Friday, September 30, 2016

Annual Legion Fall Market - Stock up on Bulk Priced Produce

Baldy Photos

I haven't posted any recent Baldy progress photos. I hear or see the brushing crew go out daily, but they are working higher on the mountain, and I haven't gone up to look. What is left to do on the lifts is minor, and I haven't driven up to take a photo of Matt on a tower, or taken a photo of Bill's backside at the electrical panel. So great to have the work basically done, by a date when maintenance would just be starting in earlier years. Still some work to do on the magic carpet, but lots of time for that.

I'll have a before and after shot for you shortly of the back of the lodge - the painting was nearing the end yesterday, and the chimney that Terry built is down. It was made of cold water pressure tanks welded together. Don't know if the fireplace will remain in the bar, as it was vented to that chimney, and is probably the oldest wood to propane retrofit I know that still exists.

There is stuff going on in the lodge - you will be able to see some changes at the AGM next weekend.

In the meantime - more pics of cows and fall colours............

Thursday Road Trip

I did the loop yesterday to Kelowna, and back Highway 33. The colours coming back were much more dramatic than two weeks ago. There are so many old barns and buildings in B.C. that I have been wanting to photograph, but most of the time, I see them when camping, and there isn't a place wide enough to pull off the road with the trailer. This barn on 33 is starting to break down now - when I parked, the cattle in front all swivelled their heads toward me in unison.

Wednesday Road Block

How close do you have to get to prompt the road block to move?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

From BMR - Upcoming events

You’re Invited: The Festival of Colours 2016

Noon to 4:00pm
Fall is upon us, winter is looming, and we’re ready to start showing off what we’ve been working on over the summer.
You’re invited to join us for The Festival of Colours this October 15-16th and 22-23rd. Take in the breathtaking fall views from the top of the SugarLump chairlift. Catch a ride to the top and down again or hike back down to give your quads some love in preparation for the ski season ahead.
Meet the Baldy management team, apply for a job, check out all the resort upgrades, and learn about our plans for Baldy’s bright future.
This is also the best time to pick up your season pass (without having to wait in a line on the first day of skiing). We’ll have drool-worthy local wines to sample and delicious treats from Al’s Bakery in Oliver to tame your sweet tooth.
Don’t miss our first official community event as Baldy Mountain Resort. Happy trails, mountain lovers.

Garlic, Wine, Cider, Spirits, Beer....................

Event filled weekend coming up in Oliver. Oliver Daily News has the posters and details. Have fun, and get a designated driver.

Slack Country, or Bare Essentials

This pic is from either Bare Essentials, or the renamed Slack Country - taken after the awards presentations, as it was getting dark. BMR has posted that they will be hosting Slack Country again this year. Note to self - tell Joey what shenanigans to watch out for.......

Tom's Old Tucker is actually behind there.............

Baldy Snowbirds Heading South

First two vehicles of Baldy Snowbirds heading south this morning. Safe travels, enjoy the sun and golf, see you in November.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

March 2010, My Ride With Eclipse

Coming in for a landing. A few years ago, on a special event day, Eclipse would come and you could get a ride for a reasonable fee. This time, it was the cardboard box race - berm built by SSC in case the boxes got that far.

No Season Pass Interchange this year.

You asked, so I asked Joey. BMR will not be participating in the Season Pass Interchange program this season.

Nothing like a chopper to draw a crowd............

For a Tuesday, the village is a busy place with contractors and cabin owners. When Eclipse flew in, it did draw a bit of a crowd. Fortis needed a pole placed up on the mountain, and didn't want to take their line truck up the Baldy Trail. They walked an excavator up to dig the hole, then Eclipse flew the pole and lowered it in to place.


Thanks Will for your more unique angle of the chopper today.

Clean Air Recreation at Seymour

Mt Seymour Announces Smoke Free Policy for the 2016/17 Season

Monday, September 26, 2016Mt Seymour Resorts Ltd Announces Smoke Free Policy for the 2016/17 Season
North Vancouver, BC: Mt Seymour Resorts will be introducing a new smoke free policy for the 2016-17 season. The new policy prohibits guests and staff from smoking anywhere within the Mt Seymour Controlled Recreation Area including lift lines, chairlifts, ski runs, snowshoe trails, parking lots, buildings and around the Base area.

This new smoke-free policy was created in collaboration with Vancouver Coastal Health and will prohibit smoking and vaping for all guests and staff within our Controlled Recreation Area. We have a responsibility to our guests and employees to provide a safe and healthy environment for work and play.

We recognize that this maybe a challenge for some staff who currently smoke or vaporize and we will help them access the resources they need to quit smoking if that is their wish. There are many programs available through the Province of British Columbia which provide counselling, support and 12 weeks of free smoking cessation products.

