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Munday Media and Design - Tony does websites, decals, signs and all kind of stuff. 

Wood Waste Product for the Wood Stove

I am trying a new product to augment my limited wood supply. These SPF (spruce,pine,fir) mini logs are compressed sawdust - no glue, wax or additives. They come in a 35# case - 3 cases for $10, 48 cases for $140. It is recommended that the fire is started with kindling and wood. So far I like how they burn - will update when I have used them for awhile longer.

They are made and available at Okanagan Forest Products in Summerland - off Logie Road on the street just south of Arrow Truck Canopies. They were packaging bedding for horses when I was there yesterday, so I didn't see the manufacture process.

Look for pallets of waste wood products - the sign and door were obscured by product yesterday.

I found them on Castanet:

New Firewood Supplier

* August 31st update - they dump the trim ends in your pick-up or trailer.
Baldy neighbours connected me with Princeton Wood Preservers. Have you ever driven past and looked at all that waste wood? They are venturing into the firewood business this year. Initially pick up your own, however if a group here wanted wood delivered, a large truck load could be considered.

Wood is pine, the majority of it is dry - most has bark on it, but some is already peeled. Confirmed that the firewood is not treated. When they have pallets made up, it will be all dry.

Contact info for booking large loads:
Bill Everitt
Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd.

1.877.797.7678 x 102

We are located at 1821 Highway 3 East, Princeton – about 18 km on the East side of Princeton, 2 km west of Bromley Rock park.

Hours of operation for wood pick-up:

Firewood hours are 8:30-3:30 Monday to Thursday and 8:30-4:30 Fridays. We are not set up to do firewood on weekends at this time, but if someone calls during the week we could possibly arrange it. 

Program and Pricing:

We make fencing and other stuff but we are starting a new firewood program. 

We are going to be making pallets of dried, pine firewood – approx.. half a cord per pallet. If we get enough interest, we could organize a truck to deliver up there or people can pick up from us directly. Right now we don’t have any made but people can come with trucks and/or trailers and get loaded up with trim ends.

Right now pricing depends on what kind of vehicle you bring (pickups are $20, trailers go from $30 for a small trailer to $100 for a 53’) but once we get some pallets made they will be $50 per pallet ($50 per half cord). This is introductory pricing for the year until we see how it goes. 

(I've used their trim ends at a Princeton Campground, and will stop by and pick up a load if I am in the area.)

Satellite technician

Satellite technician available
Shaw/Star Choice /Bell certified
Plse call 778-931-0964

November 03, 2015
Joe Heyden
Phone: 778-931-0964
Retired electronics technician can help you sort out your tv problems.
Fix annoying black lines on top and bottom of screen.
Calibrate tv picture color.Remote control problems. Plse call 778-931-0964

Internet Service Provider 


Okaped - Paul Rauhala
Custom boot fitting and other stance, alignment related solutions

Tree Falling

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6030 Main Street
Oliver, British Columbia
Call (250) 498-0380


Trevor Leigh said...

Chimney Cleaning for Baldy Cabins.
Booking Oct 10-20 only.
Call 250 408 4125.
or email:

Trevor Leigh said...

Insight Security is offering Baldy Cabin Owners a Security Package Promotion
No WiFi Needed!