Saturday, July 30, 2016

Agatka, Nils, Adam and Ben??

Check the Baldy Mountain Resort Twitter page - I think you are the ones on the chair.

Baldy's Newest Canine - a playmate for lonely Murphy

Ladies and dogs weekend at the Westcott's. Faith, April and Angela brought by Murphy and his new pal Otis this morning. There are only 5 in the family, the big SUV is because of the dogs!
Note to other dog owners - they walk their dogs on a leash and clean up after them!

Friday, July 29, 2016


Pot of Gold - Top of Sugar Lump
Noisy summer storm - heard a strike not far behind my place - can't go look yet, but at least there is heavy rain. Orange sky to the north. Patch of blue to the south east.

Independent Blog, and Social Media

To clarify, this will continue to be an independent blog. I am assisting the new owners with photos as they don't have winter ones, or someone here to regularly send them some.

An enthusiastic member of the social media team crossed the line a little today by copying and posting one of my posts to their Facebook page. Only someone who sat in the Jeepster Commando with a St. Bernard drooling on them could have written that piece.

The social media is being done in Alberta, so we do have a learning curve and some wrinkles to iron out. I am not on  the BMR payroll, and not looking for a job. I'm just doing what I always do - trying to do the best for Baldy.

I wasn't around during the day and didn't take a close look, but it looks like they are sanding or painting the staff shack.

Baldy follows me wherever I go..........even the Cemetery

This morning I stood by life long friends while their Mother, and my dear friend was laid to rest in the Osoyoos Cemetery - just short of her 92nd birthday. Other than the offspring, most of the others there I've known for 50 plus years. As many hadn't seen each other for a long time, we moved in to the shade and talked, while the Funeral Director and Town Crew patiently waited for us to leave.

With the family, we talked family, then eventually the locals all started asking me about Baldy. The last exchange was with a "Big Pow" skier from Summerland. When he heard 7 days a week - he said - so no "Big Pow" Fridays?

Yes, at 7 days a week "Big Pow" is gone. Many of you relied on my mid-week snow updates to make your decisions on skipping out to ski Friday. (formerly Thursday).

What I will try to do for you this winter, is expand my daily weather reports to give you an indication of how "skied out" the pow is mid-week. As usual my snow measurements will be in the village, but assuming they keep the existing locations for mid-mountain and top snow measuring, I'll ski by and compare the alpine numbers to mine.

Rest in peace my friend - I'll try to tip off your son on a snowy night.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

I know I will sleep better tonight.................

Free Pass Draw July 30th

Go to and sign up for their newsletter, and like their new Facebook page

It's Official, Done Deal


For Immediate Release
Gary Powroznik


 Sale of Mount Baldy Ski Resort Closes


Vancouver, B.C., July 28, 2016 – G. Powroznik Group Inc., of G-Force Group, was appointed Receiver-Manager of Mount Baldy Ski Resort Corporation and related companies (“Receiver”) by the Supreme Court of British Columbia on December 19, 2014.   The Receiver’s primary objective was to find a qualified buyer to acquire and operate the Mount Baldy Ski Resort.


On June 27, 2016, the Receiver obtained approval from the Supreme Court of British Columbia to sell Mount Baldy’s assets to 1063205 B.C. Ltd., who will do business as “Baldy Mountain Resort”.  Today, the sale closed, and Joey O’Brien, Managing Director for Baldy Mountain Resort, has assumed full responsibility for the Mount Baldy assets and operation on behalf of a group of investors.  Mr. O’Brien, a passionate lifetime skier, is originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia and now resides in Canmore, Alberta.  He is a second generation ski resort developer as he purchased his first resort in 1979, at the age of 19, from his father who started ski resorts back in 1949. Joey has found nothing more enjoyable to do since and has been tagged with the nickname “Snowy Joey”.  Baldy Mountain Resort will be his third resort revitalization.


“We are very pleased to announce that the Mount Baldy Resort is finally in the hands of a qualified purchaser who can begin to bring it back to full operation this year and lay a solid foundation for a thriving sustainable Resort for the community,” said Gary Powroznik, Managing Director of G-Force Group. “We truly hope that the new owners and management can forge a close working relationship with the communities the Resort serves to fully capture Mount Baldy’s beauty and unique attributes so that it can reach its full potential for the enjoyment of all who can experience this.  We sense from the many contacts we have made over the past two years that many people in the local communities are ready to help make this vision a true reality.” 


“While the remaining legal matters were being dealt with for the final closing, we have been busy preparing plans to implement with a running start once the closing was completed.  Now we are here, and away we go,” said Joey O’Brien.  “We will be posting details of our activities and priorities on our website regularly.”


