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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Sunset from Indian Rock

Sunset from Indian Rock in Naramata, August 14th - Marie F. photo.

When your summer is sandbagging then rebuilding your lakeshore property........at least the sunset is cool.

This guy..........

Katlin has been skiing Baldy since he could walk. Probably only 2 when he was skiing the big hill in a harness leading his Mom. I had a great visit with him last night - now a Journeyman Carpenter with his own company, and a hardworking nice guy. He is busy, and told us he doesn't have time to work on his website right now, but there are photos on there showing his craftsmanship - I like the work he has done finishing log homes - adapting window frames and things on log walls is challenging - unfortunately he wasn't born yet when I built my place. His contact info is on the services tab on this blog - he is already lining up work for next year.

You may see him on the slopes this winter, but only if he is standing at the top or bottom of the Eagle - he is part of the Jones/Davison/Dennill/Williamson speed team. Nancy Greene racers as children, and amazing all mountain skiers as adults - they like speed. Life long friends from Westbridge, Kelowna, Oliver, and North Vancouver - met and bonded through the ski racing program here at Baldy.

Skiing in New Zealand

The Baldy Bunny Hill

Interesting read. New Zealand ski area serviced by rope tows - replaces ropes during the season.
Flash back to the early days at Baldy - rope tow for beginners. Before Baldy - rope tows at Borderline in Bridesville - this little skier needed one of the big kids ( like Rod MacLeod) to hold the rope down to her level so she could reach and ride the lift. Ski mitts had to be tough back then.



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Almost Finished

Thank-you to the drivers who did slow down in front of my place the last few days. The logs have been cleaned and refinished, and I am pleased with the results. In 2009 the logs were sanded and finished with the Perma-Chink/Lifeline base coat clear coat system. This time it was their Logwash product, and a fresh clear-coat. The fortieth anniversary of my first night in the cabin is coming up in a few months.

Thanks Matt and Kevin for your help with job site safety.


Last year 100 % of the chairs came off the lines. This year, back to the regular maintenance schedule with a percentage of the chairs coming off for testing each year. Nice to see this activity in August - a lot easier to do at this time of year.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Updates

  • pick-up destroyed in the canyon this morning - don't know who, or what happened to occupants - Baldy family member saw the fresh tracks, went down the bank, and was unable to see inside - first report to the RCMP 11:00 ish, I saw the wreckage on the large tow truck this afternoon - would be surprised if anyone came out of it uninjured.
  • Lots of activity on the mountain - owners working in the village, staff working in the lodge, and Lumpy was turning today - start of the annual maintenance
  • Smoky again in the valley, but air is good up here
  • Day 2 of an older red car broken down on McKinney Road- guy working on it yesterday - looked vandalized today - was going to photograph it today and report it, but there was someone sitting in it - he nodded and did not flag me down

Next Weekend in Oliver

Friday, August 11, 2017

Heads Up - Village Security

A couple of weeks ago, an owner on Whiskey Jack saw a male walking around cabins near his around 8:00am on a Sunday morning. The fellow claimed to be looking for someone  on another street.

A couple of days ago, a trespasser was recorded on a surveillance camera outside a cabin in the lower half of the village.

You've seen my post about the shop break in.

There are many occupied dwellings in the village, and an ever increasing number of video surveillance systems.

Cariboo backcountry closed - BC News

Cariboo backcountry closed - BC News: The Cariboo backcountry is officially off limits.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Break-in and theft at the shop - early Monday Morning

Andy Foster to Oliver Loop
2 hrs
Sadly, Baldy Mountain Resort got broken into this last Monday at 3:40 am and our Side by Side (KAF820 Mule SE ATV, 2015, serial number: JKBAFSC16FB503442) was stolen along with some power tools.
Luckily, we got some pretty good video footage of the culprits. Although we already have names of who we believe the culprits are we would love your input if you recognize the people in these pictures or the vehicles.
Our side by side has a windshield which is unique and a picture of it is attached (without the windshield)
Please contact Oliver RCMP on their non-emergency line with any information you have quoting the file number #2017-4312.
(T) 250.498.3422
Your support is greatly appreciated

The list of missing items may still be growing, according to facilities manager at Baldy Mountain Resort, Matt Koenig. 
Missing items so far:
  • 2016 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT six passenger four door side-by-side
  • Milwaukee 18v cordless tool set including ½ drive impact driver high torque, standard ¼ hex head impact driver, Cordless drill, 3 batteries and charger.
  • Dell Office workstation computer.
  • Stanley 183 piece socket set.
  • Two off road full-face helmets.

Lost Keys

I am preparing to destroy a $25 trailer lock. The pair of small keys on a small ring may have traveled around the village on my rear bumper. If you happened to find a pair of small keys in the village, please contact me.  unbaldy@gmail.com 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mountain Activity

There are lots of things happening up here that you will be pleased to see. I've had a description of the on hill trail crew work, and a tour of work in progress in the lodge.

The trail crew has been moved to other projects until the fire danger has eased.

I've agreed to not show some of the work in progress, as the management team would prefer to release images of the finished projects.

No getting away from it..............

Smoke forecast for 10:00am this morning..........