Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Night Sky

From now until February 6th, Mars, Venus and the Moon will form a triangle - visible just as darkness falls.


Gail Jones image tonight along Slocan Lake.

China Creek Internet

China Creek Internet has an installation tech in the village today, looking at which cabins can be switched to a different dish/system. Cabins that have to go through a lot of trees will have to stay with the current system, but it should be faster when much of the load is changed over.

Night Skiing at Phoenix - Two nights in February.

February night skiing! Bring your own headlamp. 6:30pm to 9:30 pm Thanks to Roxul Employees, GF Gazette, Boundary Mall and Juice FM for sponsoring!

Roxul insulation is made in Grand Forks. I used Roxul when I re-roofed my cabin a few years ago. Bugs and rodents apparently do not like Roxul.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ladies Day

Sue's new guide dog - Button.

Photo of the week..........

Some amazing photos this week - thanks Kirsten Gibbs for this sunrise shot on Saturday Morning.

February Lift Ticket Deal - Tuesdays and Wednesdays

"Our team was debating how to thank our guests for their tremendous support so far this year and we came up with a doozie...
This starts Wednesday February 1st and ends Tuesday the 28th.
This is our gift to the valley and all our guests."
from Snowy on Facebook this morning.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Baldy Racers at Big White

A few racers stayed home with illness, but the racers who went to Big White did very well. First and Third finishes in the U6, and some Top 10 finishes too. More info and photos to come from coaches Yanni and Owen.


Welcome Back Mike!

Thrilled to see Mike Bland back on skis! At least one titanium knee, but skiing well.

Gary McBryde photo.

Sunday Thoughts

Wishing there was one place to get complete, accurate information. Multi platform social media is only good if each platform has a consistent message. Twice a day is an onerous task to try to find event details for you.

What could be better than Saturday?.... Sunday!

Cienna, Tanja, and Morgan

Cienna leading Morgan and I in the trees.

Fat Bike Demo Day

Paul Rauhala photo.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friends looking for a cabin rental??

The accommodations tab on this blog has more on hill listings than the BMR site.

Saturday - a photo op kind of day..........

Mother Nature Delivered - Great Sunrise

Those boarding the Eagle at 7:00am were treated to a great sunrise at the top this morning, as well as breakfast burritos in the alpine.

My Yard is not a Terrain Park

My bamboo fence on the side yard only lasted a day or two before someone went through it. Yesterday I caught a snowboarder using the yard as a terrain park. His speed indicated to me that he had been through the yard before. He seemed so surprised when I asked his name, I don't think he told me his real name.

My yard, cement planters, water shut offs - no place to play.

The neighbours and I used the other side of the house.

Owners, guests, and prospective purchasers are welcome in the Strata Village. If you are just looking for a secret run, stick to the ski area.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Early Morning Breakfast - Top of Eagle

BMR Facebook says pre-register at www.skibaldy.com . I didn't find the register spot, but found the info below when I clicked on the event under the What's Happening tab.

Breakfast burrito: potatoes, eggs, cheese, sausage, onions & mushrooms
Breakfast burrito: rice, eggs, cheese, tomato & avocado
Breakfast Burrito: Potatoes, Eggs, cheese, sausage, onions & mushrooms
Staff – Free
Public – $10 (cash only)
Meeting at 7:00am at the bottom of the Eagle Chair

Sunday Race at Big White - 11 members of Mt. Baldy Alpine Club

Good luck to our Baldy Racers attending a race at Big White on Sunday. Below are a couple of pics from the training last Sunday at Baldy. Paul Rauhala photos.

OOSAR Annual Winter Training this Weekend - off McKinney Road

If you are heading up to Baldy Mountain Resort this weekend please watch for extra vehicles along the road in the line shack/McKinney Nordic Ski Club area. OOSAR will be doing our winter training this weekend. Members will be in the area from approx 0900h Saturday until lunch time on Sunday. Are you interested in Search and Rescue? Members at the base camp at Line Shack road are happy to answer your questions.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Team Manning

Nice to have Mike and family here enjoying a rare opportunity to ski together, and relax during the ski season. (no idea who is holding the fort at Manning today)

You can guess which one is celebrating a birthday!


In keeping with my recent theme of the kids growing up at Baldy, I'll have to dig out some childhood shots of Kirsten.

Baldy Bar

Food is great Shayna. Service is good and friendly. The new cushions are comfortable. Not impressed with the d├ęcor. Some of the photos/paintings were donated to Borderline Ski Club to be on display. I have had a couple of families tell me that they will be asking for their stuff back if it does not go back on display.

Baldy "original" James with Parker - comparing their morning stats on Ski Track. $1.35 app.

Lodge burger is from a frozen patty, I had the Baldy Burger - in house made patty.
Nice to see Eclipse Helicopters touch down for lunch.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More Wednesday

Emcon and Argo have had graders on the road recently. Still a little washboard, but winged back nicely. Argo also cleared a number of pull out locations.

Golf Course Restaurant

"Gecko's" left the golf course and moved to main street. The new restaurant at the Desert Golf Club has a sign advertising a discount with your Baldy Pass/

Sixty Candles...............

No flying under the radar in the Baldy Village. The elves were out early this morning, bringing the community birthday candles out of their hiding place.


Today's morning shot from Mark Schroeter.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

Have you talked to your kids about tree wells?

These photos are from last winter, but with 2 feet of new stuff in the last week, the wells will be deeper than they were a week ago.


Go Mia............

Mia at the Grand Opening of the Sugar Lump Chair
Mia in the pow this weekend. Gary McBryde photo.
Gary McBryde photo.