Mount Baldy Ski Resort is located in the south Okanagan Valley of British Columbia just north of the Canada-US border and east of nearby Osoyoos and Oliver.  At nearly 5,700 feet, the resort boasts one of the highest base elevations, the most sunshine and the lightest powder of any ski resort in the Okanagan.


For more information on the receivership go to:


G-Force Group draws on its extensive experience in restructuring, insolvency, performance improvement, corporate finance and several industries to assist stakeholders in enhancing or recovering their investments and loans from businesses, real estate and construction projects in a variety of industries including real estate development, hospitality, leisure, and other industries in British Columbia and Alberta.


Further information is available from Gary Powroznik, Telephone: (778) 371-0008, Email:






Suite 250 – 750 Pender Street W, Vancouver, B.C., V6C 2T7 · Tel 778-370-0003

Sorry for the down time.....

I updated the blog based on information I got last night, but took it off line hoping to get confirmation from a second source.

Afternoon project while I wait - Mark D there is a jar of 2015 left with your name on it.

Advice from "Dad"

There is a fine gentleman in the ski industry whom I respect very much. There are a couple of us who get in touch with him when we need to talk, or are looking for advice. We respectfully, and affectionately refer to him as "Dad".

I will try to follow his recent advice - "take a deep breath Sam, and let things happen"

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

One tip, no confirmation


CBC radio reporting 4 road kills of badgers in the Kelowna and Lumby areas.

Castanet has a story from a fisherman who claims he had to fight a badger from trying to get into his boat on Sheridan Lake.

I haven't heard any reports of the village badger this year.

How the Retired Folks Get Their Mail

  • drive the SUV from Baldy to your secure storage where the Harleys are
  • ride the long way around Hwy 3, Hwy 97, to mail boxes on McKinney Road
  • go for another ride for lunch with Maxine

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lightning Strikes

Two small lightning fires reported today - tree struck by lightning at Johnstone Creek park, and one on Wolf Cub Creek FSR.


Changing skies all day - thanks Sherry Davison for this pic of the sun poking through the storm.

As for my drive back from town.........the usual.

News from Thredbo in Australia

"We had a very interesting day today unless you have already heard.  It was very windy and a white out in Thredbo (normal Aussie snow) and Roger and I went up the top and Rog goes over and does his knee.

We decided it was safer to get the ski patrol to take him down. And when they arrive, a good looking Canadian is part of the team. Can you believe that! "

Good on ya T-bar Tony. Baldy cabin owner injures knee in Australia, Thredbo Ski Patrol responds including Tony - former Baldy patroller and instructor, and son-in-law of Baldy cabin owner. Small world.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Roger.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Already in Staff Shack

I'm told the Staff Shack is being cleaned out in preparation for a crew coming from elsewhere to work on the lifts. The family of woodpeckers living in the wall will be left undisturbed and the hole left open until they move on.

Spotted Lake

I've known Spotted Lake all my life, but didn't have all the answers when touring my family from Norway last week. Stumbled on this piece on the lake and it's story.

The Otherworldly Polka Dots of Spotted Lake

Blog Followers

If you are a long time follower of this blog, you know that I never use that four letter word that starts with "r" and ends with "n". I have "high humidity flakes" and other such descriptors.

I'm guessing the web designer for the new group is not a skier - red and yellow remind of us of snow colours we don't like!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sun bathers...........

This trio, minus the dog of course, were spotted dining at Campo Marina tonight.

Crazy Canuck

You never know who you will see in Osoyoos in the summer. Ken Read in town for some cycling.

Haven't done a garbage rant for awhile..............

I don't think it came from here, but the dumpster is practically full with a lot of construction debris including drywall. That does not fit with the RDKB definition of "house hold garbage" Construction debris goes to Greenwood - make an outing out of it - have you tried the Copper Eagle Bakery?

Staff Shack

Reno or repurpose?


Sunset tonight from Ken's corner.

Season Passes

I have all of my Baldy ones, but not my Borderline ones - they were sewn on your jacket like this one.

Welcome to Baldy

The new owners of the Browne cabin have been busy hiking, enjoying the quiet, and working on making the cabin their own this week. I met Mom out for a walk last night - no photo - I don't think their friends on Blue Jay have warned them about me and my camera yet!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thought for today...........

If you haven't experienced Baldy, you do not know Baldy.
The unique atmosphere, the people. What makes it really special.

Wednesday - Junction of Old Forestry Access

Lots of colour on the mountain.

World travelling mascots Hilly the Hedgehog from Norway, Milly Marmot from Campbell River, and Lilly and Chilly marmots from Norway resting with family - alpine picnic yesterday.

Last Time Hilly was at Baldy - 9 years ago, he was all over the mountain including the Sugarlump Chair.

