Monday, June 11, 2018

Great News on the Fire Protection/Forest Fuel Reduction Front

Update from Andy.

"We are going to be moving ahead with our FESBC (Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia) grant work.
    • Goal is to protect the community and resort from forest fire
    • The grant is to allow BMR to create an area around the community that is a fire break and would allow firefighters an area to battle any fire.
    • It is not clear cutting – see attached pictures
    • We will be starting work soon with the aim of completion this summer
    • Cross country and snowshoe trails will be returned to current condition after treatment is complete"
I am excited to see this project moving forward.

As Doug explained to me last summer, it is not a clear cut, it is tree spacing and ground fuel removal, creating a band of protection for us.

Any fire coming up toward Baldy will lose intensity when it hits the enhanced area, a forestry hose line can be run down behind the village, and retardant dropped on that area will be able to penetrate and be more effective.

As this moves forward, the village needs to work diligently on the fuel load within the strata.

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