Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Film Premiere.........

I still don't like the name...........but if you want to see four outstanding locals (not bums) in the newly produced video - it will premiere in the Baldy Bar, Saturday February 3rd at 4:30 pm.

Staff parking....

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Thank-you to all the volunteers who made the Cupcake Race such a great event. Working, baking, hosting visiting volunteers ......
One of the challenges is making sure to have a complete list of names - if you have a name I've missed, please e-mail me at , and I will make the correction.

Mr. Cupcake, Paul Rauhala

The Village People....... 6 have raced for Baldy, 3 have coached at Baldy
Jeff Baerg
Mike Crowson
Michael , Kelly, Jack and Yolanda Fenwick-Wilson
Sylvia Fenwick-Wilson
Gary and Mia McBryde
Greg and Masako Myers
Chris and Keri Pasin
Paul, Kirsten, Nils Rauhala
Roger and Lisa Schimek
Dave and Sieglinde Sutherland

Parents of the Baldy team
including Andrew Simmonds, Nicole, and bakers noted below

From Apex and Big White
Wally,Chuck and Rejeanne Droppo, Andrew Godwin, Chad, Angus, Jessie

Coaches Owen and Yanni Lou
Course setters Jessie Steinhoff, and Yanni Lou
Additional gate judges - Eric, Kirk

Bakers of 246 Cupcakes!
Kirsten Rauhala, Masako Myers, Orion Kendrick, Andrea, Cheryl Dennill, Keri Pasin,Jasper, Chad and Erika, Michael/Kelly, Ted, Angus, Jim and Marian

(Thanks Kirsten for that rather large chocolate "cupcake" with my name on it!)

Staff including Andy, Matt, Kevin and Terry, Sam ( I did see a blue jacket at the finish)

Very Old Map........

Now on the side bar, a copy of the old hand drawn map showing the 1985 Winter Games Trails.

Clear sky? Early wake up?

A super heavenly event - Vernon News: Stargazers will have a chance to watch a total lunar eclipse early Wednesday morning.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ladies Day

Hello Baldy Babes,
Monday, January 29, 2018 took the snow shoers down the Black Forest Trail to Rustler. What goes down must come back up, getting up the trail back to the Lodge for lunch built up all our appetites. 
We were so rowdy in the Baldy Bar we chased away a group of Big White guests who resorted to the comfy couches in the far corner of the bar. 
Welcome back  Marion Boyd! 
See you next week & don't forget to make your reservation online or by phone.
Take Care, Marian

Thanks for the photos Marian.


With all that snow............

I saw a cat outside the lodge at 9:30pm on the webcam last night, and from Andy's post, I gather he went along for a ride - Jolly Jack snow road has been pushed through, and Ponderosa's first groom was last night.

I wasn't planning to ski today - lots to do at home, but now that I know Pondo is groomed, I'll be going for some turns on my favourite run.

The snow removal numbers..........

More than 65cms new since Tuesday night, 65 hours moving snow in 5 days. BBC hoping for a break.
Dick Smith photo.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Fun Sunday - Snow, Racing, Cupcakes

I have close to 100 images, and will make them available through the Alpine Club shortly. The volunteer list was rather familiar today - we had former Nancy Greene racers - including a couple who raced in the inaugural Nancy Green program in 1968-69.

Lining up at the start.

Start volunteers including Mike Crowson - who has probably worked at every race Baldy has hosted, former racers Nils Rauhala and Mia McBryde, Kirsten Rauhala, former coach Gary McBryde, former Baldy team member and ski Dad - Andrew Simmonds and Mr. Cupcake Race, Paul Rauhala.

This racer from Big White was complimented for having the prettiest ski pants in the race.

Big White Coach - Baldy's own Kirsten Gibbs - former member of Baldy's ski team, Instructor and Coach at Baldy.

Some of the racers made snow forts while they waited for their turn.

Lincoln Simmonds

I think this is Cohen - if not, it would be his brother Oliver.


The U6 girls - Teagan and Yuzuki from the Baldy Team in front.

January 28, 1978 - 40 years

January 28, 1978 - 21 years old. Logs were green and frozen. No electricity - The mountain got power in 1976, but I was trying to re-create the atmosphere of the family cabin in 1968.

Potluck dinner in the lodge - Terry Smith announced my recent birthday and the upcoming first night in my cabin.

