Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Highest Reading in the Creek Recorded This Year - Staff Gauge Height .810

Foggy Sunrise

A cool and moist start to Wednesday, after a very soggy night. The sound of the creek roaring seems louder.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Highway to Healing - Ride to Provide

June 11th - fundraiser for H2H. Check it out. Local organization helps local families with costs when their child needs treatment out of town.

More Melt.........

I guess I could start gardening - the raised garden bed is exposed - just need snow boots to get to it.

Andy's Blog Post , on 

Andy is a busy guy - I haven't talked to him lately, but there is lots of planning going on while we watch the snow melt.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Disappearing fast..........


His friend dubbed it "Okanaganing" - Paul Rauhala and friend hiked to the top of  Baldy this morning and skied down, then back to Kelowna for some paddling in the afternoon. Good for you Paul - Sheila Webster and I did it June one the '80's.

Paul Rauhala photo.

Friday, May 26, 2017

They are still in the 'hood................

Shady suspects were seen again the other day.........keep your vehicles locked. A thought for those noises in the night - if your car keys are at your bedside, you can activate your car's alarm faster than you can get up and look outside.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Snow/Water Update May 15th

Thanks for the update Bryan Gough.

Pockets of Sun and lots of clouds.........

They're on their way Mark.........

At 4.5 km tonight.

Water, Water, Everywhere....

They enjoyed the abundance of snow this winter - now they are dealing with the melt. Thoughts are with Baldy friends and family who are sandbagging their properties in the Okanagan and Kettle Valleys. I wasn't around for the 1948 flood, but I was sandbagging in the 1972 flood. Okanagan Lake is within a few cms of the 1948 record.

It appears that the last couple of cold nights in the mountains have slowed things down a touch, but lots of warm, melting weather in the forecast.

Photo below is an Okanagan Lake Dock that went under hours after this photo.

Monday, May 22, 2017

May Long Weekend - Thanks to Marie Fletcher

Potholes tossed the car in the ditch - winched out by good samaritans.

Badger Hole

Little Fish Lake 
Bear Track on trail near the village.

No More Mud

Dry and dusty on McKinney road this afternoon - and of course, bumpy. Lots of water flowing in the the newly cleared ditches.

Friday, May 19, 2017

So happy to see you yesterday.........Thanks Bill!

Our favourite operator was on the Baldy Road yesterday with the Emcon grader - up to 7km at 1:00 pm. Gradall ditching in the Rock Creek Canyon.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May Long Weekend - What's Happening?

Well, we're pretty much just watching the snow melt..............

Andy has had the grand tour, including a ride in the snow cat.

The management team has had lots of meetings, lots of planning going on, but not really any action to take photos of until the snow has gone. It is a late spring up here, but the forecast is to warm up in the coming days - look out below!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pot Holes - There is hope..........

Three culvert installations in the past few days, and this afternoon I saw an Argo grader south of OK Falls, and an Emcon grader at the Canyon Bridge. Grading is long overdue.

Tuesday Evening

Monster Rigs

I saw the trucks and trailers parked near the Jolly Lake turnoff, and found a "monster"truck and Jeep in the upper cul-de-sac. Massive oversize tires with low pressure. Darn my dash cam let me down. I did my usual - you are on private property, and the mountain is posted no motorized vehicles. They were polite, said they were leaving, and that they didn't damage anything.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Enough already..........

Snow is becoming a four letter word. Most of the winter my go to weather site has not been as reliable as it has been other times. Lately it has been accurate, and I'm afraid we are getting what is in the forecast.

A couple of cool dry hours at the Community Garden tonight, then driving home in a blizzard. The snow is sticking on the road down below the junction.

I shoveled it once already today.....

Heads Up - Major Road Repair

Tuesday, starting about 9:00am, McKinney Road will be dug up around 31km where the lake/river crossed the road. A new culvert will be installed. There will probably be some time when the road is closed - best to go down before 9:00 or go the other way.

