Friday, March 31, 2017

April 1st

I'm not into April Fools, and won't be posting any "fake news." Westjet has started already.

Spring Skiing

Awesome day of spring skiing.

General Manager - Kevin Rand

It's Baldy - if you haven't heard a rumour by lunch time - start one.

The buzz is on the hill, and I don't have a lot of information, but here is what I have for you.

BMR is well on the way to planning for the upcoming months, and congratulations are in order for Kevin Rand who has been promoted to General Manager.

Kevin has been in discussions with Matt and other operations staff, and is looking forward to the challenge. I wish Kevin, Matt and the rest of the team well, and look forward to working with them again.

Two more days for this season - pack up and put away - then hopefully all will get some days off to rest before the pace picks up again.

Early Appearance by the Easter Bunny

Hmm.........the Davison's have gone through a lot of bird seed this winter.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Phone Service Out

6:30pm land lines and cell service back working.

Cell and landlines out. Cell phone lets you dial and then says call ended. Land line has dial tone, but after you dial, nothing happens.

Glad to have China Creek Internet.

"Doc" Shepherd

Scroll down or use the search function to find earlier post about Dr. Shepherd.

Fairweather Cousin Time - Yesterday and Today

The Bro, Karen and Denise 1972
Guess who, 1970.
Our Uncle Paul Fairweather - gave us love, laughter and skiing.

Karen and I skiing the Lump today.


Happy Birthday Shauna!

Shauna and friends from Rock Creek - Celebrating at Baldy.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Baldy Family

Thanks to a family in the neighbourhood, the basement window was dug out, I was able to get in the seacan to check the dehumidifier, My back deck and barbeque have re-appeared, and the tool shed roof is clear. Thanks for all your help.

Alpine Weather Station

It was breezy while I was at the Alpine Weather Station this afternoon - now I can see why the snow is not level at the stick. It needs to be a little farther forward next season so the tree shelters it from the wind.

The Crowsnest

Great to have the Murray Clan at the Crowsnest this week. I caught up to them on the Lump today - grandson Gus was having a lesson with Sam. Sam appears to have good rapport with the little people - Kirsten must have taught you well!  :)

Sam and Gus - Top of Sugar Lump

Baldy Family

Thanks Diane for recognizing me on the hill today - I had a wonderful visit with Audrey Roylance in the lodge this afternoon while her family was skiing. Great to catch up, and talk about the early days of Baldy.

A couple of Baldy originals.

After 62 years in the family home, Audrey has moved next door to Parkview Manor in Midway.
Stop by and say hi if you are going by.

Roylance family photos.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Valemount Project

One step closer.

Tuesday Night Yoga

Tonight in the Lodge at 7 will be our last Yoga Experience! Bring your mat!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring at Baldy

It's spring at Baldy - don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes! :)

We had some graupel today - like little snow pellets - not snow not hail. When it is coming down hard, it can sting on your chin while skiing, if you don't have a neck tube.

I've seen the dog across the street with a pink t-shirt, with a doggy coat, but today, Tuba wanted head protection to go out snowshoeing!

M. Fletcher photo

Last Monday, Last Ladies Day of the Season

Thank-you Marian B for providing the images and updates each week.


Two more days, young Hilary - catching up to me again.

Hello Baldy Babes,
Our last snow shoe for the 2016-17 season! Fresh powder, sunshine, champagne, laughter, friendship, gourmet lunch & all looking forward to next season. 
Thank you Baldy Babes!
Take Care, Marian


Good breathing day for OMW - non-stop on the Lump.
It's March - we had sun so intense it was hot standing at the bottom, we had a significant graupel event after lunch. Thanks to the grooming crew for getting enough done after the storm ended.
Best fresh corduroy - old and new terrain parks.

OMG, who picked the music channel today..........ugh.

