Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gotta Love Facebook

Where someone makes a big deal about skiing out of bounds, then posts a photo of himself with guests - out of bounds.

March 5th Ladies Dinner

Here's the scoop on the Ladies Dinner.

Sun Mar 5
Arrive 5pm, dinner at 6pm - one seating only
Set menu with choices - Babes to pre-order when they register - we have menu in ticket office
How to Register:
By phone or in person
How to Pay:
We encourage pre-payment when registration made so there's not a bottleneck of ladies paying after dinner
$40 + tax (gratuity NOT included)
Dinner and a glass of wine

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Noon Weds Mar 1. Unfortunately walk-ins on the day of the dinner are not permitted, nor is ordering off the menu. The kitchen needs to be prepared well in advance to order the food AND for staffing.

Any questions let me know - thanks a  bunch!!

First Day Snowboarding - Sage and Tao

I met Sage, Tao, and Mom on the Magic Carpet this afternoon. They are skiers from Grand Forks, and today they tried snowboarding for the first time. I watched them for a bit - they are doing well.

Paul Eby Photo

Copyright photo from Paul Eby on Oliver Daily News.

Quiet Wyatt on his days off..............

Thanks Jason Parker for this photo of Wyatt.

Friday, February 24, 2017

SBC Skier - Andrew Strain

I was asked twice to be interviewed for this article, but declined due to circumstances at the time with receivership, and the second request came after sale of the ski area, and I referred him to Joey. It is reasonably accurate, however it was the bro's 55th not 50th birthday.

Ski Canada Magazine

BMR twitter has a link to a Ski Canada article on Baldy. I don't like perpetuating "alternative facts" so you won't see the link here.

I would prefer not to follow BMR social media, but that seems to be the only way I can get some of the information my readers want.


We had a few flakes this afternoon - forecast is looking more promising for Saturday night.

Global Okanagan - tonight

Global Okanagan was on the mountain today - I saw them filming Nils. I checked - he wasn't skipping school, it was a Pro-D day. "Princess" is hoping she is not on film. They told Nils it would go to air tonight.

Chapmans and Dumais

John and Darlene Chapman, Ernie and Cheryl Dumais
John was my Math 11 Teacher at SOSS, and Ernie was the shop teacher. Chapmans haven't skied for 13 years, but are getting their ski legs back in time to ski with grandchildren on Spring Break. The grandkids ski at Mt. Washington, and their season pass gives them deals at three mountains including Manning and Apex. Chapmans skied Borderline in Bridesville before Baldy opened.

Decades ago, I won a door prize at the Canada West Ski Areas Tradeshow. It was $100 gift certificate from Inter-Mountain Signs. When Don and Debbie Muirhead learned I was from Baldy, they worked out a way to stretch that $100. We needed new signs for the T-bars. Inter-Mountain provided cut out decals for the signs, and Ernie Dumais had his students cut the plywood for mounting.

From the archives:

I've posted this one before - that is Carl Gough, the late Don Mepham with John Chapman behind, Darlene Chapman and the late Pat Smith. February 1970 photo.

Baldy Family

Adela is on skis. The last photo I posted of her was in a backpack with Mom. Brothers Cohen and Oliver are in the Nancy Green Program, and Dad is a coach. Owen and Rutka have both worked at Baldy, and I remember Rutka and her siblings riding here decades ago.

Rutka, Adela and Owen. Sorry Rutka, there wasn't an easy way to photoshop your skis out and replace them with a snowboard. I hope your brother doesn't give you too bad a time.

More on the 4 consecutive days of rescue................

This afternoon I met one of the three fellows reported missing on Sunday, and the fellow who reported him missing. Contrary to what you may have read on Facebook, this fellow told me that the trio did indeed go downstairs to the search room and thank those who were part of the search.

The trio hiked for about 2 1/2 hours up the backside of Sugar Lump, to make their way back to the lodge. When asked if they had heard people calling them, the fellow said he had ear buds in while hiking. He had some, but not all of his back country gear with him

The point of going out of bounds, was "Mother's Knob". I have never liked the name, or the fact that the BMR Facebook has repeatedly promoted that location as the place to go for fresh turns. To access the knob, one hikes out of bounds, past a warning sign, at Critt Lake on Jolly Jack.

