Sunday, December 31, 2017

I counted............

173 cars in the village, not including Wapiti or Condos- so we should be well over 200 cars tonight

Avalanche Course Credits

  • Mt. Baldy Alpine Club - thank-you for putting the course together.
  • Baldy Mountain Resort - the instructors were particularly impressed with how well they were treated here.
  • Participants and organizers were very happy with the course and the instructors.
  • Instructors are willing to put on another course this season - they enjoyed themselves here.
For the next course, the Alpine Club will be looking for a quieter space for the classroom sessions.

More today.............

John Webster photo of sister Dr. Anne

Marie Fletcher from the snowshoe trails - image above and image below.

Ian, Dean and friends......missed the turn off to lunch rock..........

Dean on the left - Ian I think in the white - Baldy 25th Anniversary

New Year's Eve Sunrise

Thanks Marie Fletcher for the photos.

The gang is all here..........

These guys..........

Nice to see Cody on the hill today.

Also on the slopes - this North Vancouver businessman.

Bad Apples............

I was contacted by a sledder, giving his account of a confrontation on the trails. He asked me to correct my post. There have been several incidents, and I don't think the incidents described to me pertain to that fellow. My post stands.

I have zero interest in sharing a trail with sleds, so there will be no confrontation from me.

Some behaviors are respectful, some are intended to stir things up.

Don't do it!

I put fencing out on my driveway this morning. Fresh tracks yesterday after one family was notified not to ski down my driveway. Sliding under the eaves of the cabin above, four foot drop, clip the truck. I haven't dared to move my truck until now, because a skier and a snowblower in my driveway don't mix well.

I have you on video surveillance.

If you cut down the other side of the house, you risk collision with concrete planters, the water shut-offs, and flying over a steep drop and landing on a car parked below.

I have no problem with the neighbourly arrangement with the neighbours cutting  through on foot.

Safety is the issue here.

Avalanche Course Photos

Thanks Tony Mozak for these photos from the course. I'm pleased to see that so many people I know and care about took the course.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Some Bad Apples..............why am I not surprised?

Access to the backside does not mean tear up the snowshoe trails with your sled and be aggressive with the people out on snow shoes.

Instructors In the Village

There are many former Baldy Snow School instructors in the village, and some certified instructors who have not taught here.

If any of you are tired of skiing powder and are willing to help out with the many little people on the hill, talk to Matt.

Yes my certification is current, but I'm old enough to be the grandparent of those little ones.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Hey Jr. !

Your students from yesterday - Kaylee was skiing the "big hill" this afternoon with her cousins, and Dylan did a run with Mom and Dad on the big hill too.

Awesome place to be...........

The snow keeps falling, and the skiing is great. Friends travelling from the coast are having challenging times on the roads, and many flights are cancelled.

Oliver, Adela, Owen and Cohen Stewart

Owner operator of feed grinding company in Alberta - once known as one of the "Applebox Boys" at Baldy.
Happy to see Colin, and to meet Sage - who likes winter sports.
I never did understand Baldy youth who ended up with partners who don't ski or board.

The next generation........

Overflow parking, and a very busy magic carpet yesterday - so many happy little people. Many little people from last year are enjoying the Sugar Lump now.

On the other end of the spectrum, OMW was skiing with her family yesterday. I think she has another year or two to catch up to Ethel's record on the slopes. Lots of Websters on the slopes since 1968. I recall one of Susan's granddaughters demanding to ski, and having to be told that she had to learn to walk first!

February 1974
Marion Boyd (time out this season for a hip replacement), OMW Ski Patrol,  Irene Fairweather ( if Aunty Irene were still alive, she would be getting close to 100)

North Side is Open

There is no longer a barricade in the way for those of you who have been skiing the north side anyway.....😏

Thursday, December 28, 2017

More Hidden Talents Discovered!

Thanks for the photos, Deb Rossum.

GM Andy clearing tables.

Owner Victor - service.
Team work - the Baldy way.........

The Baldy Team

Lots of staff pitching in to help out other departments today  - a busy day. Hats off to Andy for pitching in too. A new way to meet the customers! 😉

Special Times............

Yes I am here to ski, but what I enjoy the most about the holidays - the people. Once Baldy is in the blood, one keeps wanting to come back. Today, I skied with two women who met at Baldy when they were 5 years old - I held one of them in my arms when she was less than two weeks old. Grew up to be awesome people - both have worked here - great to have them here.

With Sharon and Brooke
"Little Sharon"
Sharon was amused when a helpful guest services person asked her if she had skied here before.