Eddie Wood, General Manager of Mt Seymour Resorts Ltd, commented, ‘Our guests visit Mt Seymour to enjoy our spectacular scenery, breath in our clean mountain air, and take part in recreational exercise. We believe that the majority of our guests do not want to breath in second-hand smoke and as a family mountain we want to provide the best experience we can for our guests.’

Media Contact
Sandra Kadel
Social Media & Communications Coordinator
Mt Seymour Resorts Ltd

Monday, September 26, 2016

Think About It

Several people have said to me in recent days - I'm just here to enjoy it. Our common best interests in "enjoying it" involve Strata members volunteering for Strata Council. It is a thankless job. The last few years even more difficult with some "one issue" candidates, perceived conflicts of interest, and a return to some of the hostilities we saw when Strata owned the ski hill.

Some of the current Strata Directors are not standing for re-election - totally understandable - they have had enough.

We need new blood for Strata - calm, common sense, business like volunteers willing to take a turn on council. You don't have to be local to run.

The council meetings don't need to be loud and long. Decisions can be made with careful consideration and consensus.

The AGM need not be long and hostile. You may not agree with what is presented, but debate the issue, don't take aim at the individuals who have volunteered their time to work on our behalf.

The trend has been - low attendance at the AGM, lots of proxies, and trouble finding people to run. Many don't go because of the tone and length of previous meetings.

The reason the AGM is held at Thanksgiving, is that when it was at a different time of year, we had trouble getting a quorum. Even at Thanksgiving there have been scrambles to get proxies from cabin owners here for the weekend, but not going to the AGM.

I am one of the many who will not be on the mountain for the meeting. I would be absolutely thrilled to come back and find out the AGM was calm, and new people had stepped forward to run.

Wishful thinking? Yes. Surprise me!

Remember, people are way more productive when they know they are appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by, Bryan Gough.

Bryan has sent me old Baldy photos from time to time, you may recall my reference to his time as the Forestry Lookout fellow at Baldy and other mountain tops.

Bryan made a surprise visit today - lots of good conversation about people and places we both know.

After all these years, I didn't know about the little Oasis not far from the Baldy Road where Bryan had stopped for lunch on his way up. Turns out the brother has been going there for more than 30 years - he and Bryan agreed that it is a special place, one where Bryan and others have opened the road up from time to time, but where one doesn't want to make it too obvious and have it spoiled by heavy traffic.

So no, I'm not going to tell you where it is, but I will check it out. Thanks Bryan for the photos and map.

Bryan was fortunate to spot this Great Horned Owl on his way out of the picnic spot.

We looked at the holes and dirt piles on the bank by place - (lots around the village)- he says it appears to be typical of the "Northern Pocket Gopher".

CWSAA Road Trip

Check out the photos - we've had a visitor from Canada West Ski Areas Association.
Joey's  son Jake posed for one.

What some call the "Kettle" is really the "Cut"

When Borderline Ski Club took over the Ski Area Operation in 87?, we all paid double the normal amount for a season pass to raise the money to replace the haul rope on the Baldy Tee. We did not have the resources to operate the McKinney. It was a challenge teaching beginners from Tower 3 down, and the lift lines would back up. When Borderline was ready to re-open the McKinney Tee, there was a work party to cut the trees that had grown up on those slopes. Jerry Forney's crew left a gladed area skiers left at the top of the Kettle for the kids, and the Kettle run itself was never totally re-opened. Back in the day, the bottom of Kettle was a little slow and you really had to tuck to get back to the lift.

March 2011

The late Ethel Jones - just rescued from the powder - in her late 80's

At least one of these is going to university this year, at least one in Grade 12.

When the 300cm tall measuring post at the snow station was completely buried.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Mike!

Believe it or not, Mike turns 80 today. Just try to keep up with him! Have a great day Mike.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tough Week for People with Baldy Connections

  • BMR's social media consultant had her car smashed by a tree while the family was out hiking, thankfully it happened while they were away from the car

  • Kettle Valley Woodcraft broken into Thursday night - right beside the highway??

  • Sara - (daughter of the "Vortex" family) - and her family lost their home to fire last night. All got out safely - house near Twin Lakes, outside the fire protection districts. No contents insurance.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Attitude and Colour

Bull hanging around the canyon yesterday, and a few shots of colour. It's that time of year when you spot a photo worthy tree, and when you go by the next day, the photo op is gone. Made a few stops yesterday.

Good Times from 2011

Looking forward to seeing this gang on the slopes this winter, although I'm guessing Christian on the far left might be the tallest one now - Photo 2011

Baldy Babes

Sorry Ladies - I removed your slideshow from the blog at least a year ago.  I'll put it back if I can find it - did we ever determine - is it really all about the food? I've had some inquiries about Monday Ladies Day - contact the events people at BMR. When they announce something, I'll post it. 