Coal oil lamps, Fisher Baby-Bear stove in the basement - not sure if the Franklin was installed on the main floor - no fridge, but the beer would stay cold sitting next to the frozen log walls.

The cabin is more comfortable now!

Race Day

The ski racks outside the lodge were full a short time ago..........with mostly small skis. The racers are headed up now for course inspection. Have fun!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Welcome Apex and Big White Families

There are 92 racers registered for the race tomorrow, and some of the families are here already and staying on the mountain.

Coaches meeting is at 8:00am in the lodge, and the Sugar Lump chair will open a little early for race officials. Course inspection for coaches and racers is from 9:15 to 9:45, with a planned start time of 10:00am.

The second run will likely be around 1:00pm.

There will be a hotdog barbeque set up at the kiosk providing a lunch special for the racers.

Awards presentations and cupcakes will be at 3:30pm.

Race Prep

A busy day for volunteers getting ready for tomorrow's cupcake race. I stopped by the finish area this afternoon .

The 1985 Winter Games timing hut has been put in place at the finish line, and Michael has built a new timer bench.

Setting up timing are volunteers Wally from Apex, Chris Pasin, Paul Rauhala with additional help from Matt.

Kirsten Rauhala, Matt Koenig, Course setting team Yanni-Lou Gagnon, and Jessie (Carmichael) Steinhoff, and Baldy GM Andy Foster.
Special thanks to Jessie for coming to help out with the race this weekend. When Silken graduated from the Baldy racing program and went further at Apex, Jessie was her coach.

Alpine Club President Paul Rauhala.

Saturday......that 4:00 thing.........

Clearing off at 4:00pm is not uncommon at Baldy after a reduced visibility day - here is evidence of blue from our last run down Dividend.

Thanks for the memories....from Warren Miller Entertainment

Friday, January 26, 2018

Another slide image..........

This photo taken yesterday, is of a slide in the gravel pit.
Paul Wickland photo.
One of our young friends was in the back country today and found many cracks and evidence of slides, even in the trees. He had all the lingo from the AST 1 course, but in short, he saw reason for caution and concern. His observations were similar to what we saw yesterday, it was the top 20 plus cms that was sliding.

Forecast update..........

Looks like Sunday morning will be perfect for the visiting families skiing powder, and a little more challenging for the race course. A few more gate judges needed - talk to Paul if you can help out.

Welcome home Kendal..............

Not sure if you have arrived from down under, or if you are arriving soon, but I see your driveway has been cleared. Welcome back.

Hot Ashes in the Dumpster!.........I never thought I'd be posting this................

A cabin owner was seen dumping hot ashes in the dumpster today.........Baldy Bob Cat got a call to go and put snow in the dumpster.............

This pretty much beats any of my previous transfer station rants...................


Skiing Jones with Lex and Gail

Stopped at Fred's tree, and wondered if Ethel would be smiling from above, or telling us to quit standing around and ski...........

Visitors from south of the border..........

More Volunteers Needed for Sunday...........

The word is out about our snow conditions, and some of the parents coming from other mountains have removed themselves from the race volunteer list, in order to ski!

Paul needs 5 more gate judges for Sunday - if you can help, please talk to Paul on the hill, or e-mail .

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Baldy Bar Events

Saturday January 27th - 50's night

Friday February  2nd  Karaoke with the Sultan of Swing   4:30-8:30

Sunday February  4th   Super Bowl - Kickoff at 3:30

Saturday February  10th -- Toga night - live music (band tba)

Time to talk to the kids.........don't ski alone.....

The snow is deep, and so are the tree wells. Never ski alone, and a small group is better than just two.
An incident at Whistler has gone viral - a skier jumped off a ledge and was completely buried in snow. Lucky for him, a friend was watching.

The perks of home schooling...............

Logan, Sofie, Lan

People on the hill...............

I saw a certain electrician from White Rock.........did he sneak up here on his own, or did the rest of the family get to come?

Actor and stuntman Fraser.........I won't say how many decades since he was my student on the slopes.......but he came from Vancouver just for today.

Rode the chair with another out of town family friend who I don't see that often.

I congratulated a father for getting his priorities straight and bringing his family up for today.

Mayor of Camp McKinney skiing his favourite, Rock Star.

Employers don't always get it, but letting someone ski a sunshine powder day does way more for your productivity than making them stay at work.

