Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October 31st..........I suppose it is fitting...............

Our thoughts today are with "The Witch" and her family. We love you, and respect your wishes - no visitors.💗🍷

New Blog Post from Andy



From the archives - spooky photo by John Fleming

Morning Sky

Monday, October 30, 2017

Custom Laser Cut Signs

Francis and Lisa have a laser cutter, and are in the sign business.


Wood Waste Mini Compressed Logs

My review is not scientific in the least, but here are my thoughts on the product.

  • Will they replace firewood for my season supply?  no
  • Would I buy them again?  yes if I needed something short term, or to take camping.
  • Boxes started to get damp stored outside, but product remained OK ( there is a roof over my wood storage area)
  • Very easy to handle, make a nice fire. ( start small fire with kindling)

Staff Orientation 2012

snow-forecast dot com............update this morning...........

Friday, October 27, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Compactor Stolen

A small compactor was stolen from the Wapiti Subdivision at Baldy earlier this week. If you see it, please contact the Oliver RCMP, and/or the bro.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cherry Wood

There is a property owner in Osoyoos wanting 20 cherry trees removed. They are still standing so would not be burnable for firewood this year. If you are interested, I can give you their phone number.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Disputing Family Day change

Disputing Family Day change: Premier John Horgan’s recent revelation that he’s considering moving Family Day in British Columbia has drawn the ire of at least one big player in the Okanagan Valley tourism industry. Michael J. Ballingall, the senior vice president of Big White Ski Resort, says moving the date would have “huge” economic impacts in the province. He …

News from the Alpine Club.........

The Mt. Baldy Alpine Club is bringing an avalanche course to Baldy 
(Heads up T-Bar Tony)

We will be putting on an accredited AST-1 course on Dec 28-29th.  Finbar O'Sullivan will be our instructor.  He has 15 years experience and is a CAA certified level 2 instructor.  It was very difficult to get someone to come to Baldy but I finally got a commitment from this man.  12 spots for the course with some already taken, $270.00 plus tax.  
Contact Paul Rauhala:   paul@okaped.com  

The "Cupcake Race" is coming back to Baldy!

The Cup Cake race returns to Baldy on January 28th, that's a Sunday.  The club is hosting the Rio Tinto NG South Okanagan zone race.  Our NG program will start Jan 7th.  We hope to run a free Christmas camp to recruit new members as well, TBA

On the road today...........

Thanks Bill, good to see you on the road today with the Emcon grader.

Argo patching pavement today.

Came home from Highway 3 tonight - the well reported van is still on the bank below Camp McKinney. ( vehicle owner has told RCMP that they will remove the vehicle)


To me, Facebook is a necessary evil. There are features and settings that many of my friends aren't comfortable with - particularly who can see what.

About that hashtag thing. When you post with the hashtag Baldy Mountain Resort, your post goes up on their Facebook page, under the "Community" tab.


October 1968

Jack Hulton

February 2007

Jill, Richard, Mike, Jim, Virginia, Marian, Ethel

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Lodge

Early '70's - lunch counter located where washrooms are now. ( outhouse in the old days )

Bryan Gough photo of Peggy Alden at the lunch counter.


Work continues on the Eagle Chair - the chairs all went back on the line and the tower work was done before the weather turned.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Argghh Oh

An October weekend, and it is a long way to send a truck to clear the top few kms of the Argo section of road. Just hoping that the McKinney and Baldy roads will get some attention before the road bed freezes. Looking for Argo and Emcon graders to tackle the washboard patches.

Emcon Midway

Break-in, theft and vandalism at Emcon Midway.

Sunday Afternoon

Calm after the storm...........

Yesterday's storm continued into the night, and the settled measurement this morning is 15cm. The sun is hitting Baldy now, and there should be some great photo ops, but I prefer the cosy cabin.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Let it snow!

It was overcast when I left this morning around 8:30, I got soaked working at the Community Garden, and as I headed back up the hill around 11:00, it was snowing heavily - as low as the McCuddy Creek Ranch.

There is snow on the road , and accumulation so far is more than 7cms - forecast is to snow all day. It may well be here to stay now.

From    http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Mt-Baldy-Ski-Area/6day/mid

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday pics

A little frost up top.

Replacements on site for the tire eaters.........

A fun place to work..............

At one time I used to produce a slideshow for the end of season staff gathering. Baldy has for the most part been regarded as a great, fun place to work. The management team is committed to a return to the good Baldy working environment.

Season Pass Reciprocal Deals

The BMR website has updated the list of mountains offering reciprocal deals for Baldy passholders.
Looking better......

Season Pass Photos

You still have to sign a liability waiver in front of designated staff, but you can submit a photo to speed up the process.

