Friday, December 30, 2016

New Years Eve

Wherever you may go, plan ahead for a safe ride home. On the mountain - don't let anyone walk home alone.

According to FB there are still some tickets for tomorrow night - on sale until noon Saturday.

Baldy, the next generation.........

Lincoln, Cienna and Morgan have all been up the Sugar Lump Chair. Teagan was asleep in the lodge after skiing today. I guess I'll have to spend some time on the carpet and Sugar Lump to get some pics of the little rippers! The parents of the above all worked at Baldy in the past. Great to see your families on the hill - Andrew and Jenny, Kyle and Tanja, Brooke and Tony.


Kirsten and Masako today - Paul Rauhala photo.

Full house again today..............

Cars parked up in the McKinney subdivision again today. The consensus - of several full time residents including the guy who plows the road - some people are just driving too fast. According to BBC, about 50% of the people pulled out of the ditch are new to Baldy.

Russ and Sharon , Back in Business...........Firewood

How is your wood pile? Russ has recovered enough from his accident last fall - he now has firewood available, including larch. E-mail and I can give you their cell phone numbers.

"The Stripper Pole"

We always wondered who made the sign - now I know. The sign has been removed. The people who  made the sign have asked that the sign be put back, or returned for sentimental reasons. To protect the identity of the sign maker, the sign can be returned to my wood pile, or Jim and Marian's deck. It was outside the boundary of the ski area, and has been there for a few years.

Where it was - Sherry Davison photo.

Shoulder Check Please

I did a quick stop twice today on the hill. First time, a skier was below and to my right. There was a fair distance between us, and her turns and directions were consistent. She made a sudden change of course to cross in front of me, and I did a high speed stop to avoid her. Being the downhill skier, she had the right of way. I should have called out that I was passing on her left. With a big change in direction, it would have been prudent for her to shoulder check before altering course. I knew who it was, and was watching to see if she would go left into the little jumps.

Second stop, I was coming down Baldy Trail, a skier came off Burn Baby Burn in front of me without looking up the trail.

I know them both - all three of us have skied Baldy for years...........we all have to be more vigilant with the increase in skier traffic. Here is the Alpine Responsibility Code for a reminder.

Alpine Responsibility Code

There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Regardless of how you decide to use the slopes, always show courtesy to others. Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a safe outdoor experience.
  1. Always stay in control. You must be able to stop, or avoid other people or objects.
  2. People ahead of you have the right-of-way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  3. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
  4. Before starting downhill or merging onto a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  5. If you are involved in or witness a collision/accident you must remain at the scene and identify yourself to the Ski Patrol.
  6. Always use proper devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  7. Observe and obey all posted signs and warnings.
  8. Keep off closed trails and obey area closures.
  9. You must not use lifts or terrain if your ability is impaired through the use of alcohol or drugs.
  10. You must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability, and knowledge to safely load, ride, and unload lifts. If in doubt, ask the lift attendant.

Know the Code – Be Safety Conscious!
It is your responsibility.

Bull Moose on Sugar Lump

Anyone get a photo? Would love to post it..

Rod saw a Bull Moose this morning - coming from the direction of Beaver Trail. It was startled when it saw the chair lift running, and took off up Jones. Kevin went up on the sled - it crossed a few runs and went off into the trees. Marian saw moose tracks on Honky Tonk this morning.

Make a plan, stick to it, and let your loved ones know.

Thoughts this morning are with North Shore Rescue  - out and about in better weather, searching for two men, missing since Christmas Day. They weren't able to go out yesterday, and today is improved visibility but high risk snow conditions.

When you venture off the beaten track, make a plan, stick to it, and let your loved ones know.

The two missing near Cypress Bowl were reporting missing when Cypress staff noticed their car in the lot.

Heavy snow will have covered recent tracks. Two days ago, when they were flying a chopper with a heat sensor, they found several others "out of bounds" from Cypress.

Check out the terrain they were in on December 28th.

Be glad you are skiing Baldy.....................

Check out Lee's photos from Whistler Creekside earlier this morning. I have a hunch it won't be that difficult to lure Lee back to Baldy next winter! Apparently today may have been a record for Whistler/Blackcomb - 30,000 plus skier visits. Glad I'm not driving the Sea to Sky!

Lee Mounsey Photos.

A little plug for "Big Al"

Al grew up skiing Baldy, and was here the other day. When the Super Valu doors were shut in Oliver, Al bought the Oliver Bakery, and brought staff and recipes to his new venture. As well as the bakery with the great baked goods from both locations, they serve breakfast and lunch, and carry Dutchman Dairy products - if you want a platter for New Year's Eve - call ASAP  250-498-0380

An apple fritter from Big Al's was left on my door the other day........apparently by the apple fritter elf!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Halloween Trees" and "Snow Ghosts"

Interesting to see the "Halloween Trees" gathering crystals in the same pattern year to year. I have file photos of the same trees in different years, and they look similar. Below is one of my favourites. - I looked at the trees the other day, and it looks like the same formation is well underway.

