Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Driving

Standard equipment:
  • good tires
  • shovel
  • flashlight
  • warm clothing and boots
  • blanket or sleeping bag
  • read your manual so you know where your tow hook is on your vehicle
Take your time.

Thanks to the Coke guys, Telus, Steve, Sam and Curtis for stopping and getting two young staffers back on the road. I was kind and took out a shovel and flashlight, not a camera. Someone else took out a smart phone, so I am assuming there will be a pic on social media tonight.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The local report..........

Parker is here, That pretty much guarantees even more snow is on the way.

MJ report to MD today - skiing is great - have to watch it a bit in places like the steep pitch on Maverick.

A few passes down Dividend and magic carpet area groomed.

Tuesday Afternoon

Welcome to Baldy - Matthew, Lacey, and Cujo

I checked out the rental shop today - some impressive new gear and high end rentals. Guests will pay in the trailer closest to the lodge, then walk through to the second trailer to be fitted with gear.

Matthew, Lacey and Cujo - from Nova Scotia - 67cm skis for the little ones.

Today at Baldy

It is not my call , but Joey is a "go big" kind of guy, and the plan is for a full on opening December 1st. I will put my gear on and check it out. Be patient, there is still a lot of work to do on the lodge, food, rental shop, office front. It is a very busy place today.

There is some fine tuning to do on the boiler, sometimes it burns clean, sometimes it is pretty smoky. I wanted to get a feel for how well it is working, but the main floor lodge door was wide open when I went in the lodge. I saw the ceiling fans in the garbage this summer, and they have been replaced by lights. Maybe they will put fans up again when the main floor customers are cold, and the bar patrons are opening windows and doors.

Clearing additional parking.

I didn't find anyone to ask about the status of the cell - no service on my phone.

Tech here installing new POS systems.

From what I gather, this is the ticket sales, rental sales, bookkeeping office etc. The trailer closest to the lodge. I met the new bookkeeper today - Tina.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Check out OKAPED's ad on Castanet

"Helping your knees ski since 1997."

Lee's Office at Whistler/Blackcomb

I'm sure Whistler Blackcomb is happy to have Lee back, but we are sure going to miss her smile. energy and enthusiasm over the holidays. ......and that treasure trove of costumes!

Lee Mounsey Photo

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanks for the photo.........

Photo from the Barbers. Happy Birthday Vic.

"Good Morning Mt. Baldy"

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Totally off topic...........

It wasn't the reason for the road trip, but I just had the most amazing live music experience. Hands down, the experience tops the high I expect when I put my skis on later this week. Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy - Celtic Family Christmas. Even if the fiddle isn't your thing, if you have an appreciation of exceptional music, performed by energetic musicians who clearly love what they are doing, check on line for their Tour dates. Sidney, Campbell River, and Kelowna coming up.

From Castanet - need free permit for your Christmas Tree

Feel free to cut your tree
For some it may be a family tradition, for others a first-time adventure, but anyone wanting to cut their own Christmas tree can do so, they just need a permit first.
The free permits are provided for personal use only — selling a tree cut under a Christmas tree permit or cutting in an unauthorized area is illegal.
The ministry's Christmas Tree website provides links to online Christmas tree permits, FrontCounter BC and district office contact information, and the B.C. Christmas Tree Council's website contains a list of tree farms and "U-Cuts" around the province.
When cutting a Christmas tree, keep the following tips in mind:
  • Leave home prepared. Bring ropes, gloves, tools, tire chains, a first aid kit, a mobile phone and warm clothing.
  • Drive carefully. Be prepared for logging trucks
  • Make sure you have found the tree you will use before cutting to avoid wasting forest resources. Some permits specify only one tree can be cut.
  • Choose a tree that can be cut near the base and is easy to transport. Wasted tree remains left in the forest form a summer fire hazard.
  • Clean up and remove all debris associated with your activity.

Shall I tell the old story again?

BMR on Facebook says the Eagle is opening on the 1st. Just remember it is early season.

I don't go in the trees early season, A long time ago, I was talked in to skiing Forney's very early in the season. Just under the snow surface was a log, which caused me to lose balance and sit back/land and skid on a tree stump. The result was a very large, gross hematoma from my backside down to the back of my knee - couldn't sit down for a long time.

Come on up and enjoy, but don't do something stupid that could mess up your season. There is plenty of time for the trees, and more snow will come.

First Pint on Wes

Hi Sam, probably not something u usually put on the blog but I'm pretty bummed- 80% sure I left my gloves on the roof of the truck after touring leather dakine (costly)
Could u post a Lost article?