There is new snow fencing at the far end of Jolly Jack.

What is a Master Plan? Simplified Explanation

Likely more than 20 years ago, the Master Plan concept was applied to Ski Resorts. In short, the Master Plan includes everything you may ever want to include in the Resort - you go through approvals for everything, including First Nations approval. environmental and wildlife planning, waste disposal - all required approvals.

Once the Master Plan is approved and in place, when you are ready to proceed with the next step of development, you basically just need to inform the Resorts Branch that you are moving ahead with a particular item of the Master Plan. No need for an onerous set of approval applications, as that part of the process was done with the Master Plan.

The Master Plan on file for Baldy includes 13 ski lifts. I don't think that will happen in my lifetime, but if the owners were to decide to add a ski lift at some point, the suitable areas have been pre-approved. Runs are already flagged for a lift that would originate below the housing developments, and terminate up in the South Ridge area.

Joey told me that he has two years to come up with a revised Master Plan. It will be interesting to see how that goes. A completely new Master Plan would be a massive undertaking. The current plan was drawn up by a company who specializes in Master Plans.

Whistler News from Castanet

Whistler inks 60-yr deal
The Colorado-based company that owns Whistler Blackcomb ski resort has announced a 60-year renewal of the resort's master development agreements with the B.C. government.
Vail Resorts, Inc. says the renewal also includes approval of Whistler Blackcomb's associated master plans.
That is one of the key requirements before a three-phase, $345 million facelift can proceed at the mountain home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, 125 kilometres north of Vancouver.
A news release from Vail Resorts says execution of the long-term agreements provides future certainty for Whistler Blackcomb's operations and a positive benefit for the local communities and British Columbia.
Whistler Blackcomb operates on the traditional territories of the Squamish and Lil'wat Nations, and Vail Resorts says agreements have also been reached to ensure the First Nations participate in the success of the ski area.
Vail Resorts says the Squamish and Lil'wat will become partners through economic and cultural commitments, jobs, contracting and development opportunities, and recreational opportunities for First Nations youth.
"This is a significant milestone for Whistler Blackcomb and our local communities as it provides us with the long-term certainty for the capital investment required to maintain our position as a premier mountain resort destination in the world," Whistler Blackcomb chief operating officer Dave Brownlie said in a joint release with Vail Resorts.
Rob Katz, chairman and chief executive officer of Vail Resorts, says execution of the master development agreements and master plans is a major accomplishment that has taken years to achieve.
"With this step now complete, we look forward to a strong partnership with the local First Nations, the Province of British Columbia, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, and all of the community stakeholders over the course of the next 60 years," he said in the release.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

On the topic - feedback from my neighbour...........

Hey Sam, -yesterday when I did a snow shoe, I passed about 7 young kids in search of the powder. They were separated and calling for each other. I pointed one boarder carrying his board, in the right direction to his friends, he had no idea.
Over the years, there have NEVER been so many tracks in the meadows and glades on the trails.

This all reminds me of the bumper sticker,,,,,,


Alpine Responsibility Code

Alpine Responsibility Code

There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Regardless of how you decide to use the slopes, always show courtesy to others. Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a safe outdoor experience.
  1. Always stay in control. You must be able to stop, or avoid other people or objects.
  2. People ahead of you have the right-of-way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  3. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
  4. Before starting downhill or merging onto a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  5. If you are involved in or witness a collision/accident you must remain at the scene and identify yourself to the Ski Patrol.
  6. Always use proper devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  7. Observe and obey all posted signs and warnings.
  8. Keep off closed trails and obey area closures.
  9. You must not use lifts or terrain if your ability is impaired through the use of alcohol or drugs.
  10. You must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability, and knowledge to safely load, ride, and unload lifts. If in doubt, ask the lift attendant.

Know the Code – Be Safety Conscious!
It is your responsibility.

