Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chair Hanging

Same crew, slick operation, and the Sugar Lump chairs go back on the line. MA can line up the machine right on, and it is so much easier on dry ground! I assume they finished as there weren't many more to go when I left.

Getting there - on Chair 79 when I stopped by.
The Eagle Chairs take more muscle, but the young fellows are up to the task.

Monday, August 29, 2016


The Summit boys are putting the Eagle Chairs back on the line, and Matt is re-installing grips on the Sugar Lump Chairs.

Great progress with the brush saws - one more tank of gas will finish Cascade - Face is next, then on to "The Big Hill"

Keep it Clean

The RDKB had a machine in the transfer station area last week doing some tidying and levelling. Today, I noticed new stickers on the recycle bins.

There you go friends - when you see stupid happening, take a pic of the vehicle, and you have a number to call.

Remembering Early Days at Baldy

Early cabin owners had 99 year leases with Mt. Baldy Recreations Ltd. Heinz Stregge came along with a grandiose plan for the area that involved "bulldozing" those little existing cabins. Betty Ozanne mobilized the community, a Leaseholders Association was formed, and Wally Day and I also served on the committee that got our village subdivided off of the ski area  property. This was all pre-strata.
BC Assessment would individually assess the cabins, but only issued one tax bill. Betty and I sat down for a weekend every year to divide the bill according to the assessments, and issue invoices to the property owners. I could look it up for more detail, but it was a lot of work, over a long period of time. Wally and Mary Anne started their Ski School in year 2 of Baldy's operation. I had lessons from them, and joined the ski school in the mid-seventies. We shared a lot over many years. I had the pleasure of seeing them this weekend.

There's a whole lot of history, love and mutual respect in this photo. Decades of friendship, skiing and good times. With Wally, Mar, and Betty - to quote Betty "you can't buy friends like us at the grocery store. "

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday - Bill and Matt

Doing my rounds with pop and sparkling juice for the guys this afternoon - very happy to see Bill and Matt at the bottom of the Eagle Chair. Testing a few things, and making plans for the installation of the new com line from tower 11 to the top.
Not only is Bill an awesome telemark skier, a journeyman electrician and trades instructor, he was Mt. Washington's electrician looking after the Blue Chair before it came to Baldy. Bill also wired the Sugar Lump chair for Leitner Poma..
He's bailed us out many times, including when the marmots decided to chew on some Magic Carpet wires. Great guy to have around, the skill set, and the passion for Baldy.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Royal Canadian Navy - Naden Band - Maritime Forces of the Pacific

Excellent concert in the park tonight. I've attended as many concerts as possible since I first heard the band in the early 70's. They are playing in Gyro Park in Osoyoos tomorrow night.

Of course along with these community events comes a lot of visiting old friends too. I sat with Neil and Shirley - they have had Christmas at Baldy every year since 1978 - the trouble with Baldy being closed three Christmases, I've lost track of the grandkids. One of those "little" ones who learned to ski on the McKinney is off to McGill in the fall! ( She will come to Ski Baldy at Christmas)

I had a short visit with the President of the Oliver Tourism Association, Board member of the TIABC, and Executive member of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country. All those titles - none other than our Tony, with baby Clark on his chest and Brooke with Morgan getting her face painted. Tony said he hadn't met Joey yet, but the family is keen on getting back on skis this winter.

With the senior's pass, even Melva is thinking about dusting off her snowboard after about 7 years.

Sue is quite happy to park her snowshoes and get back on skis this winter.

David, a whole bunch of your family at the concert tonight,  you'll be having company this winter, Rene told me she bought a pass - hasn't skied for 8 years.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yes the Black Car is Still There

I stopped by the "cop shop" today to see if the car at the junction had been forgotten - still there third day - they told me they were aware that it was still there. Damaged ignition, expired insurance and all.

Predator Warning!

The brush cutting crew found a freshly killed deer on the McKinney slopes this morning. They are not certain what the predator was, but suspect maybe a cougar?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Osoyoos Times - Rotary- Joey


Very Busy Day

It's been a long time since I've seen 5 or 6 pick-up trucks in various places in the base area. Three on brush saws, two Inter-Mountain Technicians, 3 Summit Lift guys, one painter, and Matt doing a little bit of everything.

Productive day, everyone seems pleased - not sure if the Inter-Mountain guys have left yet , all the outdoor stuff is done,- you can't check on them when they are testing grips - they are in a blacked out room.

Sounds like tomorrow it will be time to start putting things back together.

Such a treat to see maintenance and testing go well in good weather - such a contrast to the cold snowy conditions the guys have had to endure in the past. The risk is sunburn, not frostbite!

Brush Clearing

A few technical difficulties with the tractor/mower set up, but three brush saws made great headway today.