New for 2018 Season
Season’s Pass Photo Submission
Say Cheese! New this season we are allowing submissions of your own photos for the Season’s Passes to help you avoid the lines on opening day, and get you on the Mountain as soon as possible. If you would like to submit your own photo, please adhere to the following guidelines:
Some tips for photo requirements:
  • Your photo must be from the shoulders up
  • We need to see you, so no sunglasses, please
  • Please look straight ahead as you would for any other photo ID
  • We love your pets too, but please leave them out of the picture
  • Photos must be jpeg format
  • Photos must be well lit
Photos can be emailed to info@skibaldy.com. Please include the words “PASS PHOTO” in the subject line. Your email must also include the following:
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
Once submitted, your Season’s Pass will be pre-made and ready for pick up once your waiver is singed, either your first visit to the Mountain, one of our attending events, or at a pass pick-up location to be announced by Mid-November on the website.
You can sign-up for the Baldy Mountain Resort Newsletter on our website at www.skibaldy.com
Please call should you have any questions or concerns 250-498- 4086

October 20, 2011

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Those candles look familiar.........

Someone had a birthday.......lucky for them.......not nearly as many candles as I had in my driveway last winter!

From the archives - not a good day for photos up here today...........

Terry Smith and Jack Hulton - October 1968
Before McKinney Tee was installed.

October 1974 - "The Condos": under contruction.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ugly night on the mountain..........

It's wet, it's dark, and it's foggy. The last few kms of the drive home tonight were very slow - trying to see where the edge of the road was. My mirrors and back-up camera were useless in trying to back up the driveway.

October 18th is a turning point date in the back of my mind, since the year the valley temperature plunged, and part of the apple crop was frozen on the trees.

My wood is split and under the deck, outside stuff put away; Let it Snow!

Congrats Sherry

Sherry Davison is a regular contributor to the blog - one of her great images has been selected to be the backdrop on this year's season passes.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ski Pro.....

Molly, Nils, other 18 & under Baldy ski instructors - check out the latest edition of Ski Pro - they have a discount on membership for young members.

For us old timers, 25 year or longer member, pay your dues by November 1st, and receive a voucher good for a $50 savings on one of the National Member Conventions.

Another one from 2011............

Warren, Andrew and Kevin...........Kevin the vest looked OK in 2011 ....................

Season Passes

Yes the early discount period is over, but at $349 for an adult, your pass is more than paid for in 7 days skiing.

BMR Home Page

Hey Maddy, Agatka, Nils, Ben, Mia and Adam........did you know you are on the BMR home page? (Where's Jack ?) Usually when I look at that page, I just see the photo of Stephanie. This morning Maddy came up, then a photo of the rest of you awesome skiers (when you were little people.)

and........here is a little flashback to 2011, when you were "little rippers" - with thanks to Tom for stills and videos.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Blog Visits

Blog Visits from:

Canada                   85%
USA                      10%
Australia                   4%
Then a long list of countries, the last being my family in Norway, at 0.01%


Google Chrome           40%
Tablets                       20%
Safari                  11%
Firefox                 11%
IE                         7%
Mobile Browsers           6%
Edge              4%

Michael - I now have a paid subscription to statcounter - stats are kept longer. You are showing 343, most of that has to be from your last trip. :)

(No, statcounter doesn't tell me who is looking - Michael has the record for number of hits per day, and it is pretty easy to flag him when he holidays in the same place each year.)

Rash of vehicle thefts.........Where are your keys?

I'd heard of a few, but talking to friends in the towing business today, their compound is filling up with recovered vehicles, and one operator is towing stolen vehicles for most of his work day. Interesting to learn that many of the vehicles had been taken with the keys.

Surely someone reported this one on the Baldy Road below Camp McKinney - I was told it was there on October 6th, and it was still there when I went to Rock Creek this morning.

Addition to the Lodge - 1971

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Rest in Peace, Jennifer Lang

I learned Thursday morning that Jennifer Lang passed away a couple of weeks ago, a few short months after her cancer diagnosis. Way too young, and a huge loss for her family and friends.

Our thoughts are with her devoted life partner Jeff Nagel, her mom Barbara, brother Ron (Shirley) nephew Alex, extended family and friends.

Jennifer was predeceased by her father, Frank Lang.

The Lang family has had a cabin at Baldy for decades. Jennifer's journalism career in print media kept her from spending much time here in recent years, however she and Jeff usually managed a hiking weekend at the end of summer.

Mom Barbara loved being at Baldy, but ill health has prevented her from coming more recently.

The family facebook post:

Here is a link to a tribute from one of the newspapers Jennifer has worked for.


Baldy Tee, March 1973

Fairweather Family Album
The good old days when you got your exercise going up as well as down.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Blanket of  white this morning.

Vancouver Ski Swap

Lower mainland Baldy friends if you are going to the swap this weekend, have a look for Andy, and introduce yourselves.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wood Waste Product for the Wood Stove

I am trying a new product to augment my limited wood supply. These SPF (spruce,pine,fir) mini logs are compressed sawdust - no glue, wax or additives. They come in a 35# case - 3 cases for $10, 48 cases for $140. It is recommended that the fire is started with kindling and wood. So far I like how they burn - will update when I have used them for awhile longer.

They are made and available at Okanagan Forest Products in Summerland - off Logie Road on the street just south of Arrow Truck Canopies. They were packaging bedding for horses when I was there yesterday, so I didn't see the manufacture process.


Look for pallets of waste wood products - the sign and door were obscured by product yesterday.

I found them on Castanet:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Season Pass Prices go up after October 15th


I bought mine - will add to this collection - I have a complete set from all of Baldy's operating years, starting in 1968-69.