The BMR Facebook page has thank-you to patrol, posted by a guest awaiting surgery for a broken collarbone. Further following the thread reveals that it was a collision with another rider. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and if you are the one who hit her, read the above.

March 11th, Watercolour Workshop - 3:00 to 4:30

Join artist Heather Hollingsworth at the Day Lodge for a relaxing and inspiring afternoon exploring the fun and creative possibilities of watercolour.

With step-by-step demos and instructions, Heather will guide you to the completion of your own forest painting.

Costs: $50+ tax.

Included with Fee are all art supplies and a complimentary glass of wine.

A minimum of ten is required to run the event, but there's only room for 15. Email Angie @ to reserve!

Learn more about Heather at

Thanks to the Legendary Geology Teacher and Grass Hockey Coach Ian Gibson

Mt Baldy is an Intrusive Igneous feature - this means that a mass of magma cooled beneath the surface and after it had solidified it was pushed up by tectonic forces. The way to tell if it is intrusive is to look at the rock - if there are visible crystals then the molten rock cooled slowly in an underground setting. Volcanic rocks cool quickly on the surface and will not have visible crystals.
The rocks in the Mt Baldy area have lots of visible crystals and therefore cooled underground. I have lived here for many years and I am amazed at how many people tell me Mt Baldy is a volcano - maybe we should just agree with them ??? All the best !

Ian Gibson

Give your head a shake..............

Check out Snowy's post on Facebook - the out of bounds searching this week has reached 4 days in a row.

I agree with the view that lost persons should not be charged for their rescue. The fear is that if they know there is a fine, the lost may not call for help in time. The sooner the missing person is reported, the better the chance that key staff may still be on the mountain.

It costs the ski area money to look for you. Ski area resources deployed while there is still daylight to work in, gives you a better chance of being recovered early. SAR is called by the RCMP, they need time to assemble and gear up, and drive to the mountain.

I was in on communications on two of the four incidents. Scary that one fellow was alone, not reported missing, and found by chance when he was showing the effects of exhaustion and cold. The lost have called friends - with the discovery of the fellow the other night, the guy who found him knew my phone number and called me. I tried calling the ski area - no answer. I knew the phone number of a staff member carrying a radio, and was able to initiate communications through him.

Twenty-five years ago, when I was the GM of Baldy, we had 4 buses of Grade 9's here, and when the buses loaded, 3 students were reported missing. Their lunches were found untouched in the lodge - so we knew they had been gone at least 4 hours. Being mid-week, we were lacking in CSPS resources, but I found a step by step search plan in the desk, the village was canvassed for people and gear, and we located not 3, but 4 missing students at about 6:15pm. This was done when all we had was one radio telephone, no radio repeater, and none of the teachers stayed.

Searching used to be easier. Ski area boundaries were respected, and a perimeter look in most cases would identify tracks leaving the ski area, and a place to start looking. The protocol was to follow the tracks for no more than 10 minutes, then turn back until more resources were available.There has been a gradual erosion of respect for ski area boundaries in recent years. Dimma's meadow was Dimma's tracks, and family knew when people were there. A couple of skiers were introduced to it, introduced others, and now it is a regular departure from the ski area.

Three years of Eagle closure meant a free for all of sledders and backcountry skiers all over the mountain.

Cheap skiing has brought people back to Baldy, and brought new people.

When Baldy opened, we just had the McKinney Tee, and paid for snow cat rides to the summit. We were all educated about the mountain, the risks, the precautions, and the importance of letting people know where we were. When the Baldy Tee was installed, there was no Jolly Jack. We skied the North Side, but my Uncle told us how to get back to the base area, and warned us if we got as far as the creek, not to cross the creek, and follow it back to the lodge.

Kids growing up at Baldy were taught a respect for mother nature, and the "rules of the road", now called the Alpine Responsibility Code.

We never hiked to the North Bowl until after an adult had checked conditions and confirmed that the cornice had slid in the spring.