Lost by an empty headed backcountry skier- black leather dakine gloves somewhere down from the top cul-de-sac by Jim and Marian's cabin.  Left on roof of truck so likely on the road somewhere.  Reward offered (first pints on me)
Wes B

Would be much appreciated.

You get what you pay for.........

Before the internet, Baldy had a weekly column in the local papers - updating conditions, events etc. Marge MacLeod did it for years, then I did it for a number of years. It had to be written by Sunday afternoon, so a skier could take it to the valley and drop off at the newspaper offices Monday morning.

Those were interesting times - I was stopped on the street, in the grocery store etc by community members ( not always skiers) who were always interested in the goings on at Baldy.

As long as Baldy paid for an advertisement from time to time, the weekly column was published at no charge.

Fast forward to the last few years - during the tough times, Baldy operated on next to zero advertising budget. The local "go to" news blog worked things out so that Baldy could afford a "button" on their website. Oliver Daily News has a huge following, and did a lot for Baldy. I regularly submitted photos, and as long as my text was more informing the readers of what it was like at Baldy, rather than a full on ad, it was published for free.

I have been getting a lot of feedback in the valley about not enough information in the local media.
The media does pursue some info because their readership demands it, but BMR has chosen to stick to social media.

So this morning, I was sent a link to a short item on Infotel, with a picture of Terry on her knees at the top of Eagle. I have chosen not to post it, rather this much better pic of Terry.

Web Cams

For lack of a better term, I will refer to the event that affected a lot at Baldy as the FJ Fiasco. In the basement of the lodge, was a rack of "boxes, wires, and flashing lights." Phones, computers, and webcams went through that hub.

During the FJ Fiasco, some of that installation was dismantled, removed, and I am not certain that it was all recovered. When intact, Kevin and I knew how to reset the webcams if they went off line in the summer.

Had that installation been untouched, I'm sure that MMT could have had the webcams up and running in the summer.

At this moment in time, I do not know what Joey's plans are - whether a tech will be brought in to create a whole new system, or whether he is waiting until MMT has time to unravel the mess. ( I don't think that will happen any time soon)

Everyone has been working flat out, long hours, to get the essentials up and running. Yes I know everyone wants a webcam, but more importantly, the lifts are ready and so are the groomers.

I have not asked anyone about webcams, because I see them very busy, and looking tired.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Flashback - way back

The year the schools were very unhappy. Opening day was a Friday, and free with a food bank donation. Too many kids skipped school!

Smoke Signals - Pyro Neighbour?

The Baldy Community includes many active and former Forest Industry people. This time of year, my neighbours are burning slash piles west of Princeton. Looks like they have great burning conditions, and might just get home without missing too much skiing. They will be working in snow, but no where near the amount we have at Baldy.



Nice to see the white on Kobau - it was blackened by fire in the summer of 2015.

Here you go Wes - from this morning

Looking better every day. I can confirm that the big dump did not come from the west - bare roads today, and not much on the Hope-Princeton.

Guru has his terminology for this storm pattern - the hills north of us don't want to believe our numbers when this happens.

"40 cm last 24 hrs.. 30 more by Sat. eve. This is my gutter ball Baldy effect or Orographic lift as Fugasi would say!  When the storm comes in from the s. se. it come all the way up the Columbia then following the Okanogan valley and the first big thing it hits is Baldy. Take a wet sponge over your sink ,bring it to the edge of the sink and press. What do you get? Baldy is the edge of the sink and that more ore less is orographic lift! Baldy gutter ball effect.
         30 more cm. by Saturday night!"
Will was walking the cat up the summer road on Sugar Lump when I left this morning.
Joey has posted a video from top of Eagle this morning. I can tell from the landmarks that in my opinion, we're not quite there yet, but more forecast, and there is snow fencing in place.
I can tell there was wind last night as two sides of my place had snow plastered on the windows.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Throwback 25? Years Rossi 7S - before shaped skis

Christmas Eve

I've had a lot of inquiries about Christmas Eve. Rest assured, the tradition will continue as it always has . Once the Christmas families arrive, the Ore-House Road gang will determine the start time - usually around 7:00pm at the top of the village - you'll see the time on the blog, or find out on the chair.

Carolling continues through the village, picking up people along the way until the very large group assembles at the bottom for Hot Chocolate and Hot Wine.

Thank you Scott and Robin Nichol for hosting a bonfire the last three years when the lodge wasn't available.

Someone from the village social committee will make the inquiries to see if BMR wants to make the lodge available for the end of the carol sing. If not, a bonfire will be arranged. Some one has the song sheets, the regulars will lead off from the top, and it will happen, as it always does.

CSIA Members Conference

I haven't been to a member's conference for a long time, but got a kick out of this photo posted on the CSIA Facebook page.

In the middle - Don Kjorven - KJ- I was in a course he taught in 1980 at Sunshine - long blond hair, and all the girls wanting to be in his class. Somewhere, I have a photo.

Martin Jean on the right -seems like he has been part of the CSIA forever.
They used to call him        Martin Jean (pronounced like the denim kind) the skiing machine.
Somewhere I have photos of Martin from Interski '87

All White

Thanks Randal for pulling me out of the ditch (can't see the edge of the road.)

Thanks Trev for unloading my other set of tires.

It is still dumping big time.

Courtesy SAM Magazine

Vail Resorts Lays Off 60 at Whistler Blackcomb

SAM Magazine—Whistler, B.C., Canada, Nov. 23, 2016—Vail Resorts-owned Whistler Blackcomb broke the news to 60 employees last week that their jobs are being eliminated by May 1, 2017. The layoffs affect IT, WhistlerBlackcombnight emailsizemarketing, and finance. Two executives will be out of the job as of Dec. 2—senior VP of marketing and sales Stuart Rempel and CFO Jeremy Black.
Vail COO Dave Brownlie said in a letter send to media and staff that the acquisition made certain corporate positions at Whistler Blackcomb “duplicative,” as Vail Resorts already employs people at the home offices in Broomfield, Colo., who will take on responsibilities for Whistler Blackcomb remotely.
“It is also important for you to know that there are no planned changes in other areas of resort operations,” including guest services, food, retail, rentals, the ski school, maintenance and operations or guest services, Brownlie said in the letter.
Affected staff have the option of seeking employment within the Vail Resorts family. Brownlie pointed out there were 43 current job postings, including eight in Whistler. Given the employment situation in the resort area of Whistler, it would not be surprising if some of the soon-to-be-former staff put their hats in the ring for some of these jobs.
“We have done everything possible to minimize the number of impacted positions and employees, and the impact that these changes will have on the entire Whistler Blackcomb team,” said Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz.

This may just be one of those Baldy storms...............

Every once in a while a big storm approaches with more influence from the South, not just the west. These can really dump on Baldy, and not so much for other mountains in the area. Everything I've looked at this morning, and everything I see outside points to this being one of those awesome storms.

Not sure if I will update an amount until the morning - I don't really want to go outside more than I have to - will be one big wade out into the driveway with my goofy insulated coveralls on.

Happy Thanksgving

Happy Thanksgiving to the American members of the Baldy family, and a special greeting to our favourite Bass player and friend Rick, who would have been here if it weren't for all the snow on the mountain passes!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Baldy Newsletter

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Baldy Mountain Resort Is Hiring Ski & Snowboard Instructors

Call out to all who love to ski or snowboard and pass along their wisdom onto others!
Head on down to our Snow School Open House, Saturday, December 10 from 12pm – 3pm.
We’ll be accepting applications, interviewing, and discussing opportunities for this season. We’ll also answer questions about the Dec 16–18 CSIA Level I and CASI Level I courses (certification is required to be a member of our Snow School.) If you have questions now, send us an email to
For more information on how to become a certified ski instructor head here and for more information on how to become a certified snowboard instructor head here.

Back to Baldy: First Chair Festival

Bring everyone—your kids, your parents, your grandma—to sip hot chocolate around the fire pits, listen to some great bands, and even watch a film premiere! We've also got a ton of prizes to give away, including special goodies for those who dress up like it’s 1968.

We’re taking it back old school. Details and a full list of events here.


Official Opening Ceremony

Join Baldy Mountain Resort staff, hotel and industry as well as marketing partners and Linda Larson, MLA for a toast to kick off the season.

When do we celebrate? Friday, December 2nd, from 2-3 PM at The Hub (formerly the Kiosk.)

Ahead of Time, Under Budget & Feelin' Fine

Yes, we did it, folks. We got the “must do’s”  done ahead of time and under budget. If we had to open tomorrow, we could on the Eagle and Sugar Lump Chairs and the Magic Carpet.

The day lodge is renovated enough - we have permits and could function as we have been since the Festival of Colours.
Read More >

                                        Baldy Mountain Resort · 2680 Mount Baldy Rd · Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 · Canada