Lunch Rock

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Under normal circumstances I would not need to post this. Given the situation the last couple of years. I don't know if the employee records have been passed on to the new manager. There are many of you with long service, great work, great attitude who are valuable assets for Baldy, and familiar faces to welcome back the customers.

If it were me, I would fill out their on line form and send in a resume to get on their radar.


I value the wealth of knowledge and experience in the Baldy Community.

Yes I'm around.......

Had a few e-mails about the blog. I'm around, although have been busy with a family reunion and touring cousins from Norway. I see a little activity at the hill - nothing to take photos for you yet.
Also will be some more time before I can say the deal finally closed, although I gather the delay is not the buyer.

Yes I'm pleased the hill is almost sold.

Am putting a lot of thought into how the blog goes moving forward.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another from the Bryan Gough Collection

Hi Sandra:

The landmark fallen tree of unusual aspect pictured on your blog today reminded me of another tree on the slopes of Mount Baldy which my father photographed many years ago, most likely during the late seventies when I was on the fire lookout there. Within a very few years it had completely succumbed to the elements and now I no longer recall just where it was on the mountain, other than that it was definitely much higher upslope than the top of the main ski lift.

As pictured, it stood about six feet high and was one of the more photogenic of the gazillion gnarled and twisted whitebark pine relics from the huge forest fire of 1931 which incinerated the McKinney Creek and the upper Rock Creek (aka Jolly Creek) draws. The photo is not perfectly clear because it is a scan of a photograph taken of a projected slide!



Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Iconic, Most Photographed Tree

She stood at the side of Powderkeg, a meeting place, the most photographed tree. She has been down on the ground for a couple of years now...........there was a rumour that MFW had a plan to stand her up again, there was a suggestion that a ceremonial fire would be fitting.

I have the Bridgeman Memorial plaque that was on the tree - who ever put it there, can contact me - we can arrange another suitable location for it.

Few More Days, Website July 15th

The deal will be "closing" soon, and the new website is due to go up on July 15th. I gave the new group access to my Picasa albums today, so it is possible they may choose to use a photo that one of you have sent to me. When I see their final product, I will get the photo credits right.

It is interesting to see how others see the lodge. I figure new carpet in the bar, and we are good to go. (well maybe a better dishwasher in the bar). The Manager and his consultant see things differently. You will not be surprised to know that I have had some trouble keeping my mouth shut. When the lodge is full of people, we don't see the need for some of the things they are considering. We've been sitting on those same orange cushions for how many decades? Well Melanie Mitchell sewed denim slip covers for them at one time. Shirley Robotham made macramé lamp shades and cosy drapes for the bar at one time. I get the impression that the pool table is not high on the priority list.

Rest assured the new group likes the retro memorabilia in the bar, and they were talking about removing things, putting fresh paint up, then replacing things. The "Dirty Old Man" is actually painted on the wall, so I hope they paint around him. He was the hands down winner of the first dummy race at Baldy - 25th Anniversary. He held first place for a couple of years, until others copied his structure, and figured out his secrets to stability and speed.

Linc, the couch you like to sit on by the fireplace is probably going, but presumably your family will be comfortable on whatever they replace it with.

The plan is to start lift maintenance July 15th, and the brush cutting will start around August 15th when most of the growing has finished.

I am pleased to be looking forward to skiing this winter, and seeing some activity on the mountain.
Times are a changing.......physical things and policies may change, but you can't change the atmosphere and sincerity of the Baldy Family.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Long John Baldy

Long John Baldy is ready to talk to new management about the upcoming season. I can hardly wait to hear the lyrics Hilary writes for her annual Baldy song.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Thankfully there is plenty of green grass at a lower elevation, I'm sure they would be trying to go around the fence or up the back side if there wasn't grass at the junction and on the power line.

Follow up on the Fortis Post

Most of the holes have been filled in, and this created.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fire Ban Information Bulletin

Category 2 open fires to be prohibited in southeast


For Immediate Release


June 28, 2016
CASTLEGAR 􀍴􀀃Effective at noon Pacific Time on Monday, July 4, 2016, Category 2 open fires will

be prohibited throughout the Southeast Fire Centre to help prevent human-caused wildfires

and protect public safety.

This prohibition is in addition to the Category 3 open fire prohibition that came into effect in

the Southeast Fire Centre on June 3, 2016. A poster explaining the different categories of open
burning is available online at:

Anyone intending to conduct a Category 2 open fire anywhere in the Southeast Fire Centre

must extinguish it by noon on July 4, 2016. This prohibition will remain in place until the public

is otherwise notified.