I am reminded of a woman who grew up here, then moved to Calgary. She went skiing with 3 others in the Rockies. A decision was made to duck the rope - the Baldy person had a little voice in her head telling her it was not good to duck the rope, but she followed her friends. She survived the avalanche by clinging to a tree - one of her friends died.

One of the key jobs in  a search is to have a recorder documenting all happenings, phone numbers, contacts etc. Four years ago, there was a missing young man who texted his sister in Manitoba when he was lost out of bounds. His mother phoned me, and I went to the lodge, to find that a search was underway. I assumed the task of recorder. It was a difficult search because there was an eye witness to the fellow heading north of Eagle Chair at the end of the day, and tracks spotted out of bounds on the south side.

The fellow was recovered safely with the assistance of a couple of experienced sledders, and people were celebrating. My records showed that one searcher was still unaccounted for. Turns out his radio had died, and he was still on the mountain. He was recovered shortly thereafter, but those records were critical to knowing where he was.

It is dangerous for friends and family to initiate their own search. Time is of the essence, and a coordinated documented effort is essential.

There is a lot of talent, experience and gear in the village, but for safety, it is imperative that those resources are deployed through an organized, documented search.

There you have it - the ramblings of a 60 year old who has been on Baldy every winter since opening in 1968.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pink Shirt Day

My day started off with a happy figure drawn in the snow bank on my driveway. In town I saw kids in pink walking down from the high school - one in a pink onesie.
Here are Tuba and Marie - the pink shirt team from Porcupine Rd. I get the impression that Tuba is not impressed.


Fresh cat tracks reported last night and today on Webster Trail. Images are not super sharp. Thanks JW and Marie.

Some were OK with it, some not...................

It's all over social media, but not posting it here. One of the hip jam competitors did it without clothes.

Live Music Coming Up

Argo your potholes are multiplying...................

There was that day last fall when I was thinking - the road is wet - perfect timing to get the grader on it before it such luck. I passed an Argo pick-up on the road earlier this afternoon - don't know if he drove up far enough.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

If you can find it in scientific writing, send it to me.......................

A recent piece on snowseekers says Baldy is an extinct volcano. I have never seen volcanic rock here, and the South Okanagan Geology references list the following as Okanagan volcanos. Giant's Head, Munson Mtn, Mt Boucherie, Knox Mt.

For you students of Ian Gibson - correct me if I am wrong.


  • the traffic is up for cheapo ticket day - into the overflow parking today
  • grocery stores have Easter candy out
  • outside Canadian Tire the display is no longer snow blowers - today it is lawn tractors

On a Similar Theme at Sun Peaks - From Castanet

Missing boarders found
UPDATE: 5:50 a.m.
All seven people reported missing Monday at a ski resort near Kamloops have been found safe.
Alan Hobler with Kamloops Search and Rescue says three people were found late Monday in fair condition, but the search at the Sun Peaks Resort continued overnight for the other four.
Hobler says the remaining members of the group that included five skiers and two snowboarders were located at various times after midnight, with the last two spotted and brought to safety about 3 a.m.
There was concern because the seven had entered a hazardous gully where Hobler says they could have ended up in a creek or stranded by the steep terrain.
He says the 18-member search crew was assisted by mild conditions that included a low avalanche hazard temperature of around -1 C.
Rescuers also used infrared-equipped drones to lead them to the last four people because none was believed to be carrying cellphones or other electronics.
– The Canadian Press

ORIGINAL: 9:50 p.m.
Rescue crews are searching for as many as seven snowboarders missing at a ski resort near Kamloops.
Alan Hobler with Kamloops Search and Rescue says the snowboarders went out of bounds at Sun Peaks on Monday afternoon.
The rescue team sent 18 members and a drone team to look for the group Monday night.
Hobler says the avalanche hazard level in the area is low and conditions are fairly stable.
He says two avalanche forecasters joined the search to help keep rescuers safe.
Hobler says there's a risk the snowboarders could have been drawn into a gully and that they could end up stranded or in a creek.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Back Side - 2nd Day in a Row

Ski area boundaries are established for a reason. When you go out of bounds, you are in territory that is not patrolled. The chances you take are amplified if you are not equipped and experienced for the back country, and if you haven't left a plan and eta with a friend.

