Thursday, December 13, 2018

Oh, we wish............December 27, 2012

More sun and better view.........

Thanks Paul Wickland for this photo.

BC-wide avalanche warning - BC News

BC-wide avalanche warning - BC News: The province has been hit by a number of severe snowstorms this week, creating unstable conditions in the backcountry.

Mountain Life - Parcel Delivery

Ordering online is a convenience for mountain dwellers, but parcel delivery is a little more challenging. Some websites are not clear as to what carrier they will use.

I have friends in town who will accept courier deliveries for me, but I try to minimize the inconvenience for them.

Canada Post "Flex Delivery" - works well. It takes a few moments of your time to register, and get your own flex delivery address. Below is my address ( actual numbers replaced by ###)

  • PO BOX ##### SP ###  ####
  • OLIVER BC V0H 0A2, 
  • Canada

The Flex Delivery address works on most sites, and if the site says they don't ship to post office boxes, I just change the  "PO BOX" to PBX, and it will accept it.

The parcel is delivered to the post office, and I get an e-mail with barcode telling me it is there. I usually get things a day or two sooner than if they are mailed to my normal address.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Photo by Marian

Baldy Babes a go for Monday - no skiing, but snow shoeing is great

Baldy Babes as planned on Monday, minus the skiing option.

Ski hills starved for snow - Penticton News

Ski hills starved for snow - Penticton News: Skiers and snowboarders in the South Okanagan will have a limited chance to get out on the slopes for the first time this season this weekend.

The dog thing...........

No one wants to hear that their dog is a problem - and some owners are reluctant to believe their dog is capable of what it does when the owner is  not around.

..... some still don't pick up after their pets.

Unfortunately a few dogs (and their owners) have spoiled things for the others. The following was issued by the strata corp today.

Sent: Wednesday December 12, 2018 - 04:17 PM

Dear Mt Baldy Owners and Residents:

The Strata Council is dealing with an ever increasing number of complaints about dogs running loose in the village during the summer AND during the ski season.

You are reminded that the current bylaw reads as follows:

Bylaw 1 (3)      an owner, guest, tenant or invitee must not allow any pets to run free  and unattended on the common property or the strata lots of other owners. Fines will be levied in accordance with section 23(4) herein except that on the third breach, or sooner where the pet is deemed to be a danger, an owner who has a tenant or who themselves are   deemed to have a pet in violation of this bylaw will be given 15 days written notice to remove the animal after which time a fine of $100 per week each and every week the offending animal.

The Strata Council wishes to advise that, as a result of the increase in this type of complaint and some actual cases of people being bitten, they will be taking a much harder line on enforcement of this bylaw going forward.

The bylaw allows for fines AND the actual forced removal of a dog in extreme circumstances. All dog owners are requested to review their current policies with respect to care and control of their dogs and are urged to also review their personal insurance policies for coverage of any liability they may incur should their dog injure someone.

If you have a concern about a dog and wish to file a complaint with the Strata Council, please do so in writing providing dates and times and a description of both the incident AND the dog, accompany with a picture of the dog if possible.

Thank you all for your attention to this important matter.

Happy Skiing :)

Michael Miller
Managing Broker, Strata Property Agent, REALTOR
As Agents for the Strata Corporation KAS1840

Lift opening delayed by Mother Nature - other activities this weekend....

Baldy Mountain Resort delaying lift opening but the winter fun has already begun. 
Oliver, BC (Wednesday, December 12, 2018) - Winter has arrived at Baldy Mountain Resort, however our lifts will remain on standby this Friday, December 14th. Our planned opening will be delayed but the winter adventures at Baldy have begun. The current plan is to open as soon as conditions allow us to safely do so. In the meantime, Baldy's winter wonderland is ready to welcome snow-shoers, hikers and cross country skiers (ungroomed, natural terrain)to our trails. We also welcome folks to come up out of the valley to our mile-high base area to soak in the wintery beauty, and grab a bite and beverage in our lodge.

Mother Nature and the great snowmakers in the sky coated Baldy with 18 cm of snow this week. We are currently sitting on a settled base of 48cm at the top of the Eagle Chair. There is light snow in the forecast this week for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with a more substantial system forecast to move in Saturday night into Sunday.

This weekend Baldy Mountain Resort will have our Baldy Bar open in the lodge. Come  on up for a snowshoe, make some snow-angels, have a snowball fight, build a snowman, soak up some high altitude sunshine and then stop into the Baldy Bar open from 5:00pm to 10:00pm for some early-season apres. We'll have a few menu favourites available from 5:00pm - 7:00pm and bar service until 10:00pm.

We're as excited as you are to get out there and kick off our 50th anniversary season. Keep your fingers crossed and do your best snowdance over the coming days and Baldy Mountain Resort will open the lifts as soon as we safely can

Before and After #2

This guy is just as excited for the upcoming season as he was at Big White in the '68-'69 season.

Sunrise by the "Guru's" Weather Station

Thanks Marian for the photo.

Tuesday Rant

Trampoline and then there is a dryer, washer and dishwasher plus other stuff.