Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Safe Travels............

The Australian accents on the mountain reduced by 4 this week. Travelling or already home are Nick, John, Margaret, and Kendall. Enjoy your return to summer - we look forward to your return to Baldy.

Just before the snow started to fall.............

Checking the game camera............

Not many bunnies near the lower reservoir.................


The numbers and times change a little with each update, and it isn't real until it is on the ground, but any way you look at it, we're in for a whole lot of snow. You can watch the forecast below by clicking on the Snow Forecast link on the side bar.

I will update the weather this evening.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Web Cam and Light Bulbs

Yes the light over the door of the lodge has not been working for a couple of days. The light helps web cam watchers see how hard it is snowing. The light bulb changers probably have the day off tomorrow. 😉

Plan for the Weekend - Music and Slack Country Event

So, after you are exhausted from skiing the pow, and shoveling, there are a few things happening this weekend.

Friday night in the Bar - Jam Night

Saturday and Sunday the Slack Country Cup is back. Snowboarders compete on the slopes above the ski area  - the Pentagon Board Shop people were up here Monday checking out the terrain....(those tracks above the Eagle. The first day is view-able from the Baldy/South Ridge trail junction, and the second day has been held right above the lift.

Saturday night there is a "Hip Jam" on a large jump near the lodge.

This is sponsored by a snowboard shop, and is for snowboards only. The inaugural event, "Bare Essentials", was a crowd pleaser with many locals competing on skis.

DJ Master Blaster is playing the bar. Hopefully they got the message that they are not welcome  to set up in the village and play after the bar closes.

Schedule for Slack Country:


Ice Cream anyone? The sign at Tickleberries says open March 1st - it was snowing when I drove by there today.

Shoveling Forecast........

The amounts may change, but we are forecast to get a lot of snow this week - heaviest Wednesday night through Friday morning.

This site suggests a "mental health day" may be advisable this week. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Skiing with Sarah

Sarah from the Powderhounds is an awesome skier - she was moving a lot faster than I usually ski. Skiing with her makes one look at facilities and terrain in a different light. Getting in to the lodge was an ordeal, and it was hard work for her to push from the lodge to the Sugar Lump. Sarah has been sit skiing since 1995.

Morgan says sit ski bindings are set to DIN33, or sometimes the spring is replaced by a rod. Vic's friend Lars sit skis here - one time his ski broke skiing powder - he sat in the snow while Vic skied back to the cabin to get his other ski.

Part of the planning for the program involves making the lodge wheelchair accessible.

Bryce is "the guy". Adaptive Snow Sports

Bryce Beckett from the Baldy Snow School is spearheading the launch of an adaptive snow sports program for Baldy. You may have seen him on the hill working with a local family with their son in a sit ski, and giving Graeme some sit ski lessons.

Bryce has his CADS Level 1 certification, and will be attending a Level 2 course this season. In the last week, I have connected Bryce with many in the local area, and with Jay Ozanne.

Jay was probably the first adaptive skier at Baldy - he had a kind of snow bike to ride, and later was an energetic snowshoer, ticket office employee, ambassador, and much loved member of the Baldy Family. Before Baldy had phone service, many cabin owners used CB Radios. Jay's CB handle was "Bluejay". Bluejay will be part of the program name in honour of Jay.

Today Andy, Matt and Bryce met with representatives of People in Motion, Powderhounds Adaptive Snow Sports program from Big White, and  BC Adaptive Snow Sports. There was lots of sharing of ideas and experiences from other programs.

During my ski teaching career, I worked with a friend after an accident, worked with a Down Syndrome member of a Baldy family, and with the son of a friend who is on the autism spectrum.
When Baldy hosted the BC Winter Games in 1985, a blind ski racer took 15 minutes to snowplow down the GS course on the Shaft. There was thunderous applause and a few tears when she appeared on the last pitch headed for the finish line.

