Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Spring Break Thing

There is always someone who is not happy if Baldy is not open 7 days a week during their child's spring break. There have been issues ever since the Province moved away from a standardized spring break. Baldy chose the week that seems to be in common with most districts to be open 7 days a week. The place isn't very busy. Next week, closed Tuesday Wednesday.

It is snowing now, so things should pick-up in the coming days. It is great to see so many young families on the hill - on the carpet mid-day there were 5 instructors working - only one was working with an adult.

March 27, 2010 with Eclipse Helicopters

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Helicopter Rides March 30th

BMR Facebook says there will be helicopter rides from the mountain on March 30th. I went last time - great opportunity.

Our end of season events just get better and better. Join us on the mountain, March 30, and experience Baldy from the sky. Fun for all ages.

$60.00 person / minimum of 4 people per ride.  
30 March at 9:0015:00

March 30
Helicopter rides at Baldy Mountain

That's right, our closing weekend events just get better and better.  Join us on the mountain, March 30, and experience Baldy from the sky.  Fun for all ages.
$60.00 person / minimum of 4 people per ride.

April 1

Keep an eye out for upcoming details on our Easter morning shenanigans.  Trust us, kids and adults alike, you won't want to miss it!

Tuesday - first day of spring.............

In the valley you may be thinking spring, and we have had some spring days on the mountain, but winter is returning - the forecast snow amounts are spread out a bit more in the latest forecast up date, but we are about to get snow. (Parker is here)

Valley trip today.......

  • modular pieces of Oliver's new hotel arriving on site and crane in place
  • calves in the field close to town are growing quickly
  • the road was much better today than when I went to town last week
...and -Happy Birthday to the chef!

Monday, March 19, 2018

BMR Facebook, and events....

Baldy is open every day to and including March 26th. Closed Tuesday Wednesday - 27-28, then daily March 29th to and including closing day April 1st - last day of the season.

Friday March 23rd after skiing - live music in the bar.

The Baldy Band is playing in the Baldy Bar Saturday the 24th - 9:00pm to midnight ish.

Last coed snowshoe of the season March 25th. last Ladies Day of the season, March 26th

Dummy Downhill March 31st, Slush Cup April 1st.

Have you eaten in the bar lately? I avoid cooking whenever I can, and in recent days I've had a late afternoon/evening meal a couple of times in the bar. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes one night, ribs and caesar salad last night. yum.

Ladies Day

Three skiers with me today, and the rest on snow shoes. Bonus for me, there was a RMT from Ontario in my group - thanks Marylou for the treatment you gave me in the lodge while we waited for the snow shoe groups to come in.

The food................the dessert was so awesome I forgot to take a photo of it before I started eating it!

Hello Baldy Babes,
Monday is our day! Today greeted us with mild temperatures, calm winds, sun/clouds & challenging terrain. We really enjoyed the trails to the cabin & back, although a bit late getting back for lunch. Lasagna & salad and dessert, Pavlova with ice cream, kiwi, banana, strawberries topped with basil. Francesco, you are amazing!
Next Monday is our final Baldy Babes for the 2017-18 season. Weather permitting, we will ride the Eagle Chairlift to the top of the ski area, celebrate with champagne on top of Mother's Knob then snow shoe down Jolly Jack to Gruhl's Pool and out Beaver Trail behind Sugar Lump.
Here are some photos from today. Thank you Sam for our group photograph.
Take Care, Marian

Who Skis Baldy at Spring Break? You might be surprised.

Very interesting conversation this afternoon with a member of the patrol at Whistler. Some head shaking moves when Vail Resorts took over.

Quite a contrast between winter and summer patrols. The injuries he attends to on the mountain bike trails are much more severe than most of the winter incidents he attends. While tending to serious injuries, the questions from the patient are not so much about themselves, but "how is my bike?"

He married an Oliver girl, and the family enjoys time skiing at Baldy. His wife's  Grandmother was Paul Fairweather's sister. A day ticket for his 7 year old is $80 at Whistler.

We were standing at the top of the Eagle talking about living in Squamish, and the father/daughter duo standing beside us spoke up. They have a home at Blackcomb, and a place in Osoyoos. The Blackcomb place is rented for the month, and they are skiing Baldy! 

Too many of our "Kids of Baldy" are in Grade 12 this year, so some of our Spring Break regulars may change schedules next year. It is great to see so many little people here..........the next generation.

It's about being prepared..............back country

I had a young friend visit last night - to update his SPOT device via my laptop. He loves the back country, and we talked about the gear he carries, and the precautions he takes. A SPOT device recently saved a skier...........

Back country enthusiasts - no matter what their mode of transportation - need to be prepared, have a plan, and someone needs to know where you are going. Search and Rescue is called out by the RCMP. Loading up and driving up from Oliver takes time, longer if they are already deployed elsewhere.

When you go sledding - get stuck - get lost - get separated from your companion - and call the ski area for help, that suggests to me that you went out unprepared.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mt. Baldy Alpine Club - Wind Up

There was a good turnout today for the free introductory camp. More Baldy racers for next season.
Wind Up and awards this afternoon. Paul Rauhala received a gift thanking him for his leadership, hard work and dedication to rebuilding the club. Special thanks to coaches Owen Stewart and Yanni Lou Gagnon. Parent helpers make the program work - thanks to all those who helped - Andrew Simmonds received a gift for his extra efforts.

Most improved female

Most improved make.


Sisu - grit and determination.

Sunday Afternoon

March 18th Sunrise - Al Haley

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Winemakers Cup

Your dog............

If your dog was loose on Porcupine this morning, you can come over to my driveway and pick up the big dump.

Friday, March 16, 2018

St. Patrick's Day and Winemaker's Cup

Wear green on Saturday, and stop by the base of Tenning's to witness the Okanagan's finest from the Wine Industry - racing - some seriously some not. They know how to have fun.