Note to self - suggest no Ladies Day on Family Day - need the seats.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Thanks Mark S. for this image.

Maybe a little??

I just had a call from Oliver - apparently the top half of the mountain looks quite white from there - this is a current photo - maybe a dusting up top.

Rock Creek Fall Fair

A little damp at times on Saturday, but better weather Sunday, and lots of visits with old friends.

Love this photo - not sure when it was taken, but these four are missed on the Baldy operations team. They have moved on to more reliable, better paid employment to raise their families, but we look forward to skiing with them this winter. I was hoping to catch up to them Saturday - wonder if I missed a bunch of Baldy kids by not going to the rides.
Kevin and mini doughnuts at the first aid station.

Smoky and his friend.


Nice to see George and Tanya and their ever expanding family, (grandkids now), Fearless Fred who is predicting a long snowy winter, Ted and Mary, Sam and Gunnar, Jack (photographer of photo at bottom of blog) was one of the volunteers directing parking. Andrea and Greg - haven't seen them for ages - Andrea was the Nancy Greene Coach for Crystal Mountain for years, now working at Big White. She'll be here for some Baldy pow this winter.

I was looking at the Fair from a different perspective this time - our geology club was looking at facilities, electricity in the field etc, as we plan a provincial Rock Hound event there in 2018. The closer you look at the operation, the more impressive it is in terms of a huge amount of organization and work, done by a huge crowd of volunteers, in a small community

So many additions and improvements to the fair grounds since I played there in the school band in the 70's!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hopefully you don't need their services, ............................

Kevin and Terry, Baldy Patrol and BCAS Paramedics are once again volunteering at the first aid booth at the Rock Creek Fall Fair. Stop by and say hi. They have been brush sawing up here for some time now.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meet Victor and family this weekend - Head of the Ownership Group

The head of the ownership group, Victor Tsao will be on the mountain with his family this weekend. He would like to meet as many people in the community as possible. If you see them out and about, please introduce yourselves.

Castanet Reporting Vandalism at Crystal Mountain

While Crystal Mountain may appear down and out, operators claim it will be back in operation following this coming winter.
Vandals have recently hit the Westside ski hill, smashing windows and painting graffiti at the lodge.
The building appears to be abandoned, and swastikas are spray painted on an open door. It's not known whether squatters have been camping in the building, but almost every window on the front facade of the lodge is smashed.
Despite its appearance, Zrinko Amerl, general manager of the resort, says they will boarding up the windows and readying the resort for a 2017 open.
“Right now we are in final negotiations with an investment group in Europe and the plan is to open it up in 2017 and then expand from there,” Amerl said. “Eventually build a golf course up there and housing units.”
Crystal Mountain Resort has been closed ever since a chairlift on the mountain crashed in March 2014, injuring four people.
In March 2016, three lawsuits were filed against the resort, stemming from the crash.
They were filed by two ski patrollers and a ski hill guest, who all claim significant personal injuries as a result of the incident.
All three plaintiffs sued for unspecified compensation and alleged Crystal Mountain was negligent in ensuring their safety. The resort denied those claims.
Amerl, who was hired as a general manager of the resort in November 2015, says he does not know if those suits were settled.
“That is all behind us now. It's not relevant to anything that we do anymore,” he said. “To be honest with you, I don't know what was done ... I don't know.”
A B.C. Safety Authority report said a cable from the chairlift came loose, sending three chairs careening into a tower before crashing to the ground.
It issued seven recommendations, including development of a Passenger Ropeway Mechanic Certification Program in B.C.
It lifted Crystal Mountain’s operating permit, and the mountain has remained closed since.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Treasure from Deb (Hulton) Klamut

Deb's dad Jack Hulton on the left, my uncle Paul Fairweather on the right - their first exploratory trip in to Baldy 66-67

Thinking of the little rippers................

Well maybe Nils, Ben and Jack could still fit in there - John and Kevin looked at the snow photo at the top, and realised the little trails in the clump of trees were overgrown with alder. All cut today.

If it looks funny, the lift is de-tensioned for the cable change noted below.

A helping hand.............

If you are going to do a complicated task that doesn't get done very often, might as well ask the guy who did it last time to come and lend a hand. Cable replaced between drive station and counterweight.

Will and Matt

Mr. Mueller Lifts - Looking forward to seeing Russ and Daphne for a ski this winter.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Today on the Hill

Brushing just below Dividend

Haven't skied the "Big Hill" for 3 years - this shot bottom of Forney's - lots of dead trees.