Saturday, February 18, 2017

Spring Break

West Boundary Buy and Sell - Nathan has a one bedroom with loft available for spring break.

Part Time Work in Rental Shop

"We are in need of a Rental Shop body for the next few weeks - til end of March Break. It's on an intermittent basis to help on school group days, weekends, and during March Break.

It's part time and close by for someone in the Village who might be looking.

Interested folks can come into Ticket Office to see Angie or email"

Slack Country Afternoon

Hey Josh - patrol is busy - still a toboggan, propane tank and fire pit at the event site at 3:00, along with the tents you intended to leave there.

Reduced visibility at the finish area for today's event

Thanks to those who operated and/or supplied support vehicles for the event.

Tom's legendary Tucker has been retired - here he operates Brett's cat.

Not Cool

Your hoodie is white, your board says YES. No helmet, no safety bar, and smoking on the chair - not cool.

Wildlife Update

Thanks Jason for taking a look at extra photos of the cat prints, and for the following update on the wildlife.

Hi Sandra

Still a bit tough to call because of scale but my call is lynx. Bobcat prints will be just a bit larger than a house cat to twice the size with a short stride. A lynx track will be approximately the size of a persons palm of hand 3-4 inches wide and long, with a wider stride. A lynx will leave tracks on top of unpacked snow as well due to the snowshoe effect of the heavy fur content that makes up the paw. Often confused for cougar, which will sink in unpacked snow. 

Working on the backside of sugar lump in Wapiti the last few weeks I have seen both tracks so they are around. I have also seen wolf tracks traveling the snowmobile trails in Wapiti. This should be of note to those snowshoeing the trails back in there especially with dogs. 

My experience is Lynx are less shy/ more curious than bobcat, and will give you more opportunity for viewing and photos. 

Neither are really a threat to the public that I have ever heard, but they do like rabbits and house cats. 

Hope this helps. 


Friday, February 17, 2017

Slack Country Schedule


  • 8:00 – Registration / Waiver Signing (18 under parent must sign and be present)
  • 9:30 – Riders / Judges meeting (Lodge)
  • 10:00 – Athletes to Zone 1 Finish area
  • 10:30– Group (a) Shuttle to start
  • 11:00 – Group (a) Start
  • 11:15 – Group (b) Shuttle to start
  • 11:30 – Group (b) Start
  • 11:45 – Group (c ) Shuttle to start
  • 12:00 – Group (c ) Start
  • 12:15 – Group (d) Shuttle to start
  • 12:30 – Group (d) Start
  • 12:00 – 1:00  BBQ – Spectator Area / Finish Area
  • 1:30-3:00 – Free Time / Gather images for Photo Challenge


  • 4:00-5:00 – HIP Registration (Lodge) – Cash only $10.00
  • 5:00   — Riders Meeting
  • 5:15-6:00 — Hip Practice
  • 6:30-8:00 – HIP OPEN JAM — Prizing and cash for landed tricks. Cash prize for best trick


  • 10:00 – Riders Meeting
  • 10:15 – Riders to Finish area Zone 2
  • 10:30 – Group (d) Shuttle to Zone 2 Start
  • 10:45 – Group (d) Start
  • 11:00 – Group (c ) Shuttle to Zone 2 Start
  • 11:15 – Group (c ) Start
  • 11:30 – Group (b) Shuttle to Zone 2 Start
  • 11:45 – Group (b) Start
  • 12:00 – Group (a) Shuttle to Zone 2 Start
  • 12:15 – Group (a) Start
  • 12:45-1:30 – LUNCH / BBQ
  • 2:00 – Judges Meeting
  • 3:00 – Awards / Photo Slide show

Slow Down, Take your time

My neighbour saw two moose and this car on the way up this afternoon - car was on a straight stretch, about 3kms below the junction. Apparently the driver had a great day skiing.

Likely a Lynx on Jones

A cat worked it's way across the terrain on the Sugar Lump this afternoon. I found Kevin and Terry checking out the tracks on Jones.

The Maintenance Team

Matt, Will, Russell and Tim - thanks for all you do to keep things running smoothly. There is a millwright, an electrician, and two MacGyvers  on that team.
Sugar Lump shut down a little early this afternoon for some routine maintenance.

Russell and Tim reluctantly posing for a photo as they gear up to work on the Lump.

Friday Afternoon

Welcome home Sayre - former Baldy Ski School instructor - University reading break means skiing, of course.

Nice to see Oliver native Tim Garrish on the slopes - Tim is a veteran pilot for all types of forest fire fighting aircraft, and he travels the world training other pilots. I didn't get close enough to talk to him about his skis, but they are likely ones he wore here years ago before the chairlifts.

3 are Australian

Long John Baldy

You won't have to wait as long to dance to Long John Baldy. Their gig has moved up to March 11th.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

5:00pm Thursday on the Lump

Slackcountry Weekend - Live Music from Canmore

"Join us after Slackcountry Cup this weekend for some killer live tunes. Playing the Baldy Bar this Saturday from 3-5pm/ 8-10pm & Sunday 3-5pm is Canmore’s Elk Run & Riot.

Armed with a high energy live show and two albums under their belt Elk Run & Riot are locking antlers with the western Canadian music scene."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Icy Conditions Highway 3

CBC radio reporting the dreaded Freezing R--n on highway three this morning from Anarchist to Grand Forks - with reports of jack knifed semi and semi in the ditch blocking the highway near the turn off to Mt, Baldy Road, reported at 7:10 this am.

Later updates from Princeton and Boundary School districts closing schools due to road conditions. Check CBC Radio 1 and for updates.

8:00am weather at Baldy is foggy and minus1C

Andy Brown photo from Daybreak South Facebook page