feature

Check out the Osoyoos Times story - put together after Andy's talk to the Osoyoos Rotary Club.


I have reserved my spot for Grey Cup - Ticketbud was easy to use, and I can see it simplifying ticket purchase for special events this season.

A peek at the new bar.........

Thanks Andy for sharing these teaser pics...............

Bar top created by Will, finished by Terry

Memories back up - includes photo of Betty, Mike and Sam - 1985 Winter Games, and the Ski Patrol photo that was in Buy-Low last year.

I believe this was a Hans Schmidt creation.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Grey Cup - Grand Opening of Kevin's Project - the renovated bar

Here is the info - it is free to get in, but they do need your RSVP.

If you aren't staying on the mountain Sunday night, you can book an inexpensive bus ride on line.

The Brand NEW Baldy Bar is ready to open.
Who is excited for the 2018 Ski season!? We are, we are! To add to the excitement, we want to invite you to watch the Grey Cup with us and check out our newly renovated Baldy Bar on Sunday, November 26th. Be there at 2:00 pm to sip on complimentary bubbles and watch the official Baldy Bar ribbon-cutting ceremony. Enjoy free appetizers from 2:30-3:30pm, grab a pint of local Firehall Brewery beer on tap and catch the Grey Cup on our flat screen TV’s. There are even free game-day giveaways! Be the first to experience Baldy’s newly renovated bar, new menu and longer hours!
We’ve made it easy for you: book our shuttle service for $10 running from Osoyoos and Oliver (12:50 pickup in Osoyoos, and 1:20 pm pickup in Oliver. Return will leave 30 minutes after the game.) includes shuttle, appies, and contest entry to win grand prize!
Get home safe; make it easier by booking our shuttle package or stay the night in our on- mountain accommodations.

Shuttle Bus package information:

  • Osoyoos shuttle pickup at 12:50pm beside the Tim Horton's
  • Oliver shuttle pickup at 1:20pm on Main Street by the Firehall Brewery
  • Return shuttle will depart 30 minutes after the end of the Grey Cup game


hmm, sneak little photo of the bar in the piece

Slash Fire Permits

Baldy is on the map, along with hundreds of other registered burns.

Avalanche training offered - Penticton News

Avalanche training offered - Penticton News: With ski season fast approaching and backcountry skiing and snowmobiling growing in popularity, the Mount Baldy Alpine Club is hosting an avalanche skills training course.

Click on heading for full article.

Mother Nature............

"It's a little bony out there" - need some more help from mother nature before taking a cat out on the hill. If you go out too soon, "you just break things".

Will's wish list..........

  • keep that snow coming, (heavy stuff preferred).
  • a temperature drop to freeze over the creeks and springs

Village Signs

The village street signs are back up - I would have liked to see taller poles. The lettering has glass beads in the paint, so will reflect light from your vehicle. As far as I know the signs from the corner of Ore House and Tin Horn were not recovered - I have the paint ready if they are found or new ones are made.

There she goes...........

Pile 1

Pile 2 just before ignition.


Club meeting Saturday December 9th at 3:00pm in the lodge.

Update from Club President Paul Rauhala

  Are you excited and dreaming for the ski season?  If you are like me, it couldn't come fast enough.  Saying that, we would like to be prepared as a club for the next season and WELCOME you all at our next meeting to have you informed and involved with our great program.    Here's some exciting news for our club. We will be hosting the first Nancy Greene Zone Race of the year at Baldy, and it has a past reputation as the Cup Cake Race.  So fun for the kids, and a great way to show off our beautiful Baldy to the other zone mountains.

  As you all know,  four of us that had children in the program from the past have stepped up to the plate last year to get this great program alive and running.  We are so happy that 16 children were involved with the program in its rebuilding year and cannot thank Yanni and Owen for the great coaching job that was done.  Please consider being involved to keep the momentum of the club going in a positive direction, it's always about the kids and parent volunteering time gives them a lifelong healthy experience. 

2018 program fees and membership fees will be the same as 2017.  Cost for the first child in the program is $320.00 and $50.00 off any other children in your family that participates in the program.  The program starts on Sunday Jan 7th.  We will host the zone race on Sunday Jan 28th. 

The club is also hosting an AST 1 course (Avalanche course) at Mt Baldy.  Dates for the two day course are Dec 28-29th.  Cost is $270.00 that includes a book and avaluator.  Their are 12 spots available with 4 taken so far.  Please contact me for more information and payment to secure your spot.  This is an accredited course by Avalanche Canada, instructor Finbar O'Sullivan.

   At the next meeting, we will discuss our financial picture( fund raising effort), the cup cake race (preparation and level one course),  Free Xmas camp (recruitment), club positions and welcome your input.  The other side of the club will also be discussed, which is our backcountry component (for the older past members and present ones). 


Location: Mt Baldy lodge

Time and Date: Saturday Dec 9th. 3:00 pm in lodge

Think Snow

Paul Rauhala
Mt Baldy Alpine Club


9:30 - Global TV

Tuesday 8:30 Webcam

Monday, November 13, 2017

Slash Piles...........

BMR advises that they will begin burning slash piles tomorrow in the proposed subdivision area.

Weather Widget

Thanks to the Guru for the link. I check the snow-forecast regularly, but don't use their widget as their current conditions are from Osoyoos. Will keep the accuweather widget up for awhile to see how accurate it is.

Ski Racing at Baldy

Pontiac Cup, Can Am, BC Winter Games -- GS on the Shaft.

McKinney Tee and Rope Tow - undated - maybe 1969