Welcome home to the Radies family. Sold the cabin, moved away, but three generations back here for a few days. Wayne and Wendie, Jeff and Hawley with their 3 children from Vernon, and Jen, Derek, and their two from Calgary.

Kaylee and Dylan had a great time with Jr.

Jen, Derek, Kaylee and Dylan

Avalanche Course in Progress

Avalanche course participants heading back out after lunch.

The Giltrap Family

Today is Margaret and John's 54th Wedding Anniversary. Here to celebrate and ski with them are their three daughters, three sons-in-law, and 8 grandchildren. That's a lot of airfare from Australia!

The cabin is pretty full, and Graeme's place just filled up with the latest arrivals.

Great to have them all back on the mountain.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Update - the 20 questions from inquiring minds in the village.

The Eagle Chair is running just fine loading every other chair. This operating plan was pre-approved by the Inspection Branch and Insurer. The only issue is that the control circuits are limiting the power that can go to the motor, so it can not be run at full load.

The new parts are here. Pretty amazing that people were willing to help Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. The tech guy in Ontario delivered the package to the Toronto Airport yesterday afternoon, and they were picked up in Kelowna this morning.

It's all about relationships and the way ski industry people help each other. Matt and Russell have a lot of contacts - and there were those secret phone numbers Russ sourced at his shop Christmas Eve.

Thank-you Russell - you have always been there for Baldy. Looking forward to a visit from you and Daphne when we get more snow.


I had a visitor from Strata yesterday - dropping off a newsletter, and looking for petition signatures.

I didn't sign.

Topic One: paving the road from Baldy to Oliver.

  • yes it could do with some work, but I don't want pavement.
  • In all the years I have been to many ski areas, the ones with paved roads have always been more problematic.
  • I'd take gravel over pavement anytime in the winter.
Topic Two:

  • Natural Gas to the mountain?
  • The first time I was asked that, I said I'd rather have a phone first.
  • The last time this topic came up, the cost of bringing it in was substantial.
  • There are plenty of dead trees around to keep us warm for years to come.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve Party, Tickets and Activities

Check out the New Years Eve info at the link above. The image below shows how many tickets are available as of today.

Website shows how many tickets are still available.

Tim Horton's Baldy/Schafer Bus

I forgot to ask today - how full the bus is. The rates this year are more reasonable, and there is a season pass. Book online.

More info:

Tim Horton's Baldy Bus

From Halifax to Baldy

I met this group at the bottom of the Eagle today - Christmas in Penticton, Boxing Day at Baldy - all family from Penticton, Toronto, and Halifax.

Skiing Today

I had some great turns this morning - starting in the sun, and ending as the snow started. Sugar Lump continues to be great.

No line ups on the Eagle. The guys did a great job of moving snow on to the upper Dividend. It is nicely groomed and you can ski upper Dividend onto Stemwinder Trail. Also groomed is the South Ridge Trail.

Other terrain on the Eagle is waiting for more snow before the cats go on them. Those with wider skis and younger knees than I have, are enjoying some great powder stashes in the trees. Some wind pack to ski to get to them, but great turns.

We need more snow, and caution is advised on the "big hill". I was skiing along Stemwinder thinking - wow have the trees ever grown this year. Duh - then I realized - it is not the trees, the snow pack is low.

Bundle Up

Groomers are great, it has started to snow, and a neck tube or other face cover is advised. I stopped by the ticket office today so see what they had.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Good News

The Eagle Chair will operate - tomorrow- Boxing Day. We might have times of a little line-up, as the chair will run at half capacity....loading every other chair.

Thank-you Scott and Robyn from Wapiti Creek Lodge

Scott and Robyn hosted the community at a bonfire after caroling last night, even though they pretty much had their hands full without the event.  I just learned today that they now have two little kids, and their lodge has suffered major water damage.

Some cabin owners have stepped up to help accommodate people who had been booked at Wapiti.

Difficult winter for the Nichols.

Christmas Day Ski

Nice day, above the clouds - a little cold on the face.

Rauhala family today.
Rauhala family March 2007

Merry Christmas

Well the forecast changed, and Santa did not deliver new snow overnight - based on yesterday however, I expect another great groomer day on the Sugar Lump. (special hours and rates posted below).

Everything possible has been done to diagnose the unusual electrical problem with the Eagle Chair. The team included Matt, Bill (electrician with years of experience with this lift), Urs - electrician on ski patrol, and other staff who put in extra cold and wet time doing the load tests.

