Thursday, August 31, 2017

Stay out of backcountry - BC News

Stay out of backcountry - BC News: Officials are asking people to stay out of B.C.'s backcountry and recreation sites over the Labour Day weekend as the wildfire danger for the southern half of the province remains extreme.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Firewood Supplier

* August 31st update - first cabin owner stopped in at PWP today - they dump the load into your pick-up or trailer, and his truck is too fancy for that.

Baldy neighbours connected me with Princeton Wood Preservers. Have you ever driven past and looked at all that waste wood? They are venturing into the firewood business this year. Initially pick up your own, however if a group here wanted wood delivered, a large truck load could be considered.

Wood is pine, the majority of it is dry - most has bark on it, but some is already peeled. Confirmed that the firewood is not treated. When they have pallets made up, it will be all dry.

Contact info for booking large loads:
Bill Everitt
Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd.

1.877.797.7678 x 102

We are located at 1821 Highway 3 East, Princeton – about 18 km on the East side of Princeton, 2 km west of Bromley Rock park.

Hours of operation for wood pick-up:

Firewood hours are 8:30-3:30 Monday to Thursday and 8:30-4:30 Fridays. We are not set up to do firewood on weekends at this time, but if someone calls during the week we could possibly arrange it. 

Program and Pricing:

We make fencing and other stuff but we are starting a new firewood program. 

We are going to be making pallets of dried, pine firewood – approx.. half a cord per pallet. If we get enough interest, we could organize a truck to deliver up there or people can pick up from us directly. Right now we don’t have any made but people can come with trucks and/or trailers and get loaded up with trim ends.

Right now pricing depends on what kind of vehicle you bring (pickups are $20, trailers go from $30 for a small trailer to $100 for a 53’) but once we get some pallets made they will be $50 per pallet ($50 per half cord). This is introductory pricing for the year until we see how it goes. 

(I've used their trim ends at a Princeton Campground, and will stop by and pick up a load if I am in the area.)

US Fire Crosses the Border

Fire crosses border between Cathedral and Manning Parks - Cathedral Park closed.

7:00pm update from Cathedral Lakes Lodge

Today is a sad day!
Cathedral Provincial park is closed until further notice due to a wildfire spreading over the border from the US and is currently 6kms from the lodge so a full evacuation is taking place!
If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to call out reservations office on 1-888-255-4453 we will do our very best to accommodate everyone.
From the CLL team. Thank you!

Smoke Forecast

For today, this time.

Early winter ?

There have been signs for weeks now - some road side larch turning colour, and more recently some bushes and deciduous trees turning earlier than usual. Not sure if it is because of the long hot dry spell, or a sign of things to come.

Guru saw some sandhill cranes flying south a month early.

One indicator of a long cold winter is the locals stockpiling firewood. We're not going to see that for awhile - too dry in the bush.

The Cow Whisperer vs The Bull

Strata enhanced the watershed management protection plan a few years ago - fencing was installed for about 25% of the terrain accessing the mountain, and a cattle guard was installed on the Baldy Road. Salt blocks were strategically placed in consultation with the rancher. The cattle grazing into the area was reduced from close to 200 head, to a handful of cattle coming in from time to time.

Gone are the days when the locals would gather to block the side roads while 40-50 head at a time were ushered out through the fence at the cattle guard.

Yesterday our local "Cattle Whisperer" was charged by a bull. I don't know if he had time to note the ear tag number, but he does know many of the lead cows by number. A few head have found ways to come in, and recent logging for the proposed McKinney subdivision seems to have given the cows another escape route when they are being encouraged to leave. If there is an opening, they will find it!

Hopefully the cows can be managed until the end of this grazing season. Terry's done too much work to have her garden destroyed again.

I look forward to a collaboration between BMR, strata, and the Cow Whisperer for watershed protection moving forward.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A different kind of summer in the village.........

On the plus side, there are more full time residents, and more owners spending time on the mountain working on their cabins, and forest fuel removal.

On the negative side, there have been many reports of suspicious people scoping out the village. At least four of us have approached suspicious persons - several have not had a reasonable explanation as to why they are here. One had a different answer for two residents, moments apart.

