Friday, September 25, 2020

Last call for early discount passes.........

Early pricing and monthly payment plan options end midnight September 27th. Must buy online - office closed. 

Cell Phone Woes

Cell users with various providers have been having cell phone issues for the last couple of days. Those I have talked to say their phone works in the valley, but not up here.

The cell tower on McKinney gets it's feed from the main fibre optic line to the mountain, and has nothing to do with towers on the top of Baldy. The McKinney tower is owned by Telus, and other providers use that tower under agreement with Telus.

One user says 3G was down yesterday but is working today - some say they can text but not call. I don't rely on my cell - just brought it in to charge (Telus) no signal.

Telus internet off that tower is working.

The only suggestion I have for you is to contact your provider - this has gone on long enough that someone must have got the message.

Sure missing MMT and his contacts.