Effective until further notice - Stay away from the area immediately south of the village and ski area including the snowshoe trails.

Active logging is now in progress.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Check Oliver Daily News

Evacuation order late last night for homes adjacent to Inkaneep Creek near Osoyoos Lake. Properties include OIB homes, and "The Cottages."

Apparently a mudslide has blocked the creek upstream.

Another water/mud event at Fairview Mountain.

Sportsmen's Bowl - 33 homes evacuated - Photo from Oliver Daily News

Our friends from OFD and Schafer Buses involved in the evacuation.
Thanks to Oliver Daily News for the photo - more images on ODN. including Sportsman's Bowl Road looking like a river.

Many challenges to come - lots of snow in these hills - has to go somewhere.............

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