Ski Salmo

Haven't heard about Ski Salmo for years. Baldy season passes are cheaper than Salmo's...

Fred and Ethel found Baldy after looking at it from the Rock Creek Canyon Bridge - wonder how many Salmo folks have skied here?

Vertical Post

If you are comparing base measurements from other ski areas, remember that Baldy's measuring sticks are vertical. :)

Mt. Baldy Alpine Club

Not the best weather today, but Christmas Camp went well.

Paul Rauhala Photo

Good Day for Walking the Dogs

Thanks Marna Crape for sharing the photo of your walk to the gravel pit with your "Snow Dog."
Would have been nice to have sunshine for you today, but look forward to seeing you on the hill on your next visit.

Ladies Day Mondays

Updates from Roberta and Marian.

Register here:

Ladies Day Carpool:

We will continue to meet at the hospital parking lot on Mondays to carpool to the hill.  If you want a ride, be sure to be there by 8:15 at the latest.  When each vehicle is full, it will leave.  A $5.00 gratuity  should be given to the driver.  The email from Marian says to preregister.

Don't forget your BB Bandana!  :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Baldy Roadblock today............

Interesting drive for Jim. Marian, Wyatt and others this morning.
Thanks for the photos Marian.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Business Opportunity??

Last winter, there were deck and chimney issues with cabins that were not checked regularly. So far this season I know of 2 fridges that have failed, and a major plumbing repair needed.

I've always thought that insurance companies were a little too cautious with the frequency of checks that they require under one's policy. Vacation properties generally don't have to be checked as often as permanent residences.

With the costs incurred by several owners up here in the last year, their may be an opportunity for a Baldy resident to get into the cabin checking business..............

No, not me, I have enough cabins that I check now, and even that is not foolproof - checked heat and water, but not the fridge.

Road Report

A friend reported mid-day that she wore her sunglasses from Oliver to East Gate, but Manning Park was a different story. Castanet pics of the Coq are not pretty - you might as well stay here and keep skiing


Great Wednesday..........Hi Valski!

The bro was finding extra parking spots by the staff quarters and the shop, and it was a great day with mostly sunshine - lots of people posting fresh pics on Facebook. Thanks John W for this one of Richard.

Richard races at Marmot  - Dad is a coach. Running out of time at Granny and Grandad's cabin before it is time to get to Jasper. If I don't see you in the spring Richard - see you in the summer.

It has been awhile..........

A few guests on the McKinney Tee this afternoon - it has been awhile since I watched that from my front window.

Monday, December 26, 2016

The things you find on Facebook.............

Long John Baldy rehearsal was tonight at Margaret and John's. I'm sure that Margaret was dancing up a storm!

Mt. Baldy Alpine Club - Christmas Camp Thursday December 29th


If you haven't heard, Mt Baldy is covered in snow and open 7 days a week, ready for you and your family.  The Mt Baldy Alpine Club is ready for your kids, join the club and have fun, become better skiers and snowboarders.   Our coaches for the Nancy Greene Program are Yanni Lou Gagnon, Owen Stewart, Warren Everton, and Greg Myers.  Josh Shulman will lead the snowboarders in the powder, and in the terrain park with his enthusiasm for the sport.

Here is the information regarding the program and a one day CHRISTMAS CAMP to get going.   If you bring a new friend to the camp and have paid your Club fees before the camp, it's FREE!   Camp will be on "THURSDAY DECEMBER 29TH".  The 1/2 day fee is $25.00 and a full day fee is $50.00.  This will include a hot chocolate and a treat.  We will hold some fun events like a skier/boarderX race, time trials and a slopestyle contest with prizing at the end for participating.  So, let's make it a great start to the season and join us, the MT BALDY ALPINE CLUB.

Fee for this year 2017, will be $320.00 (no HST), for ages 5 to 9. If you have a 2nd child joining the program, they get $50.00 off the $270.00.  So for your two children, club fees will total $590.00.  And remember, the camp fee is FREE to your kids if you're signed up ahead of time, FREE!

Start date for club programs will be January 8th, SUNDAY until March 5th,  9:30 to 12:00 for the morning program or 1:00 to 3:30 for the afternoon program every Sunday.     Race dates are January 29th at Big White and Apex for zone finals March 4 to 5TH and the optional end of season Sun Peaks Festival March 24th to 25th.  We're sure to have a lot of fun this year at Baldy Mountain Resort.