The lift operates just fine with no one on it..........😒

Mueller Lifts (Russ) has been involved from the beginning, and other off site people have been consulted as well.

Frustrating when the spare parts on hand contain something we need - and there is a problem with the part.

Last info I had yesterday, was that Russ was headed for his shop in search of personal contact information of people who could help with the solution. Not easy to find people on a Sunday, Christmas Eve.

Andy has posted that he is hoping for an update today. Obviously he has more information than I do.

Enjoy today.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Perfect Snow

I skied with some pretty fast skiers today, and I have to say I was super impressed with the groomers. I didn't ski yesterday, but there is something about the snow, the temperature, and the grooming that combined for an awesome ski surface.

If you haven't been out on the Sugar Lump, you are missing some great skiing.

Christmas Day Schedule: the clip says Eagle, but I expect it to be Sugar Lump.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't express an opinion from time to time. My personal preference has always been to be closed Christmas Day. That way most staff can have some family time, and everyone gets a breather.

Amazing Joan..........

Photo of Joan Begg just posted on Facebook ( not the photo below) - eating lunch with her grandchildren. Merry Christmas Gramma Joan!

Photo from healthier days.

Tony and Thredbo

I had some runs with Tony today - we talked about Thredbo where he patrols in their winter. Skier visits - 6000 per day.

Welcome Back Neighbours

The Pasin family skied Apex for a few years, while Ella was ski racing there. I had a run with them today - great to have them back.

Baldy Family

How the Baldy family evolves.....

L-R  Alex, Danny, and Greig Hospes. Dave, their Dad, is one of the legendary Hospes brothers of Baldy. Family cabin built in the early days of Baldy.

Mia McBryde - grandparents have a cabin here, great-grandfather Willi Tenning - area skiing pioneer.

Jessica and Nicole Schoyen. In the early days of Baldy, their Uncle Phil built a cabin here. Phil married Karen - she introduced her brothers Rich and Rob to Baldy. They built a cabin, and fell in love with the sisters across the street............the girl's parents are Rob and Roberta.

Ella Pasin - came to Baldy with her parents, as guests of another family, then bought their own cabin here.

The Hospes boys  live in the lower mainland, Mia in Penticton, Jessica at TRU, Nicole in White Rock, and Ella at University of Waterloo.

The four on the right became friends through the Baldy race program.

They grew up together at Baldy, and are having a blast together today. I had a run with them this morning....(tried to keep up).


Santa has made time in his very busy schedule to stop by for a few runs this morning. You'll have to wait until tonight for your presents, but rumour has it, that he will have some candy in his pockets.

Santa with Nicole in 2011
Santa with a young fellow from Oliver - his 7th day skiing today.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Kind of like tracking Santa..........

Tracking Johnny Web and family from Grand Cache to Baldy on Facebook. On the last leg - McKinney Road. That's one long drive. Welcome home to Baldy.



You know who is still out there working..........

Warm thoughts........

Warm thoughts for the guys still out on the mountain working on the Eagle. I don't expect an update tonight.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Heads up for out of town families here for the holidays..............

Comment added by Dr. Webster - don't share drinking bottles....

Baldy families from out of town - if you have kids in the 15 to 19 year age group, you may want to read the information on meningitis concerns in the Okanagan valley. Interior Health has added more clinic times for vaccination.

More clinics for outbreak - Kelowna News: Interior Health has released its latest vaccination numbers for the meningococcal meningitis outbreak. 

October 1968

John Hoffman, Dick Wilson, and Barry Dickson

Paul Fairweather's Osoyoos Hardware and Lumber contributed equipment and resources in the early days of Baldy. John and Dick worked at the store, and Barry was likely a student employed at the store. I saw Barry in the grocery store today, and learned that he has come back to skiing. Another Baldy skier who was here in 1968.

New Year's Eve

Limited tickets for the Lodge New Year's dinner and party - this, and the note on your door - is your early notice so you can book tickets before the general advertising goes out. It makes sense that party goers have a place to stay on the mountain. All the info including fireworks and kids meals - on the website. Buy your tickets on line.

Thanks BMR for the note on the door:

Partial Opening of Eagle on Saturday

OK folks - it is take it easy on early season conditions, it is not fly down the hill with reckless abandon. The Eagle is scheduled to open Saturday - south side only.

Any one want to sacrifice an old pair of skis to Ullr? Maybe it is bonfire time.

We've had a few flakes falling today - we'll take whatever we can get. Forecast says Santa will help the cause on Sunday.

Thank-you to the the crew with hand and machine work - doing their best with the snow we have.

Press release coming shortly.