Matt is on his way out to retrieve a downhill skier who last boarded the chair at 12:30, and has been trying to find his way back to the ski area all afternoon. By chance, a Baldy family outdoor enthusiast from Alberta went out the Gruhl's Pool trail after skiing today, and discovered the downhill skier near Azu's Gulch. JW was carrying a cell phone, and called me. The skier was alone, had not been reported missing, and his car in the parking lot had not sparked any questions. He is from Oregon, but has family roots in the Oliver area. My siblings and I went to school with his Aunts and Uncles.

Yesterday afternoon, a search was launched for missing skiers who eventually hiked back up - the backside of Sugar Lump. Today's skier was following the footsteps of the ones from yesterday.

Ladies Day

Fresh snow falling, and quiet, soft shoeing underfoot. Angie received her Baldy Babes Bandana today.

The "Baldy Babe" who used to due machine embroidery on the bandanas has moved away. Margaret has hand embroidered bandanas for this season.

OMW Claim to fame...........

There are errors in this piece, but I stopped trying to point things out to snowseekers a long time ago. Here is a recent article featuring OMW.

Presidents Day, Alberta Family Day

At least two cabins in the village have family home from Alberta for the family day weekend. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Spring Break

West Boundary Buy and Sell - Nathan has a one bedroom with loft available for spring break.

Part Time Work in Rental Shop

"We are in need of a Rental Shop body for the next few weeks - til end of March Break. It's on an intermittent basis to help on school group days, weekends, and during March Break.

It's part time and close by for someone in the Village who might be looking.

Interested folks can come into Ticket Office to see Angie or email"

Slack Country Afternoon

Reduced visibility at the finish area for today's event

Thanks to those who operated and/or supplied support vehicles for the event.

Tom's legendary Tucker has been retired - here he operates Brett's cat.

Not Cool

Your hoodie is white, your board says YES. No helmet, no safety bar, and smoking on the chair - not cool.

Wildlife Update

Thanks Jason for taking a look at extra photos of the cat prints, and for the following update on the wildlife.

Hi Sandra

Still a bit tough to call because of scale but my call is lynx. Bobcat prints will be just a bit larger than a house cat to twice the size with a short stride. A lynx track will be approximately the size of a persons palm of hand 3-4 inches wide and long, with a wider stride. A lynx will leave tracks on top of unpacked snow as well due to the snowshoe effect of the heavy fur content that makes up the paw. Often confused for cougar, which will sink in unpacked snow. 

Working on the backside of sugar lump in Wapiti the last few weeks I have seen both tracks so they are around. I have also seen wolf tracks traveling the snowmobile trails in Wapiti. This should be of note to those snowshoeing the trails back in there especially with dogs. 

My experience is Lynx are less shy/ more curious than bobcat, and will give you more opportunity for viewing and photos. 

Neither are really a threat to the public that I have ever heard, but they do like rabbits and house cats. 

Hope this helps. 


Friday, February 17, 2017

Slow Down, Take your time

My neighbour saw two moose and this car on the way up this afternoon - car was on a straight stretch, about 3kms below the junction. Apparently the driver had a great day skiing.

Likely a Lynx on Jones

A cat worked it's way across the terrain on the Sugar Lump this afternoon. I found Kevin and Terry checking out the tracks on Jones.

The Maintenance Team

Matt, Will, Russell and Tim - thanks for all you do to keep things running smoothly. There is a millwright, an electrician, and two MacGyvers  on that team.
Sugar Lump shut down a little early this afternoon for some routine maintenance.

Russell and Tim reluctantly posing for a photo as they gear up to work on the Lump.

Friday Afternoon

Welcome home Sayre - former Baldy Ski School instructor - University reading break means skiing, of course.

Nice to see Oliver native Tim Garrish on the slopes - Tim is a veteran pilot for all types of forest fire fighting aircraft, and he travels the world training other pilots. I didn't get close enough to talk to him about his skis, but they are likely ones he wore here years ago before the chairlifts.

