Thursday, July 28, 2016

I know I will sleep better tonight.................

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It's Official, Done Deal


For Immediate Release
Gary Powroznik


 Sale of Mount Baldy Ski Resort Closes


Vancouver, B.C., July 28, 2016 – G. Powroznik Group Inc., of G-Force Group, was appointed Receiver-Manager of Mount Baldy Ski Resort Corporation and related companies (“Receiver”) by the Supreme Court of British Columbia on December 19, 2014.   The Receiver’s primary objective was to find a qualified buyer to acquire and operate the Mount Baldy Ski Resort.


On June 27, 2016, the Receiver obtained approval from the Supreme Court of British Columbia to sell Mount Baldy’s assets to 1063205 B.C. Ltd., who will do business as “Baldy Mountain Resort”.  Today, the sale closed, and Joey O’Brien, Managing Director for Baldy Mountain Resort, has assumed full responsibility for the Mount Baldy assets and operation on behalf of a group of investors.  Mr. O’Brien, a passionate lifetime skier, is originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia and now resides in Canmore, Alberta.  He is a second generation ski resort developer as he purchased his first resort in 1979, at the age of 19, from his father who started ski resorts back in 1949. Joey has found nothing more enjoyable to do since and has been tagged with the nickname “Snowy Joey”.  Baldy Mountain Resort will be his third resort revitalization.


“We are very pleased to announce that the Mount Baldy Resort is finally in the hands of a qualified purchaser who can begin to bring it back to full operation this year and lay a solid foundation for a thriving sustainable Resort for the community,” said Gary Powroznik, Managing Director of G-Force Group. “We truly hope that the new owners and management can forge a close working relationship with the communities the Resort serves to fully capture Mount Baldy’s beauty and unique attributes so that it can reach its full potential for the enjoyment of all who can experience this.  We sense from the many contacts we have made over the past two years that many people in the local communities are ready to help make this vision a true reality.” 


“While the remaining legal matters were being dealt with for the final closing, we have been busy preparing plans to implement with a running start once the closing was completed.  Now we are here, and away we go,” said Joey O’Brien.  “We will be posting details of our activities and priorities on our website regularly.”


Mount Baldy Ski Resort is located in the south Okanagan Valley of British Columbia just north of the Canada-US border and east of nearby Osoyoos and Oliver.  At nearly 5,700 feet, the resort boasts one of the highest base elevations, the most sunshine and the lightest powder of any ski resort in the Okanagan.


For more information on the receivership go to:


G-Force Group draws on its extensive experience in restructuring, insolvency, performance improvement, corporate finance and several industries to assist stakeholders in enhancing or recovering their investments and loans from businesses, real estate and construction projects in a variety of industries including real estate development, hospitality, leisure, and other industries in British Columbia and Alberta.


Further information is available from Gary Powroznik, Telephone: (778) 371-0008, Email:






Suite 250 – 750 Pender Street W, Vancouver, B.C., V6C 2T7 · Tel 778-370-0003

Sorry for the down time.....

I updated the blog based on information I got last night, but took it off line hoping to get confirmation from a second source.

Afternoon project while I wait - Mark D there is a jar of 2015 left with your name on it.

Advice from "Dad"

There is a fine gentleman in the ski industry whom I respect very much. There are a couple of us who get in touch with him when we need to talk, or are looking for advice. We respectfully, and affectionately refer to him as "Dad".

I will try to follow his recent advice - "take a deep breath Sam, and let things happen"

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

One tip, no confirmation


CBC radio reporting 4 road kills of badgers in the Kelowna and Lumby areas.

Castanet has a story from a fisherman who claims he had to fight a badger from trying to get into his boat on Sheridan Lake.

I haven't heard any reports of the village badger this year.

How the Retired Folks Get Their Mail

  • drive the SUV from Baldy to your secure storage where the Harleys are
  • ride the long way around Hwy 3, Hwy 97, to mail boxes on McKinney Road
  • go for another ride for lunch with Maxine

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lightning Strikes

Two small lightning fires reported today - tree struck by lightning at Johnstone Creek park, and one on Wolf Cub Creek FSR.


Changing skies all day - thanks Sherry Davison for this pic of the sun poking through the storm.

As for my drive back from town.........the usual.

News from Thredbo in Australia

"We had a very interesting day today unless you have already heard.  It was very windy and a white out in Thredbo (normal Aussie snow) and Roger and I went up the top and Rog goes over and does his knee.

We decided it was safer to get the ski patrol to take him down. And when they arrive, a good looking Canadian is part of the team. Can you believe that! "

Good on ya T-bar Tony. Baldy cabin owner injures knee in Australia, Thredbo Ski Patrol responds including Tony - former Baldy patroller and instructor, and son-in-law of Baldy cabin owner. Small world.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Roger.