Specifically, this order prohibits:
􀂇 The burning of any waste, slash or other materials

􀂇 Stubble or grass fires of any size over any area

􀂇 The use of fireworks, sky lanterns or burning barrels of any size or description

􀂇 The use of binary exploding targets (e.g. for rifle target practice)

􀂇 The use of air curtain burners

This prohibition does not ban campfires that are a half-metre high by a half-metre wide

or smaller, and it does not apply to cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes.

This prohibition covers all BC Parks, Crown lands and private lands, but does not apply

within the boundaries of a local government that has forest fire prevention bylaws and is

serviced by a fire department. Please check with local authorities for any other

restrictions before lighting any fire.

A map of the areas affected by the Category 2 and Category 3 open fire prohibitions is
available online at:

The Southeast Fire Centre extends from the U.S. border in the south to Mica Dam in the

north, and from the Okanagan Highlands and Monashee Mountains in the west to the

B.C.-Alberta border in the east. It includes the Selkirk Natural Resource District and the

Rocky Mountain Natural Resource District.

Campfires are currently allowed in the Southeast Fire Centre, but anyone lighting a

campfire must maintain a fireguard by removing flammable debris from around the

campfire area and must have a hand tool or at least eight litres of water available nearby

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource


BC Wildfire Service
Connect with the Province of B.C. at:

Carlee Kachman

Fire Information Officer

BC Wildfire Service

Southeast Fire Centre

250 365-4056

Karlie Shaughnessy

Fire Information Officer

BC Wildfire Service

Southeast fire centre

250 365-4041
Media Contacts:

to properly extinguish the fire.

A campfire should not be lit or kept burning in windy conditions. Make sure the fire is

fully extinguished and the ashes are cold to the touch before leaving the area for any

length of time.

To report a wildfire, unattended campfire or open burning violation, call 1 800 663-5555

toll-free or *5555 on a cellphone. For the latest information on current wildfire activity,

burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories, visit:

You can also follow the latest wildfire news on:
􀂇 Twitter at:

􀂇 Facebook at:

January 1966 Day Lodge - Borderline Ski Club on Hedlund's Ranch

l-r Cousin Richard Wight, Grandma and Grandpa Fairweather, and Irene Fairweather
I'm supposed to be looking for photos for the family reunion, but I keep coming across these gems.
When Borderline's Tee bar was moved to Baldy (McKinney Tee), This building was dismantled, and the materials used for the original and legendary tri-plex.

July 1st 1972 Cherry Carnival Parade in Osoyoos - Ski Baldy

Note ski boot detail - jet stix. As for the following, we always threw out candy.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Open Burning Restrictions, Follow the link

Smile Terry!

Baldy resident, Baldy Patrol, awesome gardener, and of course paramedic, driving the little replica in the Canada Day parade in Osoyoos. (I guess the others wouldn't fit)

Photo Credit Oliver Daily News

"SAM" Ski Area Management Magazine's take on the news of the week.

Mt. Baldy, B.C., Sale Approved SAM Magazine—Oliver, B.C., June 30, 2016—Mt. Baldy in British Columbia is about to get new owners, who plan to revive the ski area after several years of financial instability. The area was placed under receivership in 2014 and Mt.Baldy emailsizedid not open for the 2015-16 season.

The court approved the sale of Mt. Baldy to an investment group led by Vancouver-based lawyer Victor Tsao for $3.4 million, plus $300,000 for one serviced lot—a steal considering the booming real estate market in the province. The property will now do business as Baldy Mountain Resort. Mt. Baldy operated from 1968 until it closed during the 2012-13 season because its owners ran out of funds.

An investment group attempted to purchase the area in 2015, and even opened it for brief time, before the investors dropped out. According to reports, all assets have been recovered from the previous owners except for one computer containing the prior years’ season pass holder information, which is still being sought. “We are very pleased to have found a purchaser with the financial and operation capability to restart the ski operation and lay a solid foundation for a sustainable resort for the community,” said Gary Powroznik, managing director of the Supreme Court appointed receiver G-Force Group.

New managing director Joey O’Brien will run the ski area operations. O’Brien has decades of ski industry experience as former owner of Ski Mattock in Nova Scotia for 24 years until 2003, and CEO of Fortress Mountain in Alberta from 2008 to 2014. He’s thrilled to be a part of the project, but noted there are challenges ahead. “The mountain has had basically what I call eight or 10 years of maintenance-free activity,” said O’Brien. “Frankly, I expect a lot of ghosts to jump out of closets.

The first thing we have to do is get it functional before we start improving it.” The new owners plan to complete the sale as quickly as possible so work can begin on preparing Baldy Mountain Resort for the 2016-17 season. The mountain has a summit elevation of nearly 7,000 feet, with 22 trails spread across 500 skiable acres served by three lifts. It is located just north of the U.S.-Canada border above Washington State.