Helping someone with ability challenges get out on the hill and enjoy the mountain with their friends and family is very rewarding.

BCAS will send a trainer to Baldy next winter to run a CADS course and train the first batch of volunteer instructors. I am hoping to recruit a minimum of 5 people to join me in the course. CSIA experience is preferred, but not essential. Adaptive teaching generally means two adults with each student, and lessons are booked in advance.

Lots of work to do moving forward, but BMR is on board, there are resources  to draw from, and I will do my best to help Bryce recruit volunteers to make this work.

Jay Ozanne with his Mom, Betty who passed away last summer.

Small world story of the day........

Talking to the representative of "People in Motion" on the chair. She was born in Oliver, her Aunt lives in Osoyoos - I know her Aunt........she worked for Uncle Paul Fairweather in the Osoyoos Hardware.  Yes we had a run on "Fairweather."

Beautiful Day for the "Baldy Babes"

Special thanks to Marian for providing the photos and updates on all the Baldy Babes outings. One of these days I'll have to lend a camera to Gordo, or track down the ski group for a photo.

Thanks to Wendy and Rosemary for additional photos today.

Hello Baldy Babes,
A beautiful Baldy Blue day for our Monday Baldy Babes. The new snow felt like silk under our snow shoes. We traveled up the Sugar Lump Chair to the top of Sugar Lump for a group photograph. Our trek to Gruhl's Pool was absolutely gorgeous! 
Our chef prepared a spicy sausage lunch for us today, caliente!
Next week is "Crazy Hat" day. We are looking forward to seeing all your creative hats.
Thank you Wendy & Rosemary for your photos.
Take Care, Marian

What happens at Ladies Night.........Stays at Ladies Night

All I managed to find out about the Ladies Sunday dinner, was that it was great food, good times, and Gordo was included!

Hello Baldy Babes,
Our Baldy Babes Dinner at the Lodge called for great laughter & a fabulous meal. The entertainment between courses kept us laughing through the evening. Thank you to our wonderful staff for a memorable night.
Take care, Marian

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Retro - Classic Saturday Night

Reports are that Saturday night was a great evening in the Baldy Bar - just like "the good old days."
Tonight the Ladies enjoy their special dinner, stay overnight, and the regular Monday Ladies event is in the morning. Special thanks to the women in the Baldy Community who have opened their cabins to accommodate the others overnight. At least five cabins have overnight guests.


Three CSIA II's in this photo ski here. Does anyone every get Sieglinde's name right?

Jayne Fletcher Photo

Jayne Fletcher has contributed some great photos to the blog. Her portfolio is amazing and she continues to develop her talent. Here is a new image from this week.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Episode #4

Retro - Baldy Style............

Note for next year - suggest a time and a place to gather all the retro folks together for a photo op. You don't have to be fashionable to ski Baldy. There are regular skiers whose outfits could be considered retro - a little awkward to walk up to someone you don't know and ask to take a picture of them in retro gear.

In the early days of Baldy, there were people skiing in jeans, wool pants and snowmobile suits. If someone showed up in a one piece Descente suit, they were presumed to be "from Whistler."

Former Baldy Staff, Sroamies, and awesome skiers - Andrew and Ricardo.

Debbie's Jacket is a little faded, but her pants still shimmer! Mark has the Banana suit from the retro photo, and his Ski School name tag. Sieglinde has her Ski School name tag, a' 70's ski pass, and a few pins.I have lots of photos of Sherry in that outfit, with two adorable little girls. Michael was skiing in jeans today, and was wearing a '70's pass.

Debbie, Sieglinde, Mark, Sherry, Nathan, Katie.

Old Pro Tip..........

The snow is so soft everywhere - skiing is great. If you find yourself on a run that was groomed last night, and has some fresh or windblown stuff on top.........don't let the texture intimidate you. It's all soft. Keep your hands forward, and adjust your weight a little - maybe 60/40 outside/inside ski, and just ski it!