One known problem tenant has apparently left the Province. One individual was confronted walking around  cabins early on a Sunday morning. There have been late night noisy vehicles, a car sped up and down Tin-Horn at 5:00 am recently.

Full time residents tend to notice a different vehicle by a neighbouring cabin. With the AirBnB properties in the village, it is common to see lots of strangers walking the village, and turn over of cars at those properties.

I saw distinctive 4x4 fly out of the upper cul-de-sac the other day - I haven't gone back to see if the tire tracks came from the gravel pit, or from the cabin trail.

* Update: This post has generated a few phone calls and more reports of suspicious activity.

Terry's Garden

Terry's garden has a real show of colour this year, and the motion sensor sprinkler seems to be the answer for most of the wildlife who enjoy eating her garden.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Haze Returns

The smoky haze returned today - reports indicate it is likely smoke coming from south of the border. Air still better up here than in the valley.

Gregoire Creek Grazers

Late afternoon haze.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Strata renters..............

To the strata members renting their cabins, particularly those operating AirBnB. Please ask your tenants to reduce their speed in the village.

When you live at Baldy and you post it on Facebook............

You might just end up on the blog.

Congratulations A & N (P)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

New Fire...........

New fire not that far away.

Big Pow Thursday - My Rant of the Week

Big Pow days are awesome at Baldy, and I usually get a big spike in blog hits the day before - checking on the mid-week snowfall. I had to quit skiing Big Pow a number of years ago. I live with asthma, (reactive airways disease), and I get into trouble if someone ahead of me on the chair is smoking. Cigs or pot. The smoker can be several chairs ahead and still affect me.

The problem is worse on Big Pow days than on regular operating days.

I once got into an argument with an Olympian at the Top of the Eagle. I spoke to him about his smoke in front of me on the chair - he insisted that he had a right to do so because he had bought a lift ticket.

Other ski areas have implemented signage and no smoking policies in recent years. This is Baldy - a family hill, great snow, great healthy outdoor experience. You can't smoke in a restaurant or on an aircraft - consider others on the chair.

This sign from Big White.
The Whistler Blackcomb policy:

Friday, August 25, 2017

New Blog Post from Andy

Even MORE Terrain Announced at Baldy Mountain Resort

Dearest Baldy community,The BMR team are super excited to share some updates with you. We have been working hard in the heat to add value to your winter as we continue to strive to offer an enhanced experience to you all
For those long-term locals and new adventures alike, we are excited to announce the cleaning and reopening of some long-lost terrain and also share with you the work we are doing on the snowshoe trails
We have had our brushing crew hard at work this spring, and they will be back out soon now the weather is cooling down. If you see them around town you may well notice bits of Alder sticking out of their hmmmm…. clothing (see accompanying picture).

Brushing Out The Trails

Rockstar/ Power keg Trees – Watch for 8 new micro chutes. Enjoy and don’t forget your snorkel
Shaft/ Rockstar trees – minor cleanup of deadfall and an old chute opening again after many years of alder growth – see if you can find it……
Maverick – For you big Powder Thursday fans, check out the new feel. we cut beautiful chutes in the overgrown evergreen – this will be amazing this year. This run’s potential is unrealized – this may become our new favorite.
The Pondo/ Shaft trees – For the adventurers – The brushing cleared out a lot of the deadfall and cut out the alder that was impassable as well we cut back the alder on the lower chutes. The triangle of trees & alder above the South winds had deadfall cut out and alder cut back – a small, but fun area!
Shaft – Evergreen trees gladed into islands and several wide chutes opened – We are trying to return this run to the steep and deep run it once was
Forney’s Run – We cleaned chutes we opened last year and did a bit more brushing and cleaning, particularly on skiers left – come explore
Glades – partially done – opened the far side chutes but hopefully will get back and finish once the fire hazard issue is resolved.
Honky Tonk – Did you miss Honky Tonk last year? We gladed the evergreens and created nice wide chutes. This will drastically increase the level of skier that can enjoy this terrain. A blue skier could now safely ski this. You will be thrilled with this ride
Jolly Jack/ Jolly Jack shortcut – For all of you powder hounds out there! We opened up all the lower chutes between Jolly Jack and the Shortcut – you gotta check these out soon!
As we continue to think long term and strive for an all season resort it is vital we focus on the non-skier options; think about your partner doing a day of snowshoeing and then relaxing in front of the fireplace in the updated Baldy Bar….
Oops, did I hint at what’s happening in the lodge… 