Wednesday, the plan is to fix the Baldy Road this side of Camp McKinney, at the "lake site" where half the road bed has been eroded

If  I get any more detail, I will post it.


My friend has a computer forensics business at the coast. He just posted this piece of advice on the recent ransomware issue. Thanks LW.

Good info from the Interweb... How can I protect myself from Ransomware?
Bottom line: make sure your device's software is up to date. Software updates often contain lots of patches that fix bugs and close security loopholes; regularly using Windows Update or the Software Update feature on a Mac will help insulate you from problems. But you can also set your devices to install those updates automatically so you don't even have to think about it. Hackers prey on complacency.
Create back-ups of your most important files, either by downloading them to an external hard drive or by storing them in a cloud-based storage service.
Use a password manager to create and keep track of unique, hard-to-remember (and thus hard-to-break) passwords for each of your services. It's a little counter-intuitive, but experts say it's much more secure than the alternative, which is reusing the same password across multiple websites.
Check your medical and credit reports for evidence of fraudulent activity.
At work, check with your IT administrator to make sure your organization's devices are protected from WannaCry, and
Remember to treat unexpected emails with caution, and read up on phishing — one of the most common types of social engineering attacks used by attackers to compromise machines.
“Ransomware is following the same trajectory as phishing," said Phillip Hallam-Baker, an expert at the digital security firm Comodo. "The criminals have worked out how to monetize the crime, and they know which types of businesses are likely to pay up — and how to collect the money without being caught."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Welcome to Baldy Andy Foster

I've had a number of inquiries - "have you met the new guy yet?" We met a couple of days ago, and had  a good conversation today. I was impressed by his people skills in a brief encounter in the grocery store parking lot.

After our conversation today, I believe Andy is a good fit for Baldy, and he has my support.

Andy is here for blocks of time, and back in North Van for a few days in between. Sometime in July, Andy and his partner will become Baldy residents. Oops, I forgot to ask her name, but I'm sure the Baldy Community will welcome them warmly as they adapt to Baldy life after city living.

I didn't ask for a photo today - it was snowing.

The Hummingbirds Think it is Spring

Fresh snow and Hummingbird  -  May 14, 2017

Same Feeder, June 11, 2016

Thanks Sherry.

Mother's Day

They aren't little anymore, but four great young people in the Baldy Community. Happy Mother's Day Karen, Sherry and Pam. Congratulations to "Minnie Mouse" - newly minted X-Ray technologist.

Back - Lindsey and Maxine, Minnie Mouse Maddy, and Shane

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Slime Before the Storm

Mark and Sherry out exploring the back roads today before the snow started - a few cms, snowing, and some bright sky to the southeast.

Eyes Open, Cars Locked

Just talked to a member of the RCMP parked down at the junction. He was waiting for a tow truck to pick up a stolen vehicle just down the Baldy Road. I was sent these photos by the person who reported the car to the RCMP.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Major Power Outage

Power was off at Baldy, and apparently from Osoyoos to Greenwood, Beaverdell and Carmi.
Just came back on about 15 minutes ago.

Just giving you the heads up, in case any of you have a hot tub or other device that needs a reset after a power outage,

Tale of the Dog Blanket

So Red Dog and family came up this week - confirmed that the blanket stolen from their car last trip, was recovered from the truck that was stolen the same night. No word on the stolen kleenex box  😉

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Summer Work Party at "No Fish Lake?"

Bryan Gough checked out "No Fish/Linda Lake" today. It is a spring run-off filled lake, and the two photos show the difference from September to today. Bryan cleared a lot of floaters from the perimeter road last year - looks like there is work for a few of us - maybe July?

September 2016

May 10, 2017
Thanks Bryan - saved me a trip in there.

Kettle River Trend - USGS 12401500 KETTLE RIVER NEAR FERRY, WA

There are many members of the Baldy Community who live beside, or are affected by the Kettle River. The river dropped considerably after Saturday, but at the moment it looks like it is slowly on the rise again.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Road Update

Water flow is reduced, lake gone on McKinney road. Gradall contractor working the upper part of McKinney road today - hoping ditches are deep enough for the wet and or white weather forecast for the end of the week.

