Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Murphy's to town to access the internet, and the power will come back on.

Baldy was part of a large area losing power around 2:30 this afternoon. When the estimated time of power restoration was updated to 11:00pm, I decided to go to town and update the blog, and let you know it was snowing heavily.

Well by the time I posted on the blog, the power was back on at the mountain, and the snow storm stopped.

We did get about 5cms so far tonight, and the forecast says more overnight. Add that to the new snow in the last couple of days, and the powder should be great tomorrow.

Those Weather Guessers....................

The bro follows NOAA for Bonaparte.

I follow . I find it generally accurate re temperatures, and pretty accurate as to when it will snow, but not as accurate for how much. Their numbers change often, and if you see a big number 4 or 5 days out, it will likely drop closer to the time. I do check other sites from time to time.

Baldy's own weather guru told me his forecast secret the other day. He follows 7 weather sites, averages their forecast amounts, and divides by two!  😉

The best measurement of course is when it is on the ground!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Portable Shelter Needed

A portable shelter is needed for the timing on race day, January 28th. If you have one to lend, please contact "the guy"

Presumably this is to shelter equipment and people from the awesome sunshine we usually deliver on race day.

Paul is the guy........ Cupcake Race

Races hosted by Baldy have always been great for the mountain - introduces new families to Baldy, and we have a reputation for putting on quality races, and yummy cupcakes.

Silken and Nils aged out of Baldy's racing program years ago, but Paul has put in the time and effort to keep the club alive, and re-establish programs that were in place before the recent trouble years at Baldy.

I just received the list of volunteer positions for the January 28th race. Way to go Baldy people - there are many names signed up - including parents of Baldy racers who were in the program years ago.

Greg and Masako, Paul and Kirsten, Michael and Kelly, Mark, Keri, and former racer Nils. Matt will help set up the timing.........I used to help with that, but my experience was with the old timer, in 1985. 😊

The parents with kids in the program this year will be volunteering, as well as parents from the visiting teams.

If you have experience and are willing to help with the race, contact Paul.

And.........of course the cupcakes. The target is about 200 cupcakes - if you can bake a dozen of your best cupcakes.........let Paul know.

On Sunday the 21st at 1:00, the plan is to go over volunteer duties and test the timing.

Photos from February 5, 2012


12cms new, then fog, now clear........more snow on the way.

From BMR Facebook

Donation to SROAM.........

In memory of Fred Bosinger.

New Article from Snowseekers...... 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Jam Night Saturday - 6:30-10:00pm

You are invited to Jam Night at the bar on Saturday. Hilary and Dorian will be there, and they welcome anyone who wants to join them playing, singing, listening - or all three.

Monday Update from Marian

Hello Baldy Babes,
Sunshine, Spring conditions, Baldy blue skies, delicious breakfast & lunch, who could ask for more?
Our snow shoe to "Little Gruhl's Pool" took us on ski trails, off the Sugar Lump chairlift, forest, meadow and back into the forest.
Gordo's skier group enjoyed the mountain's slopes.
Looking forward to next week's Baldy Babes Monday.
Take Care, Marian

Marjo Koskinen photo

Marjo Koskinen photo

Welcome to Baldy Tynlee

This was three year old Tynlee's first day skiing. She was on the Magic Carpet this morning, and Dad took her up to ski Beaver Trail this afternoon.

A big smile and nod when I asked if she was having fun.

Why Does It Feel So Good to Watch Other People Ski? | POWDER Magazine

Thanks for the link, Ciel.

Why Does It Feel So Good to Watch Other People Ski? | POWDER Magazine

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Last Run

For many years, I would ski Dividend as my last run of the day, and last run of the season. I've been using South Ridge Trail more recently - so many great photo ops.

Fletcher family photo - following the grandchildren. Skiing is such a good family sport - many 3 generation families on the hill.

More shots...........

Thanks - J. Fletcher photos.