1896 Camp McKinney Gold Brick Robbery

Thanks for the heads up, Larry Shannon

The Oliver Osoyoos branch of the Okanagan Historical Society is having its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, April 9th in the lower level of the Osoyoos Anglican Church, located at 7200 88th Street. 
The meeting will begin at 2:00 with a presentation by Mr. Jim Arnusch, our guest speaker.  His topic will be the August 1896 Camp McKinney gold robbery.  He has been researching this topic with a passion for many years and probably knows more about it than anyone else alive today.  This is a fascinating story with many twists.  One of them is the assumption that Matt Roderick, the leading suspect, was returning to the area to retrieve some of the gold bars, several months after the robbery, when he was shot and killed by Mr. Keene, a foreman in the Cariboo mine. Mr. Keene was charged with manslaughter but found not guilty, as he claimed Mr. Roderick was in the process of attempting to shoot him.  Perhaps Mr. Arnusch will give us some clues on where we can find the missing gold bars.  

Guests are welcome to join us and listen to the presentation, then leave during a break before the business portion of the meeting commences. 
Contact Larry at 250 498 2452 or Gayle at 250 495 7715 for more information.

( The Baldy Bar was once named the "Lost Gold Bar" and a little story about the above was posted.) 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nils and Nathaniel, best ski buds since they were 4 and 5.

Different schools, different cities, but a life time bond that started and continues at Baldy. Thanks for the pics Sage. 2011 and 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 2008 - Happy Birthday Virginia!

Baldy Racers 2007

Reminder for Ladies Wind-up Monday

Snowshoeing only, no skiing. Bring your awesome hat.

Ladies Day Ski - 2012

Saturday Afternoon

Brad, Morgan and Brooke
Morgan's first time down Dividend today - snow was a little chunky at the end of the day, but she did very well.

Baldy Family - R.I.P. Dr. Gordon Shepherd

Our thoughts are with Marion, Bruce, Lance and families, following the passing of  Dr. Gordon Shepherd. Their family cabin is nestled in the trees next to Randal, and Shepherds have been part of the Baldy Family since 1968.

There are at least two of us on Porcupine Road who were delivered by Dr. Shepherd. His medical practice was in the days of house calls - his faithful companion "Thunder" riding in the back of the station wagon.

At Baldy, Dr. Shepherd volunteered in the Ski Patrol, and he and Marion kept the Borderline Ski Club alive after son Lance finished his ski racing. They wanted the club there for the next family with racing aspirations. Thanks to them, the Club was there, with ski area operations in the constitution, when the community got together to re-open Baldy in the mid '80's after a purchaser defaulted.

Bruce and Dr. Shepherd on Shaft - Dec. 1972

Liz Graham, Paula Fairweather, Alison Smith, Dr. Shepherd - 1974

Saturday Toboggan Party

"Today, you can join our FREE toboggan party this afternoon from 3:30 - 4:00PM at the Magic Carpet. If you need a sled, we have a few spare toboggans to borrow/share (please leave inflatable craft at home). Also, helmets are mandatory and we'll have them available at the Magic Carpet for you to grab before you ride."

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday 7:00pm

A little blue at the end of a snowing pow day.

Welcome back!

Just saw Mark W out front - Mark, Ricardo and Andrew are up for the weekend with their families.

Closing Weekend Events

There is new information on the events page on

Passholders Appreciation Pancake Breakfast

Let’s party!
With the incredible season we’ve had to-date and all the love you’ve all been showing us we have decided to dedicate a weekend to say, “Thank you!”
April 1st and 2nd From 9-10am in the Cafeteria, show us your Baldy Season’s Pass and grab some pancakes on us – we also invite each qualified pass holder to bring one friend as your guest for FREE pancakes and a FREE lift ticket!
*Please RSVP to by Friday, March 31!
Pancakes available while quantities last.

Cardboard Box Races Saturday April 1st!

Get the whole family involved in this fun event !
  • 1pm start time
  • We’ll have some cardboard available a few days before the race – stay tuned for availability/dates.
  • Maximum 4 people in one cardboard box creation.
  • No ski boots in box – winter boots or soft-soles only.
  • Helmets are mandatory
  • Entrants judged on creativity and best time.
Slush Cup April 2nd

A Baldy classic !
Wear your most waterproof clothes, strap on your skis or snowboard and barrel down to attempt successfully crossing our man-made pond.  If you are a spectator, this event is easily enjoyed from our Lounge deck or designated viewing areas.
1pm start time, near the bottom of the eagle chair.
All participants 18+ must sign a waiver (if under 18, a parent/guardian must be available to sign waiver on their behalf)
Ski’s and snowboards only.
Donation encouraged- proceeds to the Alpine Club!