3 are Australian

Long John Baldy

You won't have to wait as long to dance to Long John Baldy. Their gig has moved up to March 11th.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

5:00pm Thursday on the Lump

Slackcountry Weekend - Live Music from Canmore

"Join us after Slackcountry Cup this weekend for some killer live tunes. Playing the Baldy Bar this Saturday from 3-5pm/ 8-10pm & Sunday 3-5pm is Canmore’s Elk Run & Riot.

Armed with a high energy live show and two albums under their belt Elk Run & Riot are locking antlers with the western Canadian music scene."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Icy Conditions Highway 3

CBC radio reporting the dreaded Freezing R--n on highway three this morning from Anarchist to Grand Forks - with reports of jack knifed semi and semi in the ditch blocking the highway near the turn off to Mt, Baldy Road, reported at 7:10 this am.

Later updates from Princeton and Boundary School districts closing schools due to road conditions. Check CBC Radio 1 and for updates.

8:00am weather at Baldy is foggy and minus1C

Andy Brown photo from Daybreak South Facebook page

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Straight Skis - have you noticed?

Cheap lift ticket/pass deals can bring out people who haven't skied in awhile. I watched a fellow double poling down Rock Star recently, working hard to turn his straight planks. Yesterday and today I saw a few on the Sugar Lump with old equipment. Binding checks?

I sometimes  wonder if they would only ski on low price days with their own gear, or if a free rental voucher and one run lesson on adapting their stance might get them back in to the sport. I still have my Rossi Strato 102's and Dynastar slalom skis with the heart in the tip, but would not consider skiing on them - even for retro day.

Did you meet Bruce today? Baker is his home mountain, and he was a mature student Sroamie at one time. I don't recall the correct term for his skis, but they basically look like they have been cut off directly behind the heel section of the binding. We had a few runs together, and I was amazed. He matched or exceeded me in speed, and from watching him ski, you wouldn't expect that he only had half skis on his feet. His skis of choice for 30 years.


Clouds moving in this afternoon.

Social Media

Social media is "the thing" these days. To me, Facebook is useful in some ways, but a pain in many others.
  • Snowy posted a notice on Facebook warning hill residents and guests to stay off the ski runs at night. There are many owners who do not use Facebook - there are other ways to communicate to the village.
  • I've made my point before - industry standard website ski report is preferred over Facebook comments.
  • Katie - you know the Food and Beverage Manager - why wouldn't you take your complaint to her, rather than posting a negative comment on BMR Facebook, then further trashing the kitchen on your FB post?
  • Would you not want a customer of your business to bring a concern to you, rather than have your business trashed on line?
  • Adam - you used to work here, and I don't think of you as a groomer kind of guy. At 9:30am, I doubt that you could have had enough runs to make a judgement on grooming. I didn't ski until after lunch so could not specify which runs had corduroy or which runs didn't, but I did have many good runs and didn't have an issue with grooming.
  • Some of the positive posts are a bit wordy and syrupy, leading me to believe that they are not all genuine guests posting a comment.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cancelled - Tuesday Night Yoga

Tuesday night yoga is cancelled for this week - Valentines Day.

I couldn't do it............perhaps the toughest job at a ski hill.................

I loaded T-s for a bit back when you needed all your strength to start the Baldy Tee - no soft start in those days. The job of lift operator requires being alert and aware of what is happening around you - man and machine. Doesn't matter what weather is thrown at you, there are long stretches of standing out in the cold. Most lift operators don't do it for more than one season, and in the early part of this season, there was a fair turnover.

Remember Brandon? He loaded chairs for at least two seasons, and was probably the most athletic in his style of grabbing and guiding chairs. Yes occasionally a chair hits me in the back of the knee, but the way I look at it - the lift operator did not intend to do that.

As riders of the chair, there are things we can do to make the lift operator's job go smoothly. Pay attention and stop talking when you go in to the loading area. If you are not sure you will be in position in time, wait for the next chair. A last second scramble can have the operator reaching for the slow or stop button.

Raking and shovelling are part of the job - not a favourite task for most, but you will get a smile if you compliment the operator.

