Effective until further notice - Stay away from the area immediately south of the village and ski area including the snowshoe trails.

Active logging is now in progress.

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Monday, April 2, 2018



Shail Casey said...

Is it your experience that Sledders come later in the day in the offseason? If you wanted to go ski tour in peace there would an early morning start help? Thanks I now unfortunately dread going ski touring on the closed ski resorts in the Okanagan now. It seems exponentially worse than a few years ago. Shail in Westbank

eye on the mountain said...

Staff had the day off Monday - enough staff around now.

St├ęphane Daigneault said...

And what’s the problem the mountain is close???all the other mountain accept the sled so why not Baldy!!!what a joke this comment.

Sage Larivee said...

The other mountains do NOT allow snowmobiles on their runs in the off season. It is just too difficult to monitor.