Watercolour Workshop Saturday April 1st

Back by popular demand, Heather Hollingsworth is hosting a second watercolour workshop!  This workshop is appropriate for all skills beginner+.   All materials supplied, along with a glass of wine for $50 (+tax).  Email Angie to register:
Workshop is being held 3-5:30pm in the lounge Saturday April 1st!

Aussie Farewell

I saw you from the chair this afternoon Kendal - in the trees. I'm glad you got some great snow for your last day. Safe journey for you, and for Roger and Lisa as you follow them home. See you next winter, if not before.


The run Fairweather is named after my Uncle Paul Fairweather, founding President of Mt. Baldy Recreations Ltd., the company that started Baldy.

Today I had the pleasure of skiing with Paul's Great-Great- Nephew. Liam had his first lesson on Tuesday - top of Sugar Lump Tuesday, and skiing the pow today with Dad on the Eagle. 

Sorry I missed you Sam Sam, Daddy told me you did 5 runs on the Magic Carpet.

Liam and Dad

Interesting Link

Thanks for the link Sherry - photo below shows the construction of the Rock Creek Canyon Bridge.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

What you find, when looking for something else...........

Pre-2006 Cardboard Box - Built and driven by Bill Mattes.

Late '80's? Baldy had lift lines when the Borderline Ski Club only operated the one T-bar.
Closing Weekend - My Volant skis and Dynastar poles in the rack. What a face Maddie!

Baldy Tee

Gold Pin Event April 1st and April 2nd

We are proud to introduce a brand-new opportunity for you to join a very elite group.
                     The Baldy Gold Pin Squad

For a donation* of $25, skiers and boarders are challenged to complete laps in pursuit of a gold pin.
Levels of completion:
Bronze award - 20,000 feet = 16 runs
Silver award - 25,000 feet = 20 runs
Gold Pin = 30,000 feet = 24 runs
Platinum pin/ award = 26 runs = 33,618 feet
·       Must be completed in one day – eitherApril 1 or April 2.
·       Eagle chair only 
·       Honour system for recording – each lap you are responsible to mark your card to track your own laps. Tracking card/pencil will be provided at registration. Register at Guest Services Office 8am – 9am. Awards at 4PM in front of the Hub. Last lap must be completed at or before 3:30PM.
·       No tucking…must be standing at all times.
·       No skiing on beginner terrain…this means Southside, Jolly Jack, etc. unless you are using these to access other terrain. 
·       Participants may try to complete more than 26 laps but only one pin will be awarded to each individual.
* Proceeds from all entries will go to the Mt. Baldy Alpine Club, and be donated to the Gaudet Family on behalf of the Club and BMR.

Backcountry with Nils and Paul

Paul Rauhala photo.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slush Cup - I've Done It - Your Turn Snowy!

Photos below from March 22, 2015

Closing Weekend Events

Snowy posted this morning that there will be a slush cup and cardboard box race - entrants and potential spectators need specifics soon for the best chance at success of these events.

We've been at this for awhile - there is a "magic" type of tape, and you don't get entries like these at the last minute.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Taking a four year old out of bounds when Avalanche Risk is up?

Tuesday Loop

Logging by the power line near the Jolly Lake turnoff. Some kind of machine has been into the southern access to "No Fish/Linda Lake".

Monday, March 20, 2017

Argo Action

Good news - Argo started grading McKinney Road today.

Sign Replaced

The old sign never resurfaced, but there is a new sign on the "Stripper Pole".
M. Fletcher photo.

Baldy Babes - One More Monday to Go

Well they aren't the first guys to be awarded Baldy Babes Bandanas..........
Kevin and Matt - the Baldy Babes appreciate all that you do.
Hello Baldy Babes!
A sunny, beautiful day for an Eagle Chair ride to the top of Mt. Baldy. We found cat tracks on the Baldy Babes Trail and the views were extraordinary, especially the sky. Thank you to Kevin & Matt for your "Taxi" services. Wear your BB bandanas with pride!
Looking forward to next Monday. This will be our last day for the 2016-17 Season. Wear a special or unique hat for our last Baldy Babes snow shoe.
Take Care, Marian
A little inspiration for next week.................
Thanks Marian for the photos.