When I learned to ski, we learned to say thank-you to the operator each time we loaded.

Hats off to the lift ops................except maybe the one who asked to see my lift pass today, and called me sir. :) 


Lincoln skied Rock Star today, and Cienna skied Powderkeg yesterday. Kate and Kylie are skiing very well - good turns, good control.

Former  Baldy Racers Nils and Caprice have joined Molly with their Level 1 instructor's certification. Nils asked me about certification a couple of years ago - I think he'd prefer to teach kids about jumps, cliffs and exciting stuff..........but I told him, that's not how it works. The new instructors get the beginner lessons.

Teaching skiing can be so rewarding - passing on your enthusiasm and joy in the sport.

Thirty five years ago, I took a tired hungry little boy in to the lodge after a lesson, and bought him french fries. He soon figured out that he could look at any of his parents friends with those big eyes, and they would buy him fries. His mother would come in to the lodge to find out who she owed money to.

Yesterday at noon, I received a photo of a plate of french fries. That "little boy" and his wife were riding at Marmot, and he thought of me when they stopped for lunch.

Ladies Day

A spring-like day for the ladies today. A fun event for Ladies is an annual Sunday dinner and sleep over at Baldy. The ladies with cabins provide accommodation for those who don't, and there is lots of laughter to go with the dinner.

Here is the info from Marian B:

Hello Baldy Babes!

Incredible day on Mt. Baldy! Sunshine, blue sky, soft snow & warm. Thank you Hilary & Cathy Gale for flagging the trail to Little Gruhl's Pool, we may come up with another name?

The Baldy Babes dinner is Sunday, March 5 at the Lodge. The cost is $40 for a three course dinner with a glass of wine, gratuities not included. Reservations required.

Bring your singing voices, talents, skits & stories for entertainment too.

We can organize cabins for you to stay in Sunday night so we can all get up on Monday morning for our snow shoe and ski.

Take Care, Marian

Family Day


Grant, Maria, Kate and Kylie
Same family, March 22, 2015

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Event Added

Today, Sunday and Monday - tobogganing on the magic carpet (one side) from 2:00 to 3:30.

Forest Fuel Reduction

I heard recently that BMR has been awarded a significant grant for forest fuel reduction in the area. Awarding of the grant was posted on Facebook today. It is not listed on the Forestry Enhancement Website yet, but this is good news for all of us for fire protection.

The grant will go a long way in slowing an approaching fire, but we have a lot of fuel reduction to do within the strata properties as well.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Agatka and Adam racing at Red Mountain

2011 Adam in the green, Agatka in the yellow, -------, Ben, Nils in front.

Thanks Tom for the photos.

BMR Newsletter

New blog post on BMR website last night, and a newsletter out this morning. If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter, you can do so on

The newsletter includes promo of real estate options. I assume the McKinney Subdivision lots would come with a disclosure statement, as that subdivision has yet to be completed.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Avalanche Canada Warning extends to Kootenay Boundary

Special Public Avalanche Warning
February 9th, 2017 Revelstoke, BC; Canmore, AB; and Waterton, AB
A Special Public Avalanche Warning for recreational backcountry users has been issued for Friday, February 10th to Monday, February 13th. The areas affected include: Kananaskis Country and Waterton Lakes National Park, and Avalanche Canada’s South Rockies and Lizard and Flathead regions. The southern part of the Purcells region and the eastern part of the Kootenay Boundary region are also included. For a map of the affected locations, click here.
In many areas, a significant recent storm has doubled the depth of the current snowpack. Winds have created dense slabs that lie on a weak base of sugary facetted snow. More snow, wind, and warming temperatures are expected in the coming days before the weather breaks on the weekend.
“Clearing skies and good riding conditions after a long drought are expected to entice people into the mountains,” explains James Floyer, Forecasting Program Supervisor for Avalanche Canada. “While natural avalanches are tapering off, we’re concerned that human triggering of large avalanches remains possible throughout the weekend.”
Avalanche Canada, Kananaskis Country, and Parks Canada recommend recreational backcountry users with little or no avalanche training or experience avoid avalanche terrain, or undertake activities in which avalanche risk is managed by professionals. Experienced backcountry recreationists are urged to travel on simple terrain such as small, low angle, well-supported features with no large steep slopes or cornices above.
Although this warning applies to the regions listed above, recreational users are advised to exercise caution as potentially hazardous conditions exist in a number of areas throughout BC and Alberta. Before travelling in the backcountry check for current avalanche information.
Everyone in a backcountry party needs to have an avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel. A two-day Avalanche Skills Training 1 course is the minimum training recommended for travelling in avalanche terrain.