Friday, February 23, 2018


Mike - the purple jacket - will we see it Saturday?  Michael  - the stretch pants? - Mark- the Banana Suit?

Events- share settings should work now.............

Vintage skis...........

My grandmother and my cousin used to ski the streets of Oliver - I have Grandma's skis, but not wearing them tomorrow.

More inspiration for Retro Day.............

Ethel and son Terry Jones - Westlake Lodge - Hollyburn Mountain, 1948
Jones family album.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


"The snow is lovely".........just need to dress warmly.

End of another sunny day.

Co-Ed Snow Shoe

"We are guiding the Coed Snow Shoe this Sunday, February 25th at 1:00 pm. The cost is $20 per person which includes the appetizers & beverage after the shoe. 
The next Coed Snow Shoe is March 11th and the last one will be March 25th."

Safety = respect on mtn - Kelowna News

Safety = respect on mtn - Kelowna News: Skiing and snowboarding is meant to be fun.

Alpine responsibility discussion following tragic incident at Big White.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Avalanche Course Cancelled

Mt. Baldy Alpine Club advises that the avalanche course scheduled for this upcoming weekend has been cancelled due to not enough people signed up.

The December course was full, and the club plans to schedule a course next season.

More upcoming events - check the BMR events page.........

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Episode 3

Last episode is Saturday February 24th in the bar.

Saturday February 24th - Retro Day and Night * updated

1970-71 Season - rabbit hat - don't have the clothes anymore, and they would not fit!
Rossi Strato 102, Barrecrafter poles, rear-entry boots, "Nancy Greene" Jacket - I still have the skis...............

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday, from Marian

Hello Baldy Babes,
A crisp, clear, cold & exhilarating snow shoe today! We bundled up & headed out on the Tree Trail to discover the beauty of our trails. Our steps were a little faster because we made it out to "The Stripper Pole" in record time. She's all dressed with a new sign, hat, earrings, necklaces & an official Baldy Babes bandana.
A pasta lunch with a decadent chocolate cake dessert really tasted delicious after our trek.
Sunday night is our Baldy Babes dinner at 5:30 in the Lodge. Reservations & payment by February 22 is required if you haven't done so yet.
Looking forward to the dinner & the entertainment.
Here are some photos from today from Marie & myself.
Take Care, Marian

Marie Fletcher Monday Photos

I thought about taking photos like these today, but didn't want to take my gloves off!

Murder Mystery Connection?

Any connection between this print near the lodge and the Murder Mystery last night?

Marie Fletcher photo.

Marie's Pics from Ladies Day

She's dressed, and has a new sign!

All hands on deck...........

A busy day with both elementary and high school groups. Even this old pro was pressed in to service on the magic carpet this morning. I was in good company.......😊

Avalanche Course

Contact  ASAP  Deadline to register is 5:00pm Wednesday

Full info here:

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Snow is great,  a little chilly today, but at least it is warmer than the weather guessers suggested.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Never Ski Alone - Skier not reported missing until he didn't show up for work days later....

Skier missing on mountain - BC News: A man who's believed to have been skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort this week is missing, and search and rescue crews are combing the mountain for any signs of him. 


Facebook says - demo day.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday - here it comes.........

We've had a little sun today, but it is snowing, and the forecast is for it to continue.......lots tomorrow.


Students working hard this week - Family Day Monday, and Pro-D today. Happy to see you all up here - the best place to be!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Nancy Greene

50 years ago today, Nancy Greene won Olympic Gold. Google it.........there are many articles and videos on line in celebration today.

Back Country

Paul and Silken were rewarded after their trek in to the back country today - found some great snow. If you are considering the back country, there is a link to the Avalanche Canada website in the side bar. There are some concerns in this region in the Alpine.

Great to have Silken home on reading break. Hope to see more university students on the hill this weekend.