Shaping Up To Snowshoe

The Gruhl’s Pool/ Bare Patch Trail – Brushing work here was for access off the toboggan park area. We opened up the trail head by clearing all the alder side-to-side – hot and dirty work. We have redirected the trail around the bridge for safety purposes. If you haven’t seen the view from the bare patch on a bluebird winter day you are missing a bucket list item!
The rest of the trail had become impassible with deadfall but we have remarked the trail with flagging tape and cut all the deadfall that was across the trail to Gruhls’ Pool. In an effort to make the trails more accessible we have developed a new beginner Snowshoe trail behind the Sugar Lump chair. This trail is easily accessible on simple terrain so if you, your partner or children want to try snowshoeing, this season could well be the time.
The team has yet to get into our existing snowshoe trail system but it’s on the agenda so please come check them out when the snow falls. We are thrilled to be providing extra areas to explore and adding great non-skier options.
Stay tuned right here for even more developments from your Baldy Mountain team!
– Andy Foster
General Manager

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wildfire at 33 and Philpott - Kelowna News

Wildfire at 33 and Philpott - Kelowna News: Fire crews are at the scene of a wildfire in progress at Highway 33 and Philpott Road.

North east of Cindy and Brent's - but not as far away as I would like to see. They are now on evacuation order.

Hwy 33 closure in Joe Rich area, at Peregrine road in the North, and at the Big White turnoff to the south.

Fresh video on Castanet.


Recent sightings -

  • large cat, 2 km down the road
  • black bear above the Magic Carpet
  • small black bear near intersection of Dividend and Baldy Trail
  • black bear near 20km McKinney Road

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trees to come down.........

Andrew is coming up Saturday August 26th to look at tree falling jobs in the community. If you have some trees you want looked at, and are not already on his list, send me an e-mail and I will forward you the information.

Are you on the BMR newsletter list?


Last season, Tuesdays and Wednesdays saw the least amount of visitors and, as such, we will be closed on those days throughout the 2017/18 winter, with the exception of the December and March Break.

But, that means the slopes will be rocking for 5 days a week!

Beginning in the month of December, the chairs will be running Thursday through Monday while Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be reserved for private events, only. However, over the Christmas holidays and the first week of March break, Baldy Resort will be open for 7 days a week.

Don't miss out on the $299 adult season pass for the first 1000 passes, prices will go up October 15, 2017. With the twenty-five feet of natural snow last season, you should be dreaming of pillowy lines through open bowls and face shots in perfectly spaced trees.

Leave it all on the Baldy Mountain Slopes Thursday - Monday

Stay tuned for full hours of operation, more details on new runs for 2017/2018 and cleaning up the runs that didn’t get finished in 2016.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a few changes to the Food and Beverage as well the Lodge.


BMR Blog

New blog post out this morning - lots of good reasons to go 5 days a week, and bring back "Big Pow Thursday." ( I know there are still some of those T-shirts around in your closets)
Ski Harder 5 Days A Week At Baldy Mountain Resort
Are you dreaming of cooler days, snow fall and unbelievable powder conditions?
Baldy Mountain Ski Resort is!
With the 2017/18 ski season right around the corner in Oliver, BC the resort is planning for a busy 2nd season after the Baldy resurrection. This year, the slopes will be open 5 days-a-weekThursday through Monday starting in December and Tuesdays and Wednesdays for private events only. Over the Christmas holidays and the first week of March break, Baldy Resort will be open for 7 days a week.
What does this mean for you?
Leave it all on the Baldy Mountain Slopes Thursday – Monday!

