Monday, February 29, 2016

Ladies Snowshoe

Six ladies out today in the bright sunshine to Gruhl's Pool and up to the covered bench. Margaret's last Monday snowshoe of the season - your energy and laughter will be missed! Until next year...................

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

First chair on the Eagle 2012-2013 - by Josh, Ski Baldy Channel

Don't Get Me Wrong - Another Blast from the Past from Gary

Leap Year Ladies Snowshoe, Monday February 29th

Hello Ladies
Time for snowshoeing again Monday morning at 8:15 am at the hospital.  We are hoping to go up to Gruhl's pool and the lookout bench. So it is a little longer of a snowshoe and generally uphill.  But once we are there, amazingly, then it is all downhill. 

So bring your water, snack, lunch, sunglasses etc.  and of course lots of energy.

Marion Boyd has donated coffee for the debriefing at the cabin afterward - thanks Marion.  And Jennifer has brought toilet paper (ALLELUIA!).  Thanks Jennifer.

So hope to see you all there - bring your $5.00 for the drivers. And please leave your dogs (and husbands) at home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Goldilocks and the Three Bears.................

It is not the first time it has happened at Baldy - someone with a key gets in to a cabin looking for a bed. If you are the one, don't plan on doing it again - the locks have been changed.

On another note, there are many cabins that would be very hard to access right now. It would be hard to convince your insurer that your cabin is checked regularly if there is a mountain of snow at the entrance.

Great Day for an Outing - with or without snowshoes................

Long John Baldy - Playing in Cawston March 5th

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ladies to Gruhl's Pool Today

Thanks Marian for the photos. Thanks to Marian and Catherine for breaking trail yesterday.
So what's the deal with Monday snow shoe? Roberta organizes a group every other Monday based from her cabin on Tin Horn. The extra keen ones come every Monday, based out of Margaret's cabin, on the alternate Mondays.When the hill is operating the group is much larger of course, with the availability of ski patrol, and of course the lunch.

Trail sign not far from being buried.

Critical Situation for Mike Watson and family

From Oliver Daily News Today. Oliver native in desperate need of a transplant. The last time I saw this family, they were eating lunch in the lodge on a ski day.

Mike's Dad was well known as a horticulturalist based in Oliver, and I worked with his Mom in the Packinghouse.


Mike Watson, Constellation Brands National Viticulturalist –
Update: Michael heads to Vancouver today and will be flown to Hong Kong for surgery.

Local Viticulturalist with Constellation Brands in Oliver, Mike Watson, has been diagnosed with a rare liver condition and urgently needs a transplant. He has been given 6 months to live. He lives in Kaleden and is a father of 3 young kids. As of today, his specialist in Penticton has indicated that he may need a transplant within the week as he is experiencing complications due to blood clots. His family is looking at all options internationally to expedite the procedure, but costs are in the $100,000 range so friends and family are fundraising.
If you can make any kind of donation from your winery – this truly could save a life.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Any photos Jason?

This photo is from April 2011. It is the China Creek Internet Installation.  Our internet speed is fine, and the snow has been cleared from this at least once this year, but if you are at the summit, I would appreciate a photo from time to time.

Eclipse Mission no Mystery

The cargo for Eclipse yesterday was snowblowers and shovels in the net, and manpower in the chopper. I guess the telecommunications guys had trouble finding things up there the other day.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Photos from Today

Five dogs and five people on snowshoes broke trail in to the Chateau today, and the other photo is the Eclipse Helicopter at the top. Thanks Marian for the photos.

Meadow Trail

And those figure eights all over the mountain yesterday? The ones below are Dave and Sieglinde,  and some of the others were Sieglinde going back over her own tracks to make eights. I'm told it was awesome yesterday.

Saturday Thoughts............

Bluebird - absolutely perfect day on the mountain and an abundance of  fresh snow.

To paraphrase a friend I saw in town the other day - that road and that ski area were built for people to get out and enjoy the peacefulness of the great outdoors. So true.

Something about choppers.................

When a chopper flies over Baldy, I drop what I am doing and go out on the deck with a camera. There is a maintenance facility in Oliver, and more than one pilot training school in the area. A while back, one landed briefly on Crit Lake.

Beautiful day to fly today - appears to be the Penticton based helicopter that I had a ride in a few years ago. I didn't go down below to see who and what, but there were telecommunication guys here recently, so likely parts and/or tools for the summit in the net.

This fellow also flies for forest fires in the summer so we saw a lot of him in the Oliver area last year.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Great to see you Justin!

Cat Sighting -- the Red Kind!

Better late than never. So glad to see Red Cat out of moth balls today. With the massive amount of snow we have, a cat was very much needed for the ongoing asset protection process.

Will - didn't want to stick my head in to take a photo of the guy underneath.

