Monday, May 28, 2018

Wolf Cub Creek Fire - oh joy, media calling it "Baldy" - closer to Oliver

"Person" caused, started this afternoon, estimated size 1.5 hectares - I stopped to watch the air tankers for awhile. Three aircraft dropping retardant, the two Conair tankers we are used to seeing,and a jet believed to be BAE146 - identified by a retired airline guy on scene (Avro RJ85?). Two CL-215 skimmers dropping water, one helicopter taking water for ground crews - saw three ground crews and a water truck heading up.


Kyle Fossett said...

Sam, great shots of the air tankers and waterbombers. I was driving south on Tuc El Nuit Dr Monday evening and looked over to watch a CL-415 make its drop.

I've got an uncle (otherside of the family, not Baldy connected) who spent close to 40 years flying Firecats, Birddogs, DC-6s, and retired flying the Convair 580 for Conair.

eye on the mountain said...

They are very skilled pilots for sure - only wish I had my DSLR camera with me, but not bad for a pocket point and shoot.