Sunshine and great groomed skiing today. I didn't go off the runs, but from the tracks I saw, it looks like the mid-week snow has nicely refreshed some of last weekend's crunch. There was some wind after the grooming last night.

Saturday is Warren Miller Day


Warren Miller Day #ripwarrenmiller

 · Hosted by Warren Miller

Remember Warren together on February 17 for Warren Miller Day!

The outpouring of sentiment from Warren Miller's recent passing has been overwhelming, and many have asked how to honor his life. Warren did not want a public memorial service. Instead, he simply wanted you to hit your favorite run or do something else you love in his memory. 

On February 17, let's honor his wishes and all take a run for Warren. Hit your favorite mountain and post to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using#ripwarrenmiller. Tagged photos and videos may be selected for use in the authorized Warren Miller documentary now in production.

Innovator. Pioneer. Icon. Legend. Warren’s life influenced generations. He made the extraordinary accessible. His legacy of freedom, humor, and adventure endures in all of us. Rest in pow.


Please click the "Share" button to share this event with your friends and family, and let's see how many of Warren's friends and fans we can get out to the mountains on the 17th to celebrate his memory.


Who: You, Warren Miller's friends and fans
What: Take a run to honor Warren
When: Saturday, February 17th
Where: Your favorite mountain
Why: Warren didn't want a public memorial service, but he wanted his fans to drop into their favorite run
How: Post using #ripwarrenmiller with possible selection for use in the authorized Warren Miller documentary

Baldy and Osoyoos Golf Club Promo

So many things to do in our area, with overlapping seasons. I remember the time that Jerry Forney and friends snow and water skied on the same day...........

Weekend Events

Saturday night - Sweetheart Snowshoe - $40 per couple, snowshoe rentals available for $5 per person. Walk to Gruhl's pool where a fire awaits, along with food and beverage. Details and sign up on BMR website.

Sunday night - Murder Mystery and 3 course dinner. This is a "black tie" event, but hey, this is Baldy, I'm sure they are flexible and you are creative in the wardrobe department! Tickets are available on line.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Boundary School Bus

I'm guessing from BCSS - a busload today - snow shoe and avalanche awareness outing. I didn't get a photo - most of the kids were back on the bus, and their snow shoes and shovels were being loaded when I caught up with them.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


  • The event you want to watch will be on when you should be sleeping. 
  • If you PVR it, or want to watch the re-broadcast, don't listen to the news! 
  • Don't switch channels - you may be about to watch a final on one channel, and the other channel is interviewing the winner...........
I admire the dedication of the athletes - what a tremendous amount of work and training to get to the Olympics.

Perhaps the manufacturers of titanium knees could become sponsors of the snowboard events. 😉

Monday, February 12, 2018

Local child fighting cancer - Osoyoos Home Hardware steps up.................

Osoyoos Home Hardware has donated a wood-fired pizza oven for a fund raiser for a local child fighting cancer. Raffle tickets are on sale Saturday February 17th at AG Foods. Now I know you will all be skiing that day, but perhaps you have a friend who can pick up a ticket for you, or even better, maybe someone from Osoyoos will bring a book of tickets up here?

I don't know the child, but here goes that school days thing - I went to school with her Grandpa.

Ladies Day

Hello Baldy Babes!
A picture perfect day enjoyed by everyone on this B.C. Family Day. We rode the Eagle Chair to the top of the ski area to start our snow shoe. Kathy coined the word, "Euphoric" to describe how it felt standing at the top of the world!! The trek down the Baldy Trail to the Baldy Babes Trail in the sunshine with amazing views, gorgeous.
Balinese Chicken Curry & Chocolate Brownie with Citrus Frosting for lunch, delicious.
Looking forward to next week's snow shoe. We have only six Mondays before the season is over.
The coed snow shoe is February 25, March 11 & March 25 at 1:00, Sunday afternoon, appetizers & beverage in the Baldy Bar, cost $20 per person.
Take Care, Marian