Friday, May 25, 2018


There are a few things I miss, not being on Facebook anymore, but most of it I don't miss at all. The same names pop up on the BMR Facebook page - trashing the season pass prices this time.....

Two years ago was ridiculously cheap, last year was a move in the right direction - this year is still reasonable - much better to have a sustainable operation for the long haul.

I have friends who skied for less than 25 cents a day two years ago, many friends who skied for 89 cents to 1.25 last season.

For comparison.


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TerleDeano said...

I got mine yesterday. For a person who rarely shops on-line, it was a pretty easy process. This is my last year as an adult, then I get the seniors' rate (compensation for old age!!!).
It's curious that some people would whine about Baldy's prices. Even though you don't have high speed six packs, quads etc, you also don't have huge crowds, line ups, skied out runs and there is way less fog than Big White Out. There's powder almost any day if you know where to find it and usually great customer service. $349 is a good value compared to other mountains. Now if we could just get the Baldy Brew Club back that would be fantastic!!