Snow Pack Stats for May 1st

April snow put us back up above normal.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Congratulations Josh and Shayna

Rode their bikes to a scenic spot overlooking the lake - great day for a wedding.

Paul Rauhala photo.

Oliver Community Gardens

If you don't have room for a garden at home, or your garden is still under the snow, consider joining the Oliver Community Garden. 5840 Airport Street, Oliver BC

Rent a raised bed with automatic irrigation.

Spring clean-up weed pull Monday May 15th, 6:30pm. Stop by if you are interested in renting a bed.

Open house and plant swap at the Gardens May 31st.

Baldy Community - Part 2

Another set of stats by memory from the Baldy Community.

Home Towns of owners:

Lower Mainland       20          (Including North and West Van, White Rock
Oliver    17
Osoyoos   13
Baldy        11
Penticton     9
Kaleden/Ok Falls    5
Australia     4
Vernon/Salmon Arm    3
Kelowna/WK    3
Summerland/Peachland   3
Howe Sound, Sunshine Coast 3
Vancouver Island    3
Midway      2
Rock Creek  2
Oroville   2
Castlegar    1
Kaslo          1
Seattle        1

Where there is more than one partner in the cabin and they live in different places, I have shown under both towns.
I have not included all of the Condos, as I am not up to date on all the owners.

Pass Powderkeg

Regular blog contributor Marie F. checks out Pass Powderkeg, part of Snowy's new gig.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rock Creek

The main road to the east side of the Kettle is now closed just past the bridge. Pictured  is what used to be Byman's Bend campground, and the piece of road that is now barricaded.

Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for May 6 based on 88 years of record more
Most Recent
Value May 6

Reduced Flow Up Here - Kettle River Rising

The McKinney Road Lake is a little smaller today, as is the Baldy Road Lake - however there is more erosion on the Baldy Road lake.

Baldy Road, near Camp McKinney

Slide at Marmot - Thanks John Webster

Last weekend of skiing. Avalanche on the knob chair. Upper basin run to knob hill slides down to the dirt.

Earlier this week, avalanche closed the Icefields Parkway.

More Water All Around Us

  • Fairview- Cawston Road closed - blocked culverts, erosion and water - hope you stay dry Ernie and Cheryl
  • lots of flooding along the Kettle River including City Park in Grand Forks
  • slides and flood closures widespread - details on Castanet and Oliver Daily News
  • Oliver Fire Department called out today to help fill and distribute sandbags

Friday, May 5, 2017

Kettle River Data

Thanks for the link Bryan Gough - back on the sidebar.

Note that the most recent reading for today, May 5, at 14800, is 3100 feet per second greater than the previous high for this date, back in ‘98.

Mountain Melt

The creek that flows under the lodge opened up, and the flow is pretty strong - I checked both sides of the lodge, then found that MMT was here, and already watching it.

Apparently I slept through most of the storm.........

Apparently the storm was much longer in duration than I thought, and a lot of water fell from the sky. The prep work Emcon did in the canyon worked, but they had a much bigger project today trying to save the road bed, 31km east of Oliver. I saw the crews heading back to Rock Creek after 7:00pm.

A flood watch was issued this afternoon for the Kettle River, so I headed to Rock Creek late in the day to move my travel trailer to higher ground. On the Baldy side of Camp McKinney, there is a lake across the Baldy road. The Emcon trucks will be well washed underneath, as they made many trips from "the pit" to McKinney road today.

"Lake by Camp McKinney"

Watching the debris go by as the river comes up in Rock Creek.

Heading down McKinney Road

Beside the road.

Good sign inventory for Emcon - they needed four of these signs today.

I met a wide eyed young man here, I coaxed him into driving through - not too deep - yet.

Not the best photo, but there is a down spout in the lake - it is the culvert.