Massive amounts of snow to move away from the SSC.


Special Warning from Avalanche Canada

The backcountry may look pristine and tempting, but the danger is there.


Special Public Avalanche Warning for BC’s Central and Southern Interior Ranges

Avalanche Canada is issuing a Special Public Avalanche Warning for recreational backcountry users from Friday February 19 to Monday February 22.
The warning applies to the North Columbia, South Columbia, the Purcells and the Kootenay Boundary. Glacier National Park is also issuing a public warning for backcountry users in that region. For a map of the affected area, click here.
“Recent new snow and wind have deposited up to a metre of new snow across these regions that overlays a weak layer,” explains James Floyer, Avalanche Canada’s Forecasting Program Supervisor. “We’ve seen this layer fail a number of times over the past few days, resulting in some close calls. Our concern is that as the sun comes out this weekend, this weak layer will become more easily triggered. And with the amount of snow that’s on top of it we could be seeing some very large and dangerous avalanches.”
Avalanche Canada recommends backcountry users avoid large slopes in the alpine and at treeline, especially slopes that have not been previously heavily ridden. This advice will be especially important for those seeking fresh tracks or pushing into new riding areas.
Every person in a backcountry party needs to wear an avalanche transceiver in transmit mode and carry a probe and a shovel in their pack. Ensure all equipment is well maintained and in good working order. Avalanche training and practice in using rescue equipment is essential to ensure a fast and efficient response in case of an emergency.
For up-to-date information check the daily forecasts at and Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network.

Keeps on Snowing

One of the reasons I invited Justin to come and see me this weekend. Time to get inside the container to top up the stuff you put in boats and RV's to draw moisture out of the air over the winter. Yes Chris and Keri - almost to the eves at the back of your place.

Receiver Gains Control of the Ski Baldy Facebook Account.

As posted this morning, the Receiver has gained control of the skibaldy Facebook account from an unauthorized third party, and now has a direct way to communicate with us.

14 minsVancouver
On December 19, 2014, by Order of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Mount Baldy Ski Corporation and Mount Baldy Real Estate, ULC (collectively, “Mount Baldy”), were placed into receivership. G. Powroznik Group Inc. of G-Force Group is the Receiver-Manager of Mount Baldy’s properties and assets.

Since its appointment, the Receiver has pursued several interested parties in an effort to attract a buyer/operator to acquire the Mount Baldy Ski Resort on a long-term basis. Unfortunately, to date, none of those parties has been able to complete a transaction to acquire the assets. However, the Receiver continues to discuss the opportunity with multiple prospective buyers. We remain optimistic that a buyer can be found in time for the 2016-17 ski season.

In the meantime, we encourage anyone who may be interested in considering to be a part of a successful acquisition group in acquiring Mount Baldy to contact the Receiver directly.
Readers are cautioned that the website is currently under the unauthorized control and use of a third party that is not related to the Receiver. The Receiver is in the process of regaining legal control of the website, as it is entitled to do under the Receivership Order of December 19, 2014.
Further information can be obtained from the Receiver’s official website at:

Blogger note:
As far as I know, the third party is still in control of the skibaldy e-mail accounts.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blue Mountain

Check out the Penticton Herald article on the Mavety family and Blue Mountain winery.

Decades ago, we said Ian had iron legs - short tight turns from top to bottom all day. Now he does the backcountry thing, just as fit as ever.

Also decades ago, I coerced some of my cabin owner friends to take their CSIA Level I course, as I badly needed instructors. Jane was one of them, and a great asset to the ski school.

One of these days I'll dig out a photo of Matt and Christie in Nancy Greene - seems like yesterday, but now they run the family business.

Great family, part of the Baldy community, and great wine.

Once upon a time, I tasted the numbered batches, before the winery became a reality.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Looking Back - Grand Opening of the Sugar Lump

Cindy and the other "Sam",  Daughters of Terry Smith - builder of Baldy
"Smith Slide"

First up, family of those honoured with runs named after them. Riding with me (Niece of Paul Fairweather) was Mia McBryde, great-granddaughter of Willi Tenning. Yolanda and Michael - granddaughter and son of Bryan Fenwick-Wilson, "F-W Prospector"

Blessing by an Elder of the Osoyoos Indian Band.

Among the crowd, Dana and Deb Klamut - granddaughter and daughter of Jack Hulton "Hulton's Hollow", Sylvia and Barbara Fenwick-Wilson, and Randal Smith, nephew of Paul Fairweather. Also OMW, "Webster Trail"

Red Dogs and Family say thank-you to Baldy Bobcat

After a month of muddy paws, grey skies, and medical appointments, Red Dogs and family are very happy to be back home at Baldy, and convey their thanks to Baldy Bobcat and others for digging in so they could find the cabin.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cabin Owners at Baldy, Skiing at Apex

Jerry, Margaret, John and Audrey
Thanks for the photo Margaret.