Contact Paul Rauhala at or Angie Blenkhorne at


Because it is Baldy..........

This pic is from about 1982. Thanks for helping out the Baldy Staff and Community this afternoon.

Whistler Housing Crunch

Merry Christmas to "The Witch"

For those of you wondering about the well being of  "the Witch." I have photographic evidence from Facebook that she escaped from Andy Moog Hospice to Daryl and Shelley's house last night for Christmas dinner.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Good News for Phoenix Families

Phoenix Mountain opens for the season on Boxing Day. I have a hunch that some of the guests at Baldy today were Phoenix families. Community Futures Boundary is sponsoring a free ski day at Phoenix on New Years Day - 11:00 to 3:30.

Great little mountain just east of here. Phoenix had a boost when Baldy was closed, but took a hit on season pass sales this season.

Christmas Late Afternoon in the Valley

The year was 1982 - I took time off work to ski , and I was pulled out of the Baldy Tee Lift Line on an amazing powder day. A new family was at Baldy, the mid-week instructors were busy with a school group, and someone had to teach the two young boys. It wasn't easy teaching that day - so much snow had fallen since the grooming was done, but we did get up to Tower 2 on the McKinney that day. Mom and Dad had a great powder day, and would come back from time to time to check on us and slip me some cash to stay with the boys. I fell in love with the boys the first day, and this family has been like family to me for almost 35 years. The photo is more recent than 1982, but I couldn't put my finger on the print I was looking for. So happy to have had some hugs and quality time with this gang this afternoon in Osoyoos.

Found the 1982 Pic

Christmas Day - Afternoon at Baldy

Line up at the Eagle to start, and full chairs most of the afternoon. Lost count of the hugs today - lots of old friends back on the mountain, and lots of new faces carolling last night. I had the 2nd and 6th tracks on Powderkeg - corduroy was great. More snow would be great, but the guys are doing well with the snow we have. MC and I had our spat for the season - no complaints on Christmas Day when skiing is free.

First Run - looks like new people - unload area was blocked.

Full parking lot, and full village.


Barb and Gerald

Gerald, Virginia, Rhonda, Barb

It's A Christmas Miracle!

Maxine posed for a photo with her family!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

"Twas the night before Christmas..." Another Stunning Shot by Gary McBryde

Thank-you Gary .

Christmas Eve Safe Arrivals

A couple more safe arrivals of Grandparents in the neighbourhood.

Merry Christmas  MMT.  I've met both of your parents now!

Christmas Carolling Tonight

Top of the village 7:30 - start at the top, or join the crowd as they sing their way past your cabin. Gathering at Wapiti Creek Lodge at the end. Thank-you Scott and Robin.

Christmas Eve

Christmas hugs from Masako and Greg today. I asked if Ben was working on the mountain this year - no - he just wants to ski - he is in Grade 12! Lots of memories with Ben skiing the big hill at age 3, and the Halloween Party we had when Ben was the only child living on the mountain, and it was easier to take treats to him, than have him Trick or Treating in a blizzard.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Welcome Home Shelley and Marcie

The cabin went from 2 to 10 rather quickly yesterday. Welcome Home.
The Dumais, Rebneris, Houlgrave Family
Photo A. Houlgrave - hmm the only one without a helmet is the Doctor!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Grooming

I wasn't skiing today, but I have word from a good source that the Powderkeg was awesome today - groomed side to side. Everything groomed on Sugar Lump except Hulton's Hollow. More snow on the way.

Lifted from Facebook - Another Stunning Image from Gary McBryde

Time flies.............Hi Nana, Grandpa and Luke in Yuma

The children I watched grow up at Baldy are now the parents of children growing up fast at Baldy. Some of the ones I taught became ski instructors, and are starting to come back with their own kids.
So to those tall ones with new suits hiding behind goggles - If I don't say hi, please speak up. I may not recognise you.

This pic is from his first Birthday - at Baldy. Today he was on the mountain - He is now a 2nd year engineering student at   U Vic. I had to laugh - he arrived at Nana and Grandpa's cabin - the skis clothes that were hanging there no longer fit him. I don't know how tall he is - maybe 6'6" ? I could have picked him out of a crowd anywhere - he was wearing his Grandpa's ski clothes!

Warnings about fentanyl-laced marijuana in the Southern Interior

Warnings about fentanyl-laced marijuana in the Southern Interior: THOMPSON-OKANAGAN – Fentanyl is being mixed with marijuana here in the Southern Interior, leading the Kamloops ASK Wellness Society to be even more co

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sun setting on the shortest day of the year...... Gary McBryde Photo

Once upon a time..........

