Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Blooms

It seems that putting bulbs in the bank moves up the bloom from July-August . Will source more bulbs for next year.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

Wolf Cub Creek Fire - oh joy, media calling it "Baldy" - closer to Oliver

"Person" caused, started this afternoon, estimated size 1.5 hectares - I stopped to watch the air tankers for awhile. Three aircraft dropping retardant, the two Conair tankers we are used to seeing,and a jet believed to be BAE146 - identified by a retired airline guy on scene (Avro RJ85?). Two CL-215 skimmers dropping water, one helicopter taking water for ground crews - saw three ground crews and a water truck heading up.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Morning was so peaceful and quiet around here for most of the last month......................

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ski Tuning

I wasn't happy with my skis last winter, and thought maybe I would need a new pair for next season - they just weren't performing the way they should.

There are many locals who ski Atomic all mountain skis and love them - powder and groomed. They come from the factory with a specific edge bevel. In a chance conversation yesterday, I learned that five other skiers had their skis tuned at the same off mountain location that I did last year, they were unhappy, and took them to other shops to get the edges re-done.

I'll be headed to see Rick at Stay Tuned Sports next fall to get my skis tuned back to the way they should be.

Amazing what you learn while sitting around swatting mosquitoes in Rock Creek.

Friday, May 25, 2018


There are a few things I miss, not being on Facebook anymore, but most of it I don't miss at all. The same names pop up on the BMR Facebook page - trashing the season pass prices this time.....

Two years ago was ridiculously cheap, last year was a move in the right direction - this year is still reasonable - much better to have a sustainable operation for the long haul.

I have friends who skied for less than 25 cents a day two years ago, many friends who skied for 89 cents to 1.25 last season.

For comparison.


Thursday, May 24, 2018


Black bear and moose sightings in recent days.

This one stood in the middle of the road looking at me, and starting moving when the camera came out.

Mid-month Snow Survey Update

Link to full report on the sidebar.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Season Passes and Baldy News

Newsletters came out today from BMR, and season pass info - early bird passes go on sale Friday at noon. Check their website, and Andy's new blog post.



Hello Baldy Enthusiasts,
First off, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our loyal skiers/boarders/snowshoe-ers/cross-country skiers or just those that enjoyed a bite to eat or drink in the Baldy Bar and Lounge. It was an incredible season with amazing snow conditions (one day having 50cm of fresh snow by 10 am), numerous successful events, the growth of the Mt Baldy Alpine Club, the soft launch of our Adaptive program, the Baldy Bums YouTube series, Baldy Babes going strong and so much more. I feel I have to mention the free Saturday evening sledding on the magic carpet with hot chocolate and a firepit, I must have seen 50+ people out enjoying themselves.
As we look back on the past season with smiles on our faces we, at Baldy Mountain, reflect on a few lessons learned and look to focus on how we can keep offering a great winter experience to all. As we move into this next season, what could be more exciting than celebrating Baldy Mountain’s 50-year anniversary? There is so much history for our beloved mountain, over numerous generations.
As we finish looking back we must start to look forward to discover what is in store for the coming season. We are about to, or as you read this we may already have, launched our season pass pricing for 2018 – 19. We are happy to say that although you will see increases in pricing we have still managed to keep the price well below our local competitors (except Phoenix – we love you Phoenix Mountain) and interestingly enough still well below 2008-09 season pass pricing. We had considered Family pricing but we decided to keep pricing low across the board and we will re-visit this next season. We truly hope you all see value in spending many more winters on the slopes, glades, pillows, powder and the groomed runs of Baldy Mountain Resort.
Those of you who have met with me, know that I strive for transparency in everything that we do, so I wanted to ensure I could share all updates with you prior to the pass sales launch, so here we go:
  • Operational hours and days; we plan to stay largely with the same operational days and hours (maybe little tweaks to the Bar and Corduroy cafĂ©) as last season. The one exception is that we will not be doing the partial opening on Christmas day in 2018.
  • Baldy Bus: Surprisingly to me, and although we offered a bus season pass at the rate of $150, the Baldy Bus did not gain traction after two years of operations, so we will not be offering this service for the coming season.
  • Ticket pricing: you will see some minor adjustments here.
  • We plan to keep the reciprocals program going and over the next few months will be confirming all our partners.
  • I also suggest checking our website in case you missed any of the updates from last season
  • 50th anniversary; as mentioned above we plan to host celebrations to mark this anniversary and we are diving into planning right now – stay tuned.
Again, I would like to thank you all for being part of Baldy Family and we hope to see you for the 2018-19 season.
– Andy Foster, General Manager at Baldy Mountain Resort
Price Comparisons
Adult Early Bird Season Pass
           Adult Pre Season Pass          
Adult Full Price Season Pass
Youth Early Bird Season Pass
          Youth Pre Season Pass          
Youth Full Price Season Pass
Senior Early Bird Season Pass
Senior Pre Season  Pass
Senior Full Price Season Pass

Child Season Pass (no restrictions)

Only 800 Early Bird Passes are available! Price increases after 800 or on July 15th, whichever comes first. 

Visit at noon on Friday to purchase your pass!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

The property begins to emerge from the brown water.....

New beach on the lawn.