5 Advantages to 5 days a week:

1. Sleeping in 2 days a week
2. Can ride HARDER the 5 days Baldy is open
3. Treat Tuesday AND Wednesdays as rest days
4. THURSDAYS are the ultimate powder day
5. Overall better snow conditions
** Don’t forget this leaves availability for large events on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please contact to make a booking (or rent the hill for you and your powder enthusiast friends)!
Bonus items:
Be sure to catch the $299 adult season pass deal for the first 1000 passes, prices are set to go up October 15, 2017.
To add even more to the stoke-factor check out this video: POWDER THURSDAY
With the twenty-five feet of natural snow last season, you should be dreaming of pillowy lines through open bowls and face shots in perfectly spaced trees.
For additional information or if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly!
Andy Foster
Baldy Mountain Resort GM

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Forest Fuel Reduction Grant

The FESBC fuel reduction grant approved for Baldy Mountain Resort and announced last season, is a more involved process than first indicated, and is still in the works. At this time, Doug MacLeod is exploring and flagging the area south of the village and ski area, to mark out a proposed area for the fire break.

Steps moving forward include consultation with Strata, the Mountain Resorts Branch, and the OIB.

I will provide updates when I have more information.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

May heavenly powder await you, my dear friend

Our dear friend Betty Ozanne passed away Sunday August 20th in Kelowna. Betty and Ken were very much a part of Baldy for the first 25 years the mountain was open, and there are lots of memories and lasting friendships in the Baldy family.

Our thoughts are with her sister Pat, her sons Ron (Vanessa), Mike (Sandy), and Jay. Hugs to her grandchildren Samantha (Lev) Zaytsoff, Brad and Lauren. Great grandchildren Jaxon and Kalina Zaytsoff.

In the end, her heart let her down, and Jax spoke for us all - wishing our hearts could beat for hers.

There is more to write about this amazing lady, and the family contribution to Baldy. It is going to take me a little time to put it together.

We are all better people, for having Betty in our lives.

There will be a memorial/celebration of life at a later date.

Would you like a ski lesson from a "Sparkle Head"?

Congratulations to Baldy Snow School Instructor Molly Koenig - Crowned Oliver Ambassador last night after some great speeches and presentations including one on her trip to a school in Haiti in July.

Brooke, Abby, Aaliyah, Molly

Molly with Oliver Fire Department Chief Bob Graham
Molly's sponsor was Oliver Fire Department

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Sunset from Indian Rock

Sunset from Indian Rock in Naramata, August 14th - Marie F. photo.

When your summer is sandbagging then rebuilding your lakeshore least the sunset is cool.

This guy..........

Katlin has been skiing Baldy since he could walk. Probably only 2 when he was skiing the big hill in a harness leading his Mom. I had a great visit with him last night - now a Journeyman Carpenter with his own company, and a hardworking nice guy. He is busy, and told us he doesn't have time to work on his website right now, but there are photos on there showing his craftsmanship - I like the work he has done finishing log homes - adapting window frames and things on log walls is challenging - unfortunately he wasn't born yet when I built my place. His contact info is on the services tab on this blog - he is already lining up work for next year.

You may see him on the slopes this winter, but only if he is standing at the top or bottom of the Eagle - he is part of the Jones/Davison/Dennill/Williamson speed team. Nancy Greene racers as children, and amazing all mountain skiers as adults - they like speed. Life long friends from Westbridge, Kelowna, Oliver, and North Vancouver - met and bonded through the ski racing program here at Baldy.

Skiing in New Zealand

The Baldy Bunny Hill

Interesting read. New Zealand ski area serviced by rope tows - replaces ropes during the season.
Flash back to the early days at Baldy - rope tow for beginners. Before Baldy - rope tows at Borderline in Bridesville - this little skier needed one of the big kids ( like Rod MacLeod) to hold the rope down to her level so she could reach and ride the lift. Ski mitts had to be tough back then.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Almost Finished

Thank-you to the drivers who did slow down in front of my place the last few days. The logs have been cleaned and refinished, and I am pleased with the results. In 2009 the logs were sanded and finished with the Perma-Chink/Lifeline base coat clear coat system. This time it was their Logwash product, and a fresh clear-coat. The fortieth anniversary of my first night in the cabin is coming up in a few months.

Thanks Matt and Kevin for your help with job site safety.


