Thursday, July 19, 2018

Those Hashtags - Today's Social Media Rant

Do you know what happens when you use a hashtag?

If you have posted a photo on your personal Facebook or Instagram page, and used the hashtag baldymountainresort, guess where it shows up. Check the BMR facebook page - photos and community sections.

Heading to Kelowna?

There is plenty of fire activity in the valley - including evacuations in the Peachland area - Highway 97 currently 1 to 2 hour delays with escorted single lane traffic. Check before you go - so far Highway 33 is likely your best bet.

Castanet seems to be pretty up to date with their fire postings - there is a BC Wildfire link on the sidebar - they changed their website a couple of years ago, and I find the new one a little less user friendly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Team Baldy - Successful Search

Men working at the top of the mountain today, talked to a male from the USA who had hiked to the top of the mountain. He left the top around 11:00am saying he was headed to Penticton. When the crew came down the mountain 9 hours later, the fellow's truck was still parked - with the guy's gear inside. He had already spent last night on the mountain after getting his vehicle stuck.

Kudos to the workers for raising the concern , and providing detailed helpful information. They called RCMP and Search and Rescue was ready to come up.

The Baldy locals came through again, successfully finding the fellow who had turned himself back in the right direction - Kevin picked him up about 1.5 km from his vehicle as it was getting dark.

Thanks to Dianne, Kevin, Terry, Andy and Sam for their contributions to the successful conclusion.

FYI - when you ride with Andy in the side by side it is not nearly as scary as riding with MMT.

And the red dots on the map multiply...........

Lots of smoke visible to the south - windows still open.

*new Placer Mountain Fire:

Traffic issues near Peachland - heavy smoke.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Electrical Storm July 17th Sparks Okanagan Similkameen Fires

Multiple fires were sparked yesterday afternoon after a storm with lots of lightning and little moisture. 

We did not get the storm at Baldy, but I was up after midnight last night closing windows as the smoke smell was fairly strong.

Castanet has some good photos - the most disturbing to me is the one of a water skier with lightning in the background.

BC Wildfire Map tells the story this morning.

Logging and No Fish Update from Bryan Gough

Your recent pics of current logging along the Baldy road near 9km prompted me to do some digging, and Timber Sale A93521, comprised of four blocks, appears to be the explanation. Block 2 is the one currently being logged. I do not know if or when the other blocks are or will be logged.

My last visit to No Fish Lake was about a week ago but the water level was still well over the access road. Maybe another week of hot and dry weather will reveal the road , and I may be able to open the road at least into the north end so long as, hopefully, the Forestry doesn’t implement crown land access restrictions as they did last year.

Road side fire start.........

Yesterday, Black Sage Road, this morning - Highway 97 near Kaleden.

Baldy Mailing Addresses

Our mailing address was changed one year ago today. Many of us were unable to change our addresses on our Driver's Licenses after multiple trips to the licensing office.

I tried again this

Address change BC now accepts our Mount Baldy address.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hot Afternoon for our friends in the OFD

Fire started beside Black Sage Road this afternoon, in the general area of the landfill. Great work by the OFD, assisted by vineyard workers and forestry. One helicopter was bucketing for awhile.

Disturbing conclusion.............

Twenty-nine wildfires in the Okanagan are under investigation - all deliberately set, and believed to be connected. Keeping one's eyes open for suspicious activity, not a bad idea.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

BMR Facebook, another one..........


My photo posted on the blog February 24th and photo posted on BMR Facebook yesterday.
Andrew and Ricardo are both Graduates of the SROAM program and have worked at Baldy - always great to see them.

I don't have a problem with the guy on the right posting the photo but it is my photo and I am not
📷 @frostbackbacon" 

Silver Star opens Gondola

....and if you are wondering where Global's Wesla Wong went - she's at Silver Star - check the article.

Baldy Road

By the power line - Baldy side of the Jolly Lake turn off....

some day......

One step at a time..........

Looking at your property.......if the task of cleaning up your property looks overwhelming, take one step at a time.
  • rake up the pine needles - pay particular attention to the first five feet around your cabin - remove materials that could ignite if an ember landed on them
  • install an outside, frost free tap. some owners have plumbed in a way that allows them to turn off their house water, while leaving the outside tap charged. 
  • remove dead trees and trees that are very close to your house. There are tree contractors in the valley, and there is a fellow from Midway who will fall, limb and buck up trees at a reasonable price. There have been a few recent instances of homeowners dropping trees on their roof, or a power line. Getting a pro to fall them helps big time. I can give you the contact info of the fellow from Midway. (contact me at )
It is hot in the valley - come on up and cool off - bring some garden tools and a sprinkler.