Season Passes

BMR posted May 18th on Facebook that season passes will be going on sale soon...............................

Sunday, May 20, 2018

That time of year.........

There are always animals on the road, but the messiest ones are on their way up McKinney Road.

Sunday Melt Pics

Kettle River - a little relief...........

Mother Nature eased up a little on the temperature, and the forecast moisture did not fall from the sky. The river is still higher than it was May 14th, but did not go back up to the devastating surge of May 10th.

Forecast looking much better:  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Travel notes........

The Similkameen was quite something today - I have never seen it like that..........of course I wasn't born yet for the flood of 1948.

Lots of groundwater seepage near the highway too.

Coming "over the hump" from Cawston there are 3 places of single lane - one spot half the road has given way - Reed Creek is raging through Ernie and Cheryl's property. Reed Creek has been heavy for a while now - I was surprised to see it still that strong.

There is a drilling rig set up on the buckled highway above Rock Creek.

The Similkameen is rising, and the Kettle is rising again too - the "Great Wall of Sutherland" is ready for the next peak.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Travel plans?

Check before you go. Rivers are rising again, and there is potential for problems on Hwy 3 again - west of Keremeos, east of Rock Creek, and at Grand Forks. All open at the moment, but the rivers are forecast to meet or exceed May 10th levels when those areas were flooded.

Hwy 33 has had issues off an on for weeks - currently closed near Kelowna for repairs.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hwy 3, Just above Rock Creek

I posted a pic of this May 3rd , but the highway started to lift before that. The hillside was burned in 2015, the ground is wet and moving. There are fracture lines in the bank above. On the section of highway below the hairpin, a continuation of this slip is evident, more signs of slumping, and fairly frequent clean out of fresh mud in the ditch.

My guess is that they are thinking disturbing it now could be more problematic than waiting for it to dry out a bit.

This video is from a few days ago.

This video from Friday...........

Osoyoos Lake Levels

This USGS report as of this morning shows a slight easing of Osoyoos Lake. It is still below the June 2-3 1972 level - images of that one forever etched in my memory.

Osoyoos Lake

So much destruction  - video courtesy Osoyoos Times.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Another Baldy View

Baldy Family, Wet Feet

The Kettle River rose dramatically in the wee hours of Thursday morning - and there was no time for our friends to save items that were thought to be on high enough ground.

Ken and Debbie's house is surrounded by a "moat". Their shop was one of the things lost in the 2015 fires - the replacement shop has water running through it.

Michael and Kelly are OK for now, but you have to drive through a "lake" to get to their house.

The Mayor of Midway and his family were sandbagging at Jesse's Mom's place this afternoon.

Barbara Smith's place is sandbagged, and awfully close to the river.

An army of men and equipment have built a dirt and sandbag wall to try and protect Granton Motors.

The Kettle River RV Park is a lake, and Thursday the water was flowing over the highway into the golf course.

The river has dropped considerably, however they are forecasting another surge soon, with water levels 2 feet higher than the Thursday surge.

"The Great Wall of Sutherland." If the river goes two feet above Thursday, it will be the height of the sandbags behind Dave.

Dave and Sieglinde's place is quite visible, and they have been fortunate to have strangers show up to help the friends and family. When I talked to Ken today, he said they had been on their own with no extra help.

Michael helped Thursday, Ian was there today, Krisie brought her kids and Justin from Phoenix Mountain. Mark and Sherry returned from a holiday to help, and survey the damage to some of their things stored there.

If we focused on sandbagging techniques, we could share some humour. It was fun to interact with the adult nieces and nephews - Sieglinde spent a lot of time with them,  teaching them to ski when they were little.

Help came from Vernon today - I was working with the guys for quite a while before I realized one was nephew Jason. Sister-in-law Gloria and I keep each other going.

I was camped near Westbridge, and we received an evacuation order this afternoon. We were on safe ground, but the concern is the bridges - one was compromised Thursday, then shored up. There is too much water running across the road to get to the alternate bridge. If the river gets as high as they are predicting, the shored up bridge may be unsafe.

River May 10th, 10 feet higher than April 14th.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Unprecedented in my life time...............

What a mess.I was part of a sandbagging crew today - great community - strangers stopped and helped us.

Two weeks ago, my travel trailer was parked by the trees in the middle of the photo.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Evening sky....


I was in Oliver for the overnight wet, and the morning torrential downpour. The creeks are boiling.....McCuddy, Gregoire, Baldy.........

Back on the mountain, it does not appear that Baldy received as much water today as Oliver did.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


I should pretend that I didn't go to the transfer station today and didn't see easily traceable clean cardboard in the dumpster............

Friday, May 4, 2018

BC Volunteer Firefighter's Spring Training Seminar

The Oliver Fire Department is hosting the BC Volunteer Firefighter's Spring Training Seminar starting today. You'll see action at the Community Park and other areas around Oliver. The OFD has an excellent reputation for providing training, and they host this event every other year.

Attendance is expected to be 300 firefighters, plus training companies, equipment suppliers and more.

Watch for our Baldy family firefighters, including Stevely, Warren, Jason, Kyle and MMT.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Road buckle near Rock Creek - have to slow down for several bumps along the way.

Kettle River is up, but a long way to go to last year's level at this time.