Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Mayor for Midway - Doug McMynn

Way to go Doug - first you spearhead the save the mill project, then you do a heck of a lot of work on the family cabin so you can get back to skiing this winter - with your grandkids - then you run for Mayor. What were you thinking?

Congratulations on the election win - I hope you will still find time to come skiing!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

George Webster's 87th Birthday

Sheila will be bringing George to the lodge on Saturday around noon for lunch, if all goes as planned.
Please stop by and say hi, George misses being on the mountain and would love to see you!

2013 Photo - by Gail Jones.

George - 3rd from left, December 1969
Photo - Fairweather Family Collection
My guess on this group is Jim McMynn, Susan Webster, George Webster, Terry Smith, -----,-----, Bill Boyd.  Fill in the blanks anyone? or corrections?

Global Clip

BMR Acknowledges the Team

"Anonymous" didn't like my earlier post. Yes one guy came with the plan and the enthusiasm, one guy is not what it takes to get to opening day. Many people worked very hard to get things ready to open. The Baldy Family knows that there are a handful of people who withstood very difficult situations with previous management/ownership, and came back to help make things happen. Those few deserve an extra thank-you from the community.

Of course none of this would be possible without the owners, and workers.

Thank-you BMR for acknowledging the team late this afternoon.

From BMR Facebook:

One helluva opening day. Thanks to all who came out and to the ENTIRE Baldy team that showed up every day these last few months to make it all happen.

See you tomorrow, we're now officially open till spring
🤓 — with Joey O'Brien.

Season Passes

If you picked up your pass early, you can take it to the first trailer - they now have a punch to make it wearable.

Dear Michael,

Need more snow to fill the creeks and spring on Dividend.

Hey Max and Maddie - Mom and Dad out there at 8:25 - 7th chair

No Brain Buckets

Some wild rides from the invincible today - not much skill, and no brain bucket.

North Side Closed

North Side is closed, but that means nothing to many of the people here today - just go around or mow over the snow fence................
I would have informed you last night, but did not have the information.

Parking Lot is Full Today

There will be additional parking at the far end when the heap of old construction panels and the load of logs for the boiler have been dealt with. Staff vans are gone, so hoping staff can carpool. The portable buildings have eaten a big chunk of the parking lot.

Well we're open............

Our thanks to Victor and the investment group for buying Baldy and funding the improvements and start up. It is still early season, but there is some good skiing out there, and lots of happy people.

The ideas guy is basking in front of the media this morning.

It takes a lot of hard work to get a dormant ski area in shape, and up and running. There have been many people working long hours to get the many critical tasks done.

To the Baldy family - I don't have to tell you the names, you know who is very deserving of your handshakes and thanks when you arrive at the mountain.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Driving

Standard equipment:
  • good tires
  • shovel
  • flashlight
  • warm clothing and boots
  • blanket or sleeping bag
  • read your manual so you know where your tow hook is on your vehicle
Take your time.

Thanks to the Coke guys, Telus, Steve, Sam and Curtis for stopping and getting two young staffers back on the road. I was kind and took out a shovel and flashlight, not a camera. Someone else took out a smart phone, so I am assuming there will be a pic on social media tonight.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The local report..........

Parker is here, That pretty much guarantees even more snow is on the way.

MJ report to MD today - skiing is great - have to watch it a bit in places like the steep pitch on Maverick.

A few passes down Dividend and magic carpet area groomed.

Tuesday Afternoon

Welcome to Baldy - Matthew, Lacey, and Cujo

I checked out the rental shop today - some impressive new gear and high end rentals. Guests will pay in the trailer closest to the lodge, then walk through to the second trailer to be fitted with gear.

Matthew, Lacey and Cujo - from Nova Scotia - 67cm skis for the little ones.