Last year 100 % of the chairs came off the lines. This year, back to the regular maintenance schedule with a percentage of the chairs coming off for testing each year. Nice to see this activity in August - a lot easier to do at this time of year.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Updates

  • pick-up destroyed in the canyon this morning - don't know who, or what happened to occupants - Baldy family member saw the fresh tracks, went down the bank, and was unable to see inside - first report to the RCMP 11:00 ish, I saw the wreckage on the large tow truck this afternoon - would be surprised if anyone came out of it uninjured.
  • Lots of activity on the mountain - owners working in the village, staff working in the lodge, and Lumpy was turning today - start of the annual maintenance
  • Smoky again in the valley, but air is good up here
  • Day 2 of an older red car broken down on McKinney Road- guy working on it yesterday - looked vandalized today - was going to photograph it today and report it, but there was someone sitting in it - he nodded and did not flag me down

Next Weekend in Oliver

Friday, August 11, 2017

Heads Up - Village Security

A couple of weeks ago, an owner on Whiskey Jack saw a male walking around cabins near his around 8:00am on a Sunday morning. The fellow claimed to be looking for someone  on another street.

A couple of days ago, a trespasser was recorded on a surveillance camera outside a cabin in the lower half of the village.

You've seen my post about the shop break in.

There are many occupied dwellings in the village, and an ever increasing number of video surveillance systems.

Cariboo backcountry closed - BC News

Cariboo backcountry closed - BC News: The Cariboo backcountry is officially off limits.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Break-in and theft at the shop - early Monday Morning

Andy Foster to Oliver Loop
2 hrs
Sadly, Baldy Mountain Resort got broken into this last Monday at 3:40 am and our Side by Side (KAF820 Mule SE ATV, 2015, serial number: JKBAFSC16FB503442) was stolen along with some power tools.
Luckily, we got some pretty good video footage of the culprits. Although we already have names of who we believe the culprits are we would love your input if you recognize the people in these pictures or the vehicles.
Our side by side has a windshield which is unique and a picture of it is attached (without the windshield)
Please contact Oliver RCMP on their non-emergency line with any information you have quoting the file number #2017-4312.
(T) 250.498.3422
Your support is greatly appreciated

The list of missing items may still be growing, according to facilities manager at Baldy Mountain Resort, Matt Koenig. 
Missing items so far:
  • 2016 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT six passenger four door side-by-side
  • Milwaukee 18v cordless tool set including ½ drive impact driver high torque, standard ¼ hex head impact driver, Cordless drill, 3 batteries and charger.
  • Dell Office workstation computer.
  • Stanley 183 piece socket set.
  • Two off road full-face helmets.

Lost Keys

I am preparing to destroy a $25 trailer lock. The pair of small keys on a small ring may have traveled around the village on my rear bumper. If you happened to find a pair of small keys in the village, please contact me. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mountain Activity

There are lots of things happening up here that you will be pleased to see. I've had a description of the on hill trail crew work, and a tour of work in progress in the lodge.

The trail crew has been moved to other projects until the fire danger has eased.

I've agreed to not show some of the work in progress, as the management team would prefer to release images of the finished projects.

No getting away from it..............

Smoke forecast for 10:00am this morning..........

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

BC Wildfire Update

Smoke visible from wildfires in the Cariboo Fire Centre

WILLIAMS LAKE - Smoke originating from wildfires burning throughout the Cariboo Fire Centre will continue to be visible due to hot, dry and windy conditions that the region has been experiencing over the past month.
Smoke concentrations can vary widely depending on wind activity, fire behaviour and changes in temperature. Hot and dry conditions are in the weather forecast for this week and could lead to an increase in fire activity and the amount of smoke that's visible.

Detecting new wildfires during smoky conditions can be challenging. Anyone who sees open flames or a distinct column of smoke should call *5555 on a cellphone or 1 800 663-5555 toll-free as soon as possible and provide as much detail as possible.

To see the current smoke forecast for Western Canada, visit:

For the latest information about air quality, check: (

The Cariboo Fire Centre is currently experiencing a predominantly "extreme" fire danger rating throughout the region. The public is reminded that all types of open burning, including campfires, and the use of off-road vehicles are prohibited throughout the Cariboo Fire Centre.

