Saturday, May 12, 2018

Baldy Family, Wet Feet

The Kettle River rose dramatically in the wee hours of Thursday morning - and there was no time for our friends to save items that were thought to be on high enough ground.

Ken and Debbie's house is surrounded by a "moat". Their shop was one of the things lost in the 2015 fires - the replacement shop has water running through it.

Michael and Kelly are OK for now, but you have to drive through a "lake" to get to their house.

The Mayor of Midway and his family were sandbagging at Jesse's Mom's place this afternoon.

Barbara Smith's place is sandbagged, and awfully close to the river.

An army of men and equipment have built a dirt and sandbag wall to try and protect Granton Motors.

The Kettle River RV Park is a lake, and Thursday the water was flowing over the highway into the golf course.

The river has dropped considerably, however they are forecasting another surge soon, with water levels 2 feet higher than the Thursday surge.

"The Great Wall of Sutherland." If the river goes two feet above Thursday, it will be the height of the sandbags behind Dave.

Dave and Sieglinde's place is quite visible, and they have been fortunate to have strangers show up to help the friends and family. When I talked to Ken today, he said they had been on their own with no extra help.

Michael helped Thursday, Ian was there today, Krisie brought her kids and Justin from Phoenix Mountain. Mark and Sherry returned from a holiday to help, and survey the damage to some of their things stored there.

If we focused on sandbagging techniques, we could share some humour. It was fun to interact with the adult nieces and nephews - Sieglinde spent a lot of time with them,  teaching them to ski when they were little.

Help came from Vernon today - I was working with the guys for quite a while before I realized one was nephew Jason. Sister-in-law Gloria and I keep each other going.

I was camped near Westbridge, and we received an evacuation order this afternoon. We were on safe ground, but the concern is the bridges - one was compromised Thursday, then shored up. There is too much water running across the road to get to the alternate bridge. If the river gets as high as they are predicting, the shored up bridge may be unsafe.

River May 10th, 10 feet higher than April 14th.

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