Snowshoe Today

13 Ladies snow shoed up to le Chateau today - Margaret standing guard, a dozen inside.

December 31st 2010

Sorry Max - Mom hasn't sent me any new photos this week, so I had to go back in the files.

Technical and fast - just try to catch up to these three - then and now.

December 28th 2010

Stolen Sleds found - Joe Rich

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Powder Week

Back in the day, (20 plus years), this would be Powder Week - Open 7 days. Kicking off with President's Day, school groups every day, reading break for some university students, cabin owners pulling their kids out of school for extra ski time, and in those days it was O & G reforestation having their company meetings at Baldy. ( after skiing of course)

We could count on good snow, and knew to order extra Corona for that week.

One of the cool photos I've been holding on to for weeks..................

Thanks Angela Westcott for sending this photo in many weeks ago, during the first round of tower cleaning.

Sunday Thoughts

The fun went out of producing the blog more than a year ago. This morning I wasn't particularly motivated to post, but when I powered up the computer, there was the comment posted below. Thank-you to those who express your appreciation from time to time, that is what keeps me going.

I haven't exactly been muzzled, but have felt the need to be more careful about what I say at times.
This blog is for the people who know and love to be at Baldy.

For some time now, people in offices have been watching, at times misinterpreting, and occasionally getting the hints from the blog. Prospective purchasers are also watching.

Thanks to Dale, Jayne, and Paul, your photos got outsiders to back up information from boots on the ground, and stir up the needed response. The receiver has taken a number of steps in the right direction to protect the assets. I see what is done and when, but for various reasons have not posted a lot of photographs.

This winter I have almost completely removed myself from the social activities on the mountain. It's Baldy of course, and there are rumours. A lot of unhappy people - some making the best of a bad situation, and some who want to keep talking about what did and didn't happen.

My inbox is loaded with e-mails marked "without prejudice" and "confidential" from more than just three corners of the sandbox. Maybe next December, I'll print them off, douse them with gas, and use them to ignite the fire for Ullr.

If you had all the information that I have, I doubt that some of you would still be down the garden path to a certain corner of the sandbox.

What is needed is a buyer who is "right for Baldy", sooner rather than later.

When there is something solid and verifiable, of course I will let you know. In the meantime, I appreciate your ongoing respect for my preference not to talk about all this stuff.

Moving forward - to keep the blog going, and to continue to show how special Baldy really is, keep those photos coming. Jayne and Sherry - such great photos, and Andrew - lots of positive feedback on your video - loved it. Jenny, thanks for bringing back the memories. Hey Nils - would love to have some of your Go Pro stuff.

Andrew S., if I don't post the weather early enough - phone and wake me up - I'm happy to do that for your family.

I also get inquiries about former staff, so if you are reading and want to send a pic and tell us where you are now, that would be great.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Monday Snowshoe Coming Up With Roberta

Hello Ladies
Another snowshoe day next Monday.  The plan is to do a longer shoe to a new cabin built above the "meadow".  This will take at least an extra hour return. So we are looking at leaving my ski cabin (215 Tinhorn road, Mt. Baldy) at 0930, heading up the mountain to the cabin by 11ish, taking a lunch/snack break, heading back down and arriving for coffee etc. at my cabin by 1230 at the latest.

So pack a lunch, bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses and other essentials for whatever the trek throws at us.

As usual - carpooling at 0815 at the hospital parking lot.  Bring $5 for the driver.  Watch Downton Abbey the night before and HAVE FUN!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Thanks for the photo Nils Rauhala

This guy has always loved Baldy!

Buddies, Celebrating Milestone Birthdays

Kitzb├╝hel, Moena - a ski trip of a lifetime. Most interesting discovery - 8 pack chairlift with leather heated seats!

Photo Credit Paul Rauhala

Monday Snowshoe

Thanks for the photos Margaretha - all "M's" snowshoeing today - finished up with a visit with Marge. Next Monday is Roberta's  group.

Marion, Margaret and Mary

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Family Day Weekend

I was looking for photos of the first Family Day at Baldy - there were so many families - I guess we were all busy helping out. I have so many images in my mind.

Instead, here is  the Baldy Staff Video I produced for 2011-2012- will bring back some fun memories.

Those fellows from Nova Scotia sure knew how to work. Maritime Mike is back east Lobster fishing, no update on Jordan.

Thanks Paul..........

I considered lifting some of the great pics you and your buddies posted from skiing in Europe, but they all seemed to have some bare patches near by. Glad you are back home where the snow is!

Had to repost this one - one of my favourites this season.