You can also follow the latest wildfire news:

* On Twitter:

* On Facebook:


Amanda Reynolds
Fire Information Officer
BC Wildfire Service
Cariboo Fire Centre
250 565-6129
Fire Centre Bulletin 2843

Anarchist Mountain Fire Started Last Night

More details later - reported around 10:30, reported under control at 8:40am- Anarchist Mountain and Osoyoos Fire Departments responded with back up from BC Forest Service. Size estimate 10 hectares, additional BCFS crews arriving this morning.

Fire below Colin's place - didn't have time to drive by tonight.
  • Quick response by Christina Lake Fire Department last night - power pole fire.
  • Several lightning starts north of Grand Forks last night - they also got some wet drops

Monday, August 7, 2017

From BC Wildfire Service

Over the course of the BC Day long weekend, there were 28 new wildfires, the majority of which were lightning-caused.
Given how hot and dry it is across the province right now, we didn’t see as many new fire starts as what there was potential for, and we want to thank those who were out in the backcountry this weekend for being vigilant.
We are signing off for tonight, and will return tomorrow morning. If there are any significant developments in wildfire activity over the course of the night, we will post information as soon as information becomes available.

Thanks Oliver Fire Dept. and Families

Awesome car wash today at the Oliver Fire Hall - open until 2:00pm today. Trust the firemen to find innovative ways to use fire fighting equipment washing cars. All proceeds to the Loon Lake Fire Dept. - they lost their fire hall in a wildfire.

Stevely and crew at the soap station, Warren B. and Rob G. at the rinse station (ladder between two firetrucks, and nozzles aimed at the top and sides................

Matt, Molly, Sam and Kevin G. at the hand dry station- great job - Sam K. the truck still looks clean with a little dust on it. ;)

Global Okanagan taping story.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

More Firefighting Staff Arriving this week - 400 From New Zealand, Australia and Mexico

More international wildfire assistance on the way

KAMLOOPS - With no relief in sight in the weather forecast, B.C.'s wildfire emergency is expected to continue over the next few weeks. To ensure that adequate resources are available to continue in the fight, more international personnel are on the way.
Over the next week, more than 400 firefighting staff from New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and the United States will join the over 3,800 personnel currently working throughout the province to respond to the ongoing wildfire situation in B.C.

This will be a mix of specialized support staff, including incident management teams, and highly trained and experienced wildland firefighting crews. They will join over 3,150 personnel from British Columbia (including more than 1,450 B.C. contract personnel) as well as over 630 other out-of-province personnel who have been working tirelessly to protect the province's communities and infrastructure.

These firefighters are trained to the standards of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre. The cost of bringing in the international personnel will be covered by the Province of B.C.

Hot and dry weather conditions have kept a persistently high-to-extreme fire danger rating throughout B.C. Firefighting crews are on standby in all six of B.C.'s fire centres in preparation for an anticipated increase in fire starts over the next few days due to unsettled weather in the forecast that may bring lightning.


Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development -

"Given the unprecedented nature of the B.C. wildfires, we appreciate the assistance our international partners are able to provide."

Learn More:

To report a new wildfire or an open burning violation, please call 1 800 663-5555 toll-free or *5555 on a cellphone.

For up-to-date information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories, call 1 888 3-FOREST (1 888 336-7378) or visit:

You can follow the latest wildfire news on:

* Twitter at:

* Facebook at:


Kevin Skrepnek
Chief Fire Information Officer
BC Wildfire Service
250 312-3051

Connect with the Province of B.C. at:
News Release 2840

Fires by the numbers - BC News

Fires by the numbers - BC News: As wildfires continue to burn through British Columbia, we have the latest figures on those fires.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Snowbirds - Penticton Wednesday

No boats for Snowbirds - Penticton News: Anyone thinking about using a boat to get a better view of the Canadian Force’s Snowbirds, Skyhawks and CF18 demo team on Wednesday is being asked to reconsider.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Walk In to No Fish Lake

If you get the urge to get wet in a nearby lake, you'll have to walk in. Off road vehicles are prohibited, and standard vehicles are prohibited from going off road. Fine is $757.00, and violations can be called in to the RAPP line.

1-877-952-7277 or #7277 on the TELUS Mobility Network.

North End of the Lake - before

North End of the Lake after some recent hand work.

I guess our access clearing work party will be postponed for awhile.

Bryan Gough photos.