Pow Thursday

What a morning! Overflow parking, full lift, short lift line, great powder. This much powder is great, but not without it's challenges. When it gets this deep, there are some pitches that the snow cats can't groom going up hill, so they can't cover as much area on their shift. What they did get groomed is great, particularly on the Sugar Lump.

When I cleared my snow station yesterday morning, there was a thin crust on the first 20cms of new snow. I didn't report it, as it was not significant enough to affect the skiing..........but, with another 25 cms on that layer, there are fracture lines and small slides in areas that don't normally slide. The north side was closed for a bit this morning for snow stability assessment.

When I rode the Eagle in for lunch, I saw at least 6 people heading out of  bounds up on the knob. While the north side was closed this morning, you could see and hear people traversing into the closed territory, below the closed gate. Why risk it? There is more untracked in bounds.

Fracture line

Patroller ski cutting above slide

Racks filling for lunch, and chair still full.

Warren Miller passes - age 93

Warren suggested that a fitting memorial, for those able, would be a run down a favorite local slope in his honor. (“If you don’t do it now, you’ll only be a year older when you do.”)

Pow Thursday

Yes the front of the sea-can is 8 feet tall.

Happy people............

Kudos to the mountain staff for getting the Eagle running on time this morning. They had lots to shovel! The ski racks and the deck can wait........won't need the ski racks for awhile.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Be careful what you wish for...............

Late '70's or early '80's - there was an incredible storm - dumping dry powder - I took the day off work. In the morning there was more than 60cms of powder, the groomers could not climb, and it was a challenge for the patrol to break trail on the Baldy Tee Bar.

I followed the patrol - first run was straight down the Shaft - no turns, just trying to move forward, and using my poles to push across the flats. We spent the day skiing and knocking the air out of the snow.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Back Country/Avalanche Awareness Day - February 10th

Hosted by Oliver/Osoyoos Search and Rescue  10:00am to 2:00pm

Oliver Osoyoos Search and Rescue will be at Baldy Mountain Resort on Saturday February 10th to provide Backcountry Awareness and Avalanche Awareness. Stop by our tent and check out some of the equipment that we use in winter rescues and some of the equipment that we recommend you take with you for a trip into the backcountry.
There will be a companion rescue demonstration. Probe line demonstration.

A timely topic - Search and Rescue Resources responded to a record number of calls in a 12 hour period last weekend in the Kootenays........including a helicopter rescue of two snowboarders who had gone out of bounds at Red Mountain.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Carol Brien Yoga Classes

Join Carol for a Pure Movement inspired yoga class upstairs at the Mt Baldy Lodge on Wednesday’s at 2:30pm – 3:45pm on Jan 31Feb 7 and Feb 14.
§  Email for more details and to confirm a place in the class
§  Drop-ins are also welcome
  • Participants should arrive at least 15 min prior to class to allow for sign in and setup so that class can begin promptly at 2:30pm
  • Participants should bring their own yoga mat or substitute, own yoga props such as blocks, strap or long belt and blanket that can be rolled up to sit on.
  • Special event pricing $8/class
  • Payment method – cash or check prior to the start of each class

Interested in Volunteer Patrol?

Find out about the Canadian Ski Patrol on February 3rd. Training starts in September.

Mexican Corduroy

One of the regular snow photo contributors sent this "corduroy" photo from Mexico. Not sure if it was to let us know she arrived safely, or maybe just rub it in...........😉


Monday is our day! Fresh snow, clear Baldy Blue skies, smiling faces and a birthday celebration, "Happy Birthday Anne." Our snow shoe trails, Tree, Jager, Webster & Meadow were just perfect this morning with all the new snow that fell yesterday. The group photo at the infamous "Stripper Pole" brought us all together.
A delicious lunch was Risotto and Panna Cotta for dessert.
We are all looking forward to next week's Baldy Babes day. Our skiers all enjoyed their lesson with Gordo & will be back next Monday.
Here are photos from our snow shoe & lunch in the famous Baldy Bar. Thank you to our amazing Staff!
Take Care, Marian

Winnipeg Free Press

A recent Snowseekers article was picked up by the Winnipeg Free Press in their weekend edition. Winnipeg resident texts Baldy cabin owner...........

Thanks to another cabin owner, PC, for the images.