Baldy Families

There are many  Baldy families at the coast planning to come for the family day weekend. The weather isn't helping, but hopefully things will improve tomorrow?

Coquihalla is a no go with 70cm of snow forecast and freezing rain.

Hope Princeton would be my choice, but at the moment it is closed due to avalanche risk.

Marge is sure hoping her great-grandkids will get here - they loved the magic carpet earlier this season.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jackson Hole

Well we weren't sure that Jackson Hole was ready for the brothers H, but they did get one day of great skiing - 15inches of new snow - then the next storm rolled in, power out, hill closed, pass closed. Will be a trip to remember.

Serious Snow Tuesday- Thanks Wyatt's Dad

It's in the forecast, and snowing heavily in the valley and on the mountain. The main parking lot was nearly full again today with the $5.00 lift tickets. Lots of silver hair in the vehicles I met on the road, and I don't think the drivers of the 2 Audi, 1 Beamer and one Mercedes needed the cheap ticket.

At least 5 young riders finished their day on a disappointing note. One car incapacitated after striking the concrete road barrier below the ranch. A tow truck was needed for that one, so I carried on up the road, doing some traffic control for the occupants of a small car high centered in the snow bank. Lots of helpers stopped to shovel, and it was their lucky day today - along came Jason Parker with his winch. Both of those incidents could have been driver inexperience in winter snow conditions.

What is frustrating is the number of vehicles I met farther up the road who were travelling way too fast for road conditions. You can't stop safely if you are going too fast in the first place.

Environment Canada has issued many storm warnings, and people are being advised to stay home if they don't need to be driving. (skiers exempt I presume)

I remain opposed to any plan to pave the road. In all my years of driving to ski mountains, the ones with pavement have the worst traction and frequencies of incidents.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Confidentiality Agreement"

Osoyoos Times has the story on a movie shoot, with cast and crew staying in Osoyoos. A confidentiality agreement kept the Okanagan Film Commission from identifying the "small town" where the action would be. No photos yet, but the "circus" was seen today set up outside Bridesville.

Snow Survey Bulletin

Bryan Gough is a regular reader and occasional contributor to the blog. At one time he worked for the Forest Service, manning the Baldy Lookout in fire season.

The second of the annual series of BC Govt Snow Survey reports for 2017 is out today, for February 1st, and shows a fairly low figure for the Okanagan at 79, and a very low figure for the Boundary (Kettle) at 59. Compare at 122 and 114, respectively, for the same date in 2016, from ‘Archive’ on the site sidebar. Not represented is the snowfall of the past week over both regions, which, when added to the forecasted snow for this Wednesday night and through Thursday, if it realizes, should help to boost the March 1st readings.

The report is not skiing related, but may be of interest to some of your bloggees as a somewhat premature indication of fire season and agricultural expectations.

Late Afternoon Sun

Late sun , and the moon showing in the sky.

She's Tracked Up

Pretty hard to find a fresh line this afternoon - maybe a couple left in the Burning-Chix area, if you don't mind the traverse tracks through the glades.

Crit Lake

"Crit Lake" looking serene as usual. I wonder where the plaque is. A bronze plaque in memory of John Crittendon used to be on the hearth by the fireplace in the bar. John was one of the members of the original group, Mt. Baldy Recreations Ltd., and he was killed in a car accident somewhere in the rockies.

Baldy Alpine Club - Big White Photos

Thanks to Coach Owen Stewart for the photos.