UBC, White Rock and Penticton - One Mom and 4 former Baldy Racers, all Baldy Family
Madeline, Roberta, Nicole, Jessica, Mia
Happy to be skiing together again after 3 years.
Thanks for the photo Gary McBryde.

Bring a friend!

On the road down and back today - so many cars have just one person in them. Only one scared me with speed - three took a little too long to move over to their own side of the road.

That is a Schafer Bus in the background of the photo below. You can book a seat on the bus on line through the BMR website.

The Grooming Fleet

Quick look at Cat #3 today. Pisten Bully - Park.  A Prinoth Beast was on the list, but makes sense to stick with PB.

Safe Arrivals

The village has been filling up all week, with safe arrivals from Vancouver, North Van, West Van, White Rock, Cowichan Valley, Kelowna, Penticton, Oliver, Kaleden, Osoyoos, Japan, New West,  Sechelt, Montreal...............Comox and Victoria coming soon

"Johnny Web" is on his way from Grand Cache with the family. Looks like they have stopped in Valemount for the night.

Thursday update - safe arrival

Long trip, but "George" is happy to be back at Baldy. ( who else names their dog after their Dad)

New Years Eve

BMR says they are going to party like it's 1968. Well not quite 1968 at Baldy. There was only one cabin completed - the Fairweather cabin, now Randal and Maryann's home. New Years Eve 1968 was the first night for the Fairweather and Smith families on the mountain.

The wood stove was hot, the coal oil lights were lit, and we discovered that there was too much insulation between the main floor and the upstairs. It was 90F on the main floor, and 40F upstairs.

Just nine of us on the mountain, and at midnight, Dad went out the back door and fired his shotgun.

Fast forward to 2016 - the New Years Eve details are now on the BMR website:

There isn't room for everyone at the lodge, so pick up your tickets ASAP if you want to go. Long John Baldy will be playing. Too much detail to repost here.

Sorry - I didn't know.........

Some time prior to my snow blowing a friends walkway on Monday, someone walked over the year to date snow , and tied a scroll of paper to the door knob with ribbon. I thought it might be a personal invitation, so I just put it in the house without looking at it. Turns out it was an events poster.........

Winter Solstice

Shortest day of the year folks - longer days starting tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Lift operators are required at Mt. Baldy ASAP. Training provided. Work is outdoor, with positions rotating from loading guests on chairs, and observing unload from a heated building. Shovelling and raking snow required, may include other misc tasks.

Contact Matt Koenig
send resume and contact information to

Good News

The Oliver fellow in the missing persons notice I posted yesterday has been found, safe and sound.

Love These Guys

Friends Jeff and Cole - we were neighbours in Osoyoos, and when I came home from a long day at work, Cole was waiting for me, riding around the cul de sac on his trike! Thanks Uncle Craig for taking the photo.

Tuesday - Great to see you Elin!

Ski hill jobs are often a stepping stone along the way to other work. When you have an employee who works hard, and has a great personality, they are missed when they move on. Very happy to see Elin Davies here today, with boyfriend Mason. Mason is enjoying his first time at Baldy, so for sure we will continue to see Elin from time to time between her work and world travels. Brother Sean is in Australia.

Katie? Elin, Mason, and Sara? - they told me, but I always get those Amos twins mixed up!

Chilly Photo Shoot

Not quite sure what this was all about, but the model is Wes B's girlfriend Tina, and the photographer Jessica Hoc. Lichon Photography - seems to be her style

That late day sun going out South Ridge is a favourite for Wes, Gary and I - all long time Baldy folks, all with lots of images in our files. Thanks for this one Wes.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dangerous Offender - Good news to all who have been affected.............

With thanks to Global News - Blaine Gaffney, Lauren Pullen

Notorious criminal Michael Ellis, 41, has been declared a dangerous offender.
The declaration means Ellis will go to jail with no set release date and could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

He was convicted of 17 of the 22 charges from the last spree involving shots fired at police near Kelowna.

The dangerous offender ruling came down at the Kelowna courthouse Wednesday morning.
Ellis has a criminal record of almost 60 convictions.

Snow Cat #3

Cat arrived today - will try to get pics tomorrow.

Christmas Eve - The Tradition Continues - Thank-you Scott and Robin at Wapiti Creek Lodge

Christmas carolling will start at 7:30 at the top of the village, and the group will gather at Wapiti Creek Lodge at the bottom. Bring song sheets and flashlights. Thanks Hilary for organizing and Scott and Robin Nichol for hosting.


Nice morning on the Sugar Lump - thanks for the company Jim C.
Great job with the groomers guys!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Safe Travels

Love these two - on their way home from U Vic - appreciate the social media